Would you guys wish me happy birthday?


It's my birthday today. I got divorced my abusive husband a couple weeks ago. I have lost touch with friends and acquaintance in the last year. ( When I started dating my narcissist boyfriend kow ex husband).

My family members are dealing with their own personal shit. I feel worthless when I'm home from work. Work is the only time I can feel less pathetic.

I feel all sorts of messed up since I've separated from him. Sometimes I think if it's better to have a partner who's verbally and emotionally abusive and threatens physical violence than be a 29 year old divorcee. At least he'd show love to me when he was in the mood of joy. My family loves me too. But I don't love myself anymore.

In my 4 months of marriage I've seen cruelty I've never experienced before. I'm losing my grip.

It's like the clock turned 12 tonight and suddenly a rush of emptiness engulfed me.

Would you guys wish me happy birthday?
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