Is this normal or is he getting bored?

My boyfriend and I have not been dating long, about a month or so. But I have known and loved him for four years now (we met as I'm friends with his sister) and we have never been happier until this week ish.

I'm an overthunker, and I know this all might be in my head. But he's been snapping this girl who dates his friend for a few weeks now. Which is cool whatever, until he gives her a nickname (steve) and won't stop going on about her. Last time I saw him he asked his brother if he knew her. And he snaps her quite a lot.

A few days ago he mentioned how he's gotten into the habit of sending xs to other by mistake out of habit of sending them to me. Which is quite funny, but after thinking I realised its to her. He mainly speaks to me and her. That's why if he brought it up, I was going to tell him to be careful incase anyone got the wrong idea, but we never got into it.

The thing is which is confusing me so much is that in person he's all over me and lovey dovey. He takes me out on drives and restaurants, cuddles, video games etc. But the past few days it's mainly me starting convos and his snaps are really slow. But his snap score keeps going up. I do think he likes me, I feel that we're on the same book but different chapter. I think he has a thing for her as well. His music taste has changed to hers slightly as well. I'm overthinking I know. I want to sit him down and tell him I'm not comfortable but i dont want to sound controlling especially since weve not been together for long. This is my first proper relationship and I've loved him for years. Any advice?
Is this normal or is he getting bored?
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