How I understand the sign of the times in Matthew 16

How I understand the sign of the times in Matthew 16

In the bible Jesus gets annoyed with the pharisees for not seeing the sign of the times.

The pharisees are able to predict positive social reaction and negative social reaction based on the escalating tension of mounting material and visual expressions in the physical world.

But they are not able to interpret the moral needs of their community or societal context based on logic, common sense, conscience, kindness, grace, compassion, established patterns of peaceable ethics or natural and pure regard for God and his creation.

These people follow social habits and social expectations and social norms instead of following compassion or mercy or justice or fairness or conscience or common sense.

They are the liars who pretend to believe in God but support serial killers like Donald Trump.

They are the liars who pretend to worship God but hate Muslims and try to convert Jews.

They are the liars who pretend to love God but oppose welfare knowing almost all welfare recipients are starving unless they have family support.

They are the liars who, completely ignorant of how horrible their own morals are mock abused children who become criminals and brag about how much they want to shoot them to death.

They are the devils who pretend to be Christian.

They are the devils who have never had a real relationship with God.

They are the devils who on judgment day will learn God hates them just as much as they hated Muslims and Blacks and Hispanics and Asians and the Disabled and the Homeless and the Mentally Ill and the Sick.

How I understand the sign of the times in Matthew 16
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    Thank you for sharing your devotional with us today!

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    • Hogwheels

      Based on this devotional, I think you'd really like the book "Not a Fan". He has a similar part to this in his book.

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    Who is Mathew?


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