What in the world should I do?


I can't even find a girlfriend in real life. The closest thing to it was a girl I new, online. It was a LDR.

I'm starting to feel more frustrated. It seems that nothing in my life gives me space to develop a healthy romantic relationship, or even a sexual life, without attachment.

The one time I had sex was a disaster, the one time I had a romantic relation, was a disaster 😔

It has came to a point where I don't even have the motivation of seeking for a relationship. I don't even care that much, why should I? I was thinking on leaving online interactions, but, for what?


My dad ruin my economical future. He committed fraud and has the family in the verge of becoming poorer.

Unfortunately, in my country there's no human rights, which means that the legal system is completely corrupt. My point: we can't legally take him out the house!

What in the world should I do?
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