Angela Lee Duckworth and the Power of Grit - a Christian Story

Angela Lee Duckworth and the Power of Grit - a Christian Story

The Life of a Believer until you achieve righteousness and uprightness is a life of challenge and obscurity and setback and battle after battle and testing

You have to fight over and over when the odds are against you

Me - I had 17 health problems the year I applied to go to college and my mom had cancer and I was getting picked on and bullied by the kids at school and I also had depression issues too. I got into the best school in the country despite having all these problems and having only an average intelligence and being very weak and incompetent and immature for my age. It was my hunger and neediness that drove me to study hard enough to battle my demons.

A friend of mine got All A's in University but the office worker was racist and inputed the wrong grades into her report card so the digital technology said she failed all her courses. She needed to go to petition to the university and take legal action and get all of her professors to one by one re-enter her marks through negotiation and pleading before her D's turned into the A's she had rightfully gained.

Another lady at my church was a straight A+ class student and one of her professors was racist and kept giving her B's - she had to file a petition and get dozens of people involved and fight for months before she got the A's she wanted and could finally be granted acceptance into the top jobs she had always wanted.

When I was in University - I took a research class and the professor gave everybody in the class a different assignment. Everybody in the class except for one person who spoke native french and was told to research French had to study either a singular or a multiple set of languages. And some of us were split off into teams so more than one of us would do an identical language question problem. The person I was working with was possibly dating the professor and she was familiar with both sets of languages I was studying as well as being familiar with a third related language also useful and being very talented in the religion we studied. She was also naturally more intelligent than me since she had been a member of societies and clubs all her life while I was a social outsider. Also the professor had decided only one person in each group could get A's. And later when the professor discovered I was outperforming the other students - he changed the rules and I was forced to redo everything I had previously done.

I got a perfect A in the class but not the A+ or A++ I was hoping for.

My intolerance for A- and deep fear of not getting an A+ paid off.

So this is the life of a Christian - you will face adversity but you can conquer it.

Angela Lee Duckworth and the Power of Grit - a Christian Story
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