Is it okay If I spend my holiday with my ex fiance’s mother?


I no longer have feelings for my ex fiance and he’s now a story of past.

His mom has been in touch with me every week since I came here in China, when I was totally alone his mom and dad always were ready to support me and even though I never accepted, it was warm to see they loved me and thought so highly of me.

First I was getting annoyed that she was messaging so often not giving me a chance to forget him, always willing to send me gifts and talk to me, but then I developed a friendship with her and I now feel she’s one of the people in China who really cares for me.

She wanted to meet me many times as we lived in the same city, but she looks a lot like her son and I didn’t want to see her.

Now I don’t think of her son anymore, he lives far from here and has another life, when he broke up with me, he told me his family would always be my family because his parents loved me as their own daughter.

So, I think it’s okay that I am friends with his mom.

Recently, his mom went to their hometown, far from here, a very beautiful seaside city that I and my ex fiance planned to get married in. I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard a lot of that city and it was always my dream to visit, it’s a very beautiful small town that played a huge role in the history of North-Eastern China.

His mom sent me the location of her house and told me she will feel sad if I move from Shanghai, without seeing her and she asked me to take some days off and go to that hometown of hers to spend a few days together. She said she’ll wait for me at the railway station. I think that’s a great idea. We are good friends and now that I am no longer in love with her son, I can meet her without feeling sentimental and I have some gifts that I brought from Georgia for them, that I haven’t given yet, I would also have a chance to give these gifts before I leave Shanghai.

8 mo
When we broke up, he moved to another city very far from here and told his parents to take care of me if I ever needed and always check up on me.

But I think his parents already loved me a lot without him telling that.
8 mo
Well, I think we need to make a deal not to talk about him anymore, he is very good looking, seems like he landed a role in some movie and she’s sending me his videos from the set.

Why would I care? I wish him luck but I don’t want to be sent his videos.
7 mo
I decided not to go there… And I am glad I didn’t go, today my ex fiance posted a picture of himself on top of a skyscraper, being happy and content, probably taken by that girl he met month after our break up.

He looks very confident and happy. I am glad I didn’t spend these holidays with his parents while he’s having a great time with another girl, who most likely started knowingly dating him when he was still in a relationship with me.

I feel like I should forget his parents as well.
Is it okay If I spend my holiday with my ex fiance’s mother?
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