Why bragging is dangerous - Bible talk

Why bragging is dangerous - Bible talk

I used to be super jealous of a girl I knew cause she was constantly bragging about the 19 books she had published and I had been trying for years to publish a book and failed to produce even a single book. I also did not like she got all the attention cause she would talk so much that nobody else would have time to talk and I did not like her stealing my friends cause she would brag and show off her achievements and when I tried to make new friends they would always choose her over me.

What I learned once my social events at community centres and churches became zoom events is that a ton of super rich people were part of our communities. In fact, she was probably one of the poorest people in our group. But I was jealous of her and not the many mansion owners in our zoom group because these millionaires: multi millionaires and billionaires I talked to did not brag or show off. In fact most of the time, when you talked to them, they were complaining about their problems and how depressed they were. I knew a guy who lived in a mansion that looked like it was owned by two cardiac surgeons or hedge fund traders and not a single person was ever jealous of him because he always talked about how bad his social life was and how his family hated him.

The fact is, if you brag and show off and insist on being the centre of attention, you will attract enemies and haters. I think a rapper who earns $10,000 a year has more enemies than a modest billionaire who talks in a soft voice and never shows off. People underestimate how much trouble your enemies will give you if they hate you and are jealous of you.

It’s like wearing a “shoot me first.” T-shirt from a rival drug gang while walking through a gang dominated neighbourhood. You could be the nicest person in the world and people will still hate you if you show off.

The smart thing to do is to be silent.

Why bragging is dangerous - Bible talk
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