My boyfriend is expecting another child?

So this came before I was in the picture. My man tells me that his baby mother conceived in November and I came into the picture in December. He didn’t know she was pregnant which I find irresponsible as is. The baby mother told him that she missed her period and didn’t want to have sex when in reality she lied about being on her period. I believe she lied about that to have another kid with him. Now he is almost positive he has another kid on the way, and is already upset about not being able to see the daughter of his he has now due to being away for work. I just wonder how he’s gonna handle this because he says he won’t have as much emotion over this pregnancy because his bm turned up unexpectedly pregnant and two she said she felt trapped by having another with him. On top of this… she decided to have the baby anyways and wasn’t telling him about the pregnancy and she’s due next month. So I just wonder how he’s gonna feel when he sees another kid of his growing up because now he will have two. I told him to drive trucks locally which is his job but he decided he wanted to drive over the country for two years to make more money. Obviously when I heard this news when he asked me would I be with him if he had two kids I immediately said no and of course he got defensive. Turns out he has another one on the way. His baby mother isn’t the best at coparenting either. How I feel about this is that i was disappointed that I feel like I’m in the middle of this but I love him and willing to support him and his kids just wish he wasn’t messing with his bm not too long before he met me.
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This man has also done a lot for me much more than any man has and we talk about our future a lot and have made plenty plans for the future for the both of us.
My boyfriend is expecting another child?
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