Should I confess this to my boyfriend?


Last year, I was in a long distance relationship and am really in love with my boyfriend and really think he is a great man and husband material. However, I felt very lonely and sad during that time.

A guy I had a crush on reappeared in my life. Because of my mistakes, he moved away from me, but I was glad he talked to me again and the first thing I did was apologize for the mistakes I made and we started to talk frequently again.

He was the only person I talked to because I did not have friends. I started going to his house a couple of times a week after his work to talk, and he always listened to me, cooked some dinner, and sometimes he gave me a hug which made me feel really good. He really encouraged me during that time and I am really greatful.

One day I felt that he was misunderstanding what was going on, and I asked him if we could just be friends. He agreed but told me that I should also understand that he would treat me as a friend, so I could no longer visit him to his place at night after his work and we would only see each other occasionally.

Although I accepted at first, he was the only person I talked to and thanks to that I stop feeling sad and lonely, so I went to his house a couple of days later to ask him to continue as before. Well... I must admit that I was feeling really good beside him, I was very weak and we kissed, then I started staying at his house and spending a lot of time with him. We never had sex, but we did make out several times. My feelings for him were really strong at that moment.

I moved to the city where my boyfriend lives and have zero contact with the other guy. I am afraid of losing my boyfriend if I confess this.

Should I confess this to my boyfriend?
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