Girlfriend always wants me to apologize for stuff I didn't do.

So I told my girlfriend I would be on campus at a certain time just in casual conversation to let her know what my week would be like. She ended up going to campus to do homework and to drive me home to be nice.

I ended up not going to campus and when she texted me that she was there and wanted to meet I said that I was back in my apartment but we could meet up immediately, my place or hers.

She said she wanted me to apologize for the miscommunication and I said no since I didn't consciously do anything wrong since I had no idea she planned on picking me up. This is just an unfortunate miscommunication and really no one should be saying sorry, it is a non-issue. So why am I bringing it up? She has repeatedly asked me to say sorry for stuff I didn't do (once I told her I was going out for drinks later and she should join, she later wanted me to apologize for not going out for drinks at 6 which she expected, who goes out for drinks at 6?)

Normally I would just say sorry to stop these stupid fights but I always fume about it and I don't feel like letting this one go. Am I being crazy? Is saying sorry for stuff you didn't do no big deal? What do you all think?
Girlfriend always wants me to apologize for stuff I didn't do.
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