What I think God’s Kingdom is about

What I think God’s Kingdom is about

When I first became a Christian, I made the same mistake many religious people make, I thought the kingdom of God was a hierarchy and social system of descending respect and devotion based on your spiritual social status and that those who were elevated in God deserved more devotion than those who were humble. But? this is not God’s definition of kingdom.

God’s kingdom, is not a hierarchy of people but a hierarchy of moral principles and moral values and the fellowship of Christianity is not a fellowship based on rank and status but a fellowship based on mutual union and pursuit of the divine and when you help somebody, you are not doing it to attain results and permanent salvation but instead you are repeatedly expressing your personal and impersonal tokens of respect toward that person, whenever they cross your path. Kindness is not just about changing results or feeling pity, it’s also about displaying and regarding people with respect and due consideration and respect is an self sustaining obligation and not just a subtle extension of compassion so even people who mean nothing to you deserve due consideration when they are enmeshed with your order of operations or circumstantially cross your path.

What I think God’s Kingdom is about
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  • Jjpayne

    I agree, it's all about beilefs and values. It's not a system of hierarchy but rather a state of being. We are all at different parts of spiritual maturity and I think it's just the life walk with God and learning his ways a little bit at a time

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    Sigh, the god you are going on about is a very recent addition to the thousands of deities Mankind has dreamed up over the millennia. Also, this 'Christianity' cult isn't even a monotheistic one but an polyglot of critters, depending on which of the many sects you follow as the 'right' one. At a minimum you have god and his son, Yeshua (original name)/Jesus (Greek name). If you belong to the semi-pagan Catholic cult then you practise ritual cannibalism, worship idols, worship demi-gods ('saints'). and a bunch of other heathen-derived rituals and grovelings.
    If you want the real deal, study up on Ahura-Mazda, who pre-dates your boys by more than 1,000 years and is still around today..

  • Sia_nee

    Ooooh I thought you were actually gonna talk about the drama series "Kingdom"

  • KENDRΛ95

    You mean just Kingdom?


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