Why be moral if you're not religious?


There is no reason to be moral if you're not religious. And I'm not religious either. I believe in God, but I'm a diest (I believe that God created the world but doesn't intervene on a daily basis) and if God exists, he doesn't intend us to be moral. Nature rewards ruthlessness and violence. Why be moral or care about ethics if you're not religious? Personally, I have no moral code. I wouldn't break the law because people who do so are very likely to get caught. I wouldn't be an asshole to someone without a reason to do so, but I follow no unwritten rules. One must keep the appearance of being moral, but there is no reason to always be moral. Religion is a necessary delusion, if everyone realized that it's false, chaos would follow. I help people when it costs me nothing, but I would break any moral codes for the right price.

Why be moral if youre not religious?
Why be moral if you're not religious?
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