Why self control is easier if your successful

Why self control is easier if your successful

One of the Jonas brothers waited until marriage to sleep with his wife and after sleeping with her, he said he was surprised by how normal and ordinary it was, he was expecting it to be the most thrilling and exciting event ever.

Now this is my argument: People who can have any partner they want, know having partners is not enough.

People who can dine at any restaurant they want, know that eating food is not enough and people able to vacation anywhere in the world, know going on vacation is not enough, what is enough, is God, and God alone, because God is infinite and does not get boring, or run out of interesting things to teach you.

Why self control is easier if your successful
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  • Jamie05rhs
    He probably didn't love her.
    Is this still revelant?
  • Talkingtotheone
    hmm i guess
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  • Table4YTwo
    thousands of success stories that fell off Riches to Rags style people would like to disagree with the idea that self control is easier when successful.

    end of the line people who stand to lose everything have more self control than people who stand to lose some money.

    Rich people won't usually lose everything thus they can take caution to the wind without a care, but someone poor pinching pennies to survive will always wait for the wind to stop before pissing
  • love_conquers_lust
    Is this necessarily bad? If you enjoy your time together outside the bedroom, does it really matter? Is sex the only god damn thing people bring to the table? Maybe people have enough diversity outside of their homes and their relationship is the secure, relaxing, stress free, and no pressure outlet they need. Relaxation and boredom are indistinguishable on paper. The difference is in the desire.
  • DizzyAster2
    • Had me at the first half, not going to lie...

  • peedy
    I dont agree I seen a lot of successful people that have no self control hell just look at our government those people have absolutely no self control
    • corejjx

      We dont need sex yea cuz the goverments fcks me everyday.

    • peedy

      Fucks you steals your wallet your car and your wife kills your dog and brainwashes your kids into hating you, and eats your birthday cake

  • GrayCLes
    I’m not sure I understand what your argument is exactly that you’re trying to make, but allow me to shove my opinion down everyone’s throat. This is, after all, the internet and not allowing me too would hurt my feelings and I’m pretty sure you can sue someone for that these days. 🤔
    Holy shit! Sorry about that. I let that one get away from me. As I was saying, there used to be a saying along the lines of, “If this house had 100 doors and I said you could open every single one….. except this one.”
    What would you be thinking about? How blessed you are to have 99 doors to open, or wonder why you can’t open that one measly door?
    This didn’t answer any part of your question, but I now feel validated. Thank you. 🙂 (And the door dash I ordered still isn’t here! How long does it take to make my food and deliver it right to my face? UGH!)