Y'all did I do the right decision?

So me and my boyfriend broke up. I am 36 weeks pregnant of him. And like I explained in my previous question. I went and asked him questions like :'who is he seeing when he sleeps over at his friends house' cause he is always there when he should be with me. There are times when he would go two hours without contacting me back or replying to my msgs.

So it got so bad that he started getting rude and he was like accusing me and pushing me away saying things like :'yeah go vent to the other guys you entertained. Like go' cause I told him I can't do this anymore. I'm unhappy. And I kept asking him who is he meeting up at his friends house and he would say no one and say I'm crazy and all that. I always sent a text saying :'yoh I wished God can just send me somebody who would love me for me who wouldn't lie to me or take me a joke.' I said those things because I want to make him realize how far I'm fed up of this behavior. I also said things like there's many guys who wished they had what you have. So he got mad. It's the honest truth. So he is like one day he is all loving the next day he is not. I'm tired of an inconsistent man. I really love him but why do I always feel happy for a week and the next week you start acting up. Why? And I'm always nice and understanding towards him. I just had it.

Obviously I cried my eyes out because I knew I'm being taken for a fool I just knew it. He got so rude and disrespectful that I couldn't even speak to him no more. So I drew the line just there and I said we are done. You not gonna talk to me like that. And I left. Blocked him from social media and everywhere he been trying to contact me on fb.

Yo' I don't know what to do. This is so hurtful that a girl gotta go through this. Like a woman can sense when she's being cheated on you don't even have to be around her. She knows and can see how you act, your actions and everything. So was this the right thing to do.

Y'all did I do the right decision?
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