Why do certain places just feel wrong?

I'm an ourdoorsy type of girl and feel relaxed and comfortable walking down a deserted country lane alone at night. Moorland, woodland, hill and valley I'll cross day and night. But there are spots I feel distinctively uncomfortable in, they look no different to the surrounding area but have an uneasy feel about them. It's like when you put someone else's coat on, even though it's same brand, size and identical you get that "something wrong" feeling. In one spot I can't even walk a dog as he'll refuse to enter it yet to the eye is nothing more than a small hollow in a field.

So why are there certain spots that just feel wrong, one's where you never hear birdsong or where your dog refuses to go? Places you feel you shouldn't be there. Are they sites of past evil deeds, spots where unseen forces lurk or is there a scientific reason behind those spots?
Why do certain places just feel wrong?
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