Me and my girlfriend have been long distance for 5 months, and she is frustrated with me?

So my girlfriend and I have been dating over a year and it is truly the best relationship I’ve ever had. She found out 5 months ago that she had to move across the country for her work, and she didn’t have much of a choice unfortunately since the company sponsors her visa.

Layoffs were imminent at my company and I was scared about asking to work remote until that blew over. The layoffs didn’t happen until the end of the year & then we had a big reorg. I was planning on talking to my new boss this week about going remote. But I made a mistake, my girlfriend and I were trying to refinance a car I helped her buy & I originally had my bank statements going to our new apartment but at some point in the last month I must have changed it back. I don’t remember doing that but it must have been because I was still technically living here & in my mind I wanted my statements being sent to me until I officially move.

This means I don’t have proof of residency beyond the lease and proof of insurance because apparently those don’t count for this, they say it has to be within the last 30 days. Unfortunately she has read into this as me getting cold feet and not wanting to move because I changed my address back, which is absolutely not the case. She asked me if I’ve sold any of my stuff yet in preparation for the move, and I haven’t, largely because I wanted to talk to my company first. I am going regardless, I think I have just been stressed about it all and wanted to focus on one big thing at a time, which in this case would be talking to my company. And once I had that sorted, I could focus on actually moving and putting things in motion. But my girlfriend is viewing my inactivity as getting cold feet, she doesn’t know why I didn’t sell the stuff so it’s one less thing to worry about. I know it’s been a long time doing long distance, I’ve flown to her multiple times, and we went on two international trips. We’ve just had a lot going on in that time…I don’t know what to do?
Me and my girlfriend have been long distance for 5 months, and she is frustrated with me?
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