My Christian theory on Millionaire and Hollywood Suicides

My Christian theory on Millionaire and Hollywood Suicides

I believe the reason beautiful and rich people become suicidal is that many of them care about their own happiness, but do not care about the happiness of others.

I know people who will spend $100 on a single meal for one person but I know others who make over half a million each year that eat $2.00 lunches consisting of cooked wheat and pickled cabbage, these people grew up poor and feel guilty eating five star meals when their friends from child hood are poor and hungry and they eat boring food but are happy inside because they did what they believed was right.

I could never be that rich cause if I had that kind of money, I would give it away.

My Christian theory on Millionaire and Hollywood Suicides
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  • purplepoppy

    The first Hollywood actress to commit suicide by jumping off the Hollywood H was Peg Entwistle because of depression.

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  • Whatever2929292

    That's interesting

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  • ShadezMcgee

    I would disagree with this.

    It is a lot more convoluted and complex. Celebrities are worshipped and praised and it sets standards they have to follow and adds additional pressure for them to perform.

    There is a reason a lot of celebrities have a hobby or side passion outside of their career and it is because it is very easy to fall into vices and substance abuse. If one has no side passions or hobbies, it is easy to ha e a lot of money to spend and nothing to invest it in which leads to drugs, alcohol, sex, and mental health issues. Why do you see many that die from those vices specifically? A lot of it comes from suicide via depression as well. That is also why you them going in and out of rehab.

    Take a look at Keanu Reeves. The man invests in hobbies and has his own motorcycle company outside of doing nice gestures and charity donations. He gets flak for being a bad actor, but he is legitimately one of the only celebrities I actually like or think is a good dude. And this is a man that has dealt with tragedy and hard challenges his whole life. Give me a Keanu any day and I will support him.

  • slatyb

    Rich and famous people don't have more problems than others, they have fewer because they generally have more resources to handle them. But like anyone else, they do have problems. They seem to have more problems than others because when they do, we hear about them. We don't hear about the hundreds of well-known performers who are just living a normal life. We also don't hear about the thousands of suicides and drug overdoses that happen to unknown people.

  • RedStealthOperative

    There is also a lot of evil and satanic things going on in HW. Getting caught up in something like that is enough to make someone go nuts.

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