The 13 types of people you are meant to serve - Biblically Speaking

The 13 types of people you are meant to serve - Biblically Speaking

1 - Religiously Devoted – Attract with agreement and not with conflict

2 - Outsider – Extend your generosity and your confidence

3 - Opposition – Distance yourself and work interventive methods

4 - Apprentice – Listen and don’t just talk and inform

5 - Upset – Mercifully sympathize with them and offer manual support

6 - Supportive – Show gratitude by service and express happiness with them

7 - Householder – Obey when the family is right and negotiate and do damage control when they are wrong

8 - Disabled – Bless with positive tokens of happiness and protect the emotional needs of the poor

9 - Righteous – Show reverence and respect and humility and protectiveness

10 - Impoverished – Maintain a respectful distance and do not allow yourself to be soiled when observing and offering companionship

11 - Boss – Be dedicated and sincere but do not be dishonest or materialistic

12 - Unsavoury - Let go of expectations and practice tolerance and patience

13 - Opposite Gender Romance – Treat the romance like a partnership and a beloved child you offer unconditional kindness too

The 13 types of people you are meant to serve - Biblically Speaking
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  • Jjpayne
    It is interesting that we don't always focus on people like this that we should serve. I feel like we commonly have blinders on to this at time. This list helps us to live with our eyes wide open
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  • genericname85
    lol 13 reasons not to follow the bible xD i'll "help" some of those. others i'll "obey" to some extend but i won't serve any of those.
    • Help/obey and serve are all the same thing. It's you investing your being towards another's. As I wrote above to OddBeMe, it's what brings most reward, when you do not seek reward from it. But it ought to be done with passion, offering yourself where you know you have boundless energy to invest in. That's how you discover your place in life, "where you were born to serve".

    • @TheBalancedOne words have different meanings for a reason and if someone just bunches them together, it's got the sole purpose to be vague. Another reason not to follow.

  • zagor
  • Why does religion preach servitude? Keeps me thinking it was mass population control.
    • I am not speaking for all religions, because not all of them come from the same source of wisdom, I am only speaking for the Bible. The answer: Because serving each other is the opposite of enslaving each other. In other words it's the most beautiful thing in the world, and the way humans were designed to function originally. When you help another, without seeking reward, that is the "service" which the Bible teaches (seeks to bring humanity back to). And that kind of service is a reward in itself, as anyone who has experienced it will tell you, in any sphere of life. It is one of the life's greatest joys and pleasures.

      It has nothing to do with mass population control, it's only perceived as such by individuals who are already mentally controlled by various kinds of deceptions. So that from their bondage they perceive that which is right as that which is wrong, and that which is wrong, as that which is right (in varying degrees).

      Higher and more orderly ways of being are always perceived as a lack of freedom by those stuck in chaos (doing whatever they want to do, however they want to do it, whenever they want to do it, etc.) which they perceive as freedom, not realizing that they are the most enslaved of all.

    • OddBeMe

      What makes you think there are higher and more orderly ways? Any proof other than your personal beliefs?

    • buddies

      Religion does not preach servitude so much as it preaches humility. Jesus expects us to remember that no one is better than another. We are all His loved creations. And since we are not better than one another, we should be humble and kind, doing to others not only as we want them to do to us, but also as if we were doing it all to Christ Himself.

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  • Natashakir72
    Does the bible really say this? Holy guacamole
  • chris_987
    What denomination are you
    • no denomination but i go to both baptist and pentecostal and calvinist and methodist churches

    • chris_987

      What? Those denominations don’t get alone, plus they have different beliefs so how do you go to them all

    • Well I don't agree with everything the pastor says and sometimes I go to correct views I disagree with - I mainly go to be around kind and loving people who share their kindness and time and friendship and respect with me - I also go to counsel and encourage and give advice to the ladies.

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