The guy I’m dating seems controlling? Help?

I’ve been seeing this guy for 2 months. I didn’t realise it but he’s quite insecure and controlling and it’s crazy because I M literally only dating him I ignore everyone else. He called me 6 times yesterday yelling saying I follow too many boys on Instagram and how I need to stop. I’ve had that account since I was 14 im now 21 which he dosent seen to understand. I don’t talk to any of them. He said oh can I have ur password as a joke but after I said no he said that he will go on my account when he’s with me and unfollow them. He also gets mad at me when I’m awake at 1am as he finds it weird? Or if I go to sleep at 9 he get suspicious about it and thinks why I’m sleeping so early, but I wake up at 5am everyday. I really do like him though so I’m not sure what to do? How do I prove to him that he’s the only one? Or when I post on Instagram the first thing he says is he dosent like it when I post since I must get loads of boys messaging me? I am a very attractive woman but I Geniuenly only talk to him but how do I prove this? Are these signs of controlling? Even during sex he will literally say that I shouldn’t be speaking to other boys.

1 y
I’m really good to him too I treat him really nicely I’m patient but for some reason he just thinks I speak to others
The guy I’m dating seems controlling? Help?
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