Cis People: I Hope Someday You Can Understand Us

I myself am more "traditional" than the tumblr people, I actually despise them and the SJW "non binaries" for giving trans people such a musty reputation, but I still find it strange that y'all think an innate psychological gender doesn't exist while simultaneously putting such an emphasis on gender roles.

Of course I believe that if a body can have a birth sex then a brain can have a birth gender. And due to the countless anomalies that children can be born with I find it no surprise that some of us are born with a brain gender that doesn't match our physical sex.

And also I wanted to say that I don't understand how liking a trans woman makes a man gay or bisexual. Why do cisgender people boil others down to genitals? A woman isn't a vagina and a man isn't a penis. A man can like penis while not liking men. A man can enjoy penis while still desiring a woman.

The existence of a mental birth gender and the possibility of babies being created with a birth gender that does not match their birth sex makes absolute sense to me, while thinking people need to have certain characteristics due to their birth sex and can't change it doesn't make sense to me. I don't understand why I and so many other women have had to suffer so much for being born physically male, why everything we say is rejected and we're told we're mentally ill, and why people are downright mean to us.

I started my transition at 14 years old and I had to buy my hormones offline due to what I consider parental and medical neglect. I've experienced so much pain and hurt and fear and heartbreak over the last 8 years and why? I don't know, I don't understand. It's gotten better but I hate knowing how many teenage girls are experiencing the pain I had to experience and maybe worse, and for no reason that I can fathom.


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  • I think you addressed the cause of "transphobia" in your first paragraph. Most people don't hate transsexuals, however they are tired of the SJWs (radical liberals/far left wing) constantly forcing their views onto others, they even shame people who don't want to take part in LGBT lifestyle, have sexual and or romantic relationships with a LGBT person.

    It's also fear of dishonesty, there have been cases where a person unknowingly dated a transsexual and only found out after being together for years, this is why a transsexual must be honest and reveal they are transsexual before going further into a relationship.

    I don't have anything against the LGBT community but I think a solution to all this is to decrease the influence of the SJWs by disavowing the SJWs and forming a mutual understanding between both CIS straight people like myself and LGBT people.

    • Yeah, your first paragraph sums it up.

      I have developed a very strong hatred of the transgender/LGBT community fairly recently. This is not directed at any particular person. In fact, I know a number of lesbian and gay people, and only one transgender person where I'm perfectly fine with them. The reason I'm ok with them is that they go about living their life and do not talk about or force their views on me.

      However, this cannot be said for people who claim to represent trans/LGBT people as a whole. These so-called SJWs or the like. The result is that trans/LGBT people who minded their own business have now been automatically grouped in with the trans/LGBT movement.

      No I'm not a fucking mind reader, so I cannot tell whether you feel like a male, female, duck or moose today. And no, I'm not going to start every fucking conversation with "what gender are you today?"

      Like this term "cis"?
      You actually mean "normal people"

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    • @meowcow extreme fantasies

    • @jacquesvol

      Extreme fantasies? Howso? I gave you explicit examples with the names of people where these stupid things have actually occurred.

      You obviously have nothing useful to bring to the discussion.

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  • I get what you're saying and agree with a lot of it, but I think the other half of the coin is: cis-gender people will never be able to 100% understand where you are coming from. Because... well, they're cis-gendered. They'll never be able to fully understand what it's like to be in your shoes. A lot of the times I think it's the fact that they have such a hard time understanding because they can't experience what you do.

    Now, that doesn't give anybody the right to be ignorant or an asshole. I recently made a transgender F/M who is a very close friend of mine, and I stand by him and his choices. I think it's one of those things where all we can do collectively is try to educate while understanding that people will always have different opinions from us, and while it may suck it's something we have to accept. Unless, of course, that difference of opinion leads to them being abusive, that is obviously never okay.

    Nevertheless good read.


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  • Why not visit a psychiatrist?

    • The thing is that when a transgender person is visiting a medical professional many of them are being told that they needs to go on hormones treatments, getting surgeries etc. to ease the symptoms in many Western countries. It's not like in conservative countries where transgender is seen as something that's not a thing.

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    • If it's so important for you, you can change it through political demonstrations etc.

    • @curiousnorway nah, not my fight at all.

  • I thinks people should be better at respecting people who's different than them and avoiding saying rude comments. But since the majority aren't in your situation it's difficult for them to understand. Non-transgender won't understand transgenders, non-schizophrenic people won't understand people with schizophrenia and non-poor people won't understand poor people simply because of experiences. As long people tries their best you can't expect more of them. People even have troubles to understand people who likes another food item than them. It's not okay to be rude about something, but them not understanding it based on lack of experience is something completely different. I would never be able to understand how war feels like because I've never experienced it and I would never know how being transgender is either.

    I used to be skeptical to what people called "conservatives" in the past, but nowadays I've changed my view. Considering the transsexual population is under 1% it's less likely a parent's child is transgender and children tends to claim they're transgender simply because they thinks it sounds trendy, fun etc. or if there's underlying issues. I've heard about many cases about children and teenagers saying they're transgender, but later detransition back to their birth sex. It's also not uncommon children playing with their identity, gender expressions etc. Like how children can claim they're dragons, trans etc. they can claim many other things. So parents telling them to be more patient isn't bullying or transphobic at all. They just wants to be sure it's the right decision. Hormone treatments is permanent too, not only surgeries. HRT is in my country allowed at the age of 16 in special cases, but is usually 18 and surgery is allowed for people over 18 only always for a reason.

    Being transgender or more precisely transtrender is a trend. It's children who thinks it's cool being something unique and they're not necessary true transsexuals. Where do they get the idea from? TV, Internet, news papers, books etc.

  • I do not want to be labelled with one of your terms for the 57 varieties of psychological misfit gender identities that you and your cohorts would like to normalize. I am a heterosexual male, normal, and proud of it.

    • And what difference does it make to you how someone else sees themselves?

      The only reason the term 'cis' was invented was because of the bigotry arrayed against folks who want to be themselves. It doesn't hurt me, it doesn't hurt you, why should it be made to hurt them?

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    • @samsmoove Not at all. I am who I am.
      It is really none of my business or concern what someone else has between their legs unless I am sharing a bed with them now is it?
      If a person feels that they want to remove their penis - who am I to tell them they can't? In the same way that I have no right to tell them they can't get a piercing or have a tattoo.

      And no, I am not equating transgender and having a tattoo, just drawing a parallel.

      If I meet someone, I have a choice, I can treat them as another human being, or I can be obsessed with ensuring they see themselves as I think they should. I choose to just treat them as a fellow human being.

    • @JenSCDC You do make an excellent point, I wonder when these people decided to be hetrosexual? When did they get denied the right to use a bathroom because of it? When did they have to stand up and risk violence against them just for being who they are? That doesn't sound like something that was in any way challenging, what is to be proud of?

  • Except that gender dysphoria otherwise known as transgenderism is considered a mental disorder by doctors.

    But this whole there are more then 2 genders thing I'm sorry but it's complete and utter bull.

    They say that if you cut your own leg off your crazy and or mentally unstable. Yet if you chop your own dick off or sew your vagina shut, chop off your breasts you attach fake ones then your perfectly sane.

    How does that make sense?

    It's not natural it's in fact very unnatural and it doesn't change a thing, what dictates whether your a man or woman isn't what you think or want, it's your chromosomes that dictate what you are. You can chop off and screw on all the different body parts or genitalia you want to but it will never change what you are.

    You can put a monkey in a human suit, teach it manners, even teach it how to talk, how to act like a human but at the end of the day it's still a monkey, not a human.

    Transgenderism is the same thing and honestly the amount of ruckus that this small 0.5% of the population makes is starting to get old.

    Now to make it clear I don't hate transgenders I just don't agree with the lifestyle I think it's wrong, I have no intention nor desire to be with someone who has transitioned and I don't want that kind of lifestyle contentiously shoved down my throat until I accept it.

  • I have no issue with trans people. I know some quite well.

    I would disagree with some of your assumptions about sexuality though. For a lot of men, when they say they are straight, by your terminology they do NOT mean they are attracted to the female gender. They specifically are attracted to the female -sex-. The vagina versus penis is critical in terms of their sexual attraction.

    It's a recent redefinition of gender to be different from sex. Feminists (terf ones actually) began to distinguish between biological sex and those things they believed to be imposed by society. Needing a word for those characteristics they settled on gender. But traditionally the terms were used interchangeably with gender being the more polite version. Of course the model of gender being used by many now is different again - gender was something external in the early feminist model - it was how society classed you. It had nothing to do with your feelings.

    Anyway heterosexuality I'd suggest for most men is an expression of attraction for the same sex (not the same gender) to use your words.

    • Yeah I totally agree with your points, except I bet there are some guys that consider themselves hetero or straight and would date a trans female. It's probably like 5% though.

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    • @cavmanier This is one case where I can say it's so much easier being pansexual! I don't care what genitals you have, I don't care what gender you identify as, I don't care if they match or not.

    • @wagsingle That sounds pretty cool. We are who we are I guess.

  • When Shapiro debated it with a man trying to be a woman, Shapiro was able to use intelligent words. The dude dressed like a lady, however, resorted to threats of violence. Kinda tells me who really won the argument. If there is even one Y in your chromosome structure, no matter how mangled it is, you're a dude. If there is no Y, you're a girl. End of story. To say otherwise, is to shake your fist at the God you claim not to believe in.

    "And they became futile in their thinking." - Romans 1:21

    There is a difference between bullying and scolding. How some still refuse to see that, boggles me.

  • The thing is that you claim that there is some innate "birth gender" but what is that idea based on?

    I mean imagine if a boy was raised in an environment where there were literally zero women, a situation where he had never seen a woman in his life. How could he possibly identify as something he doesn't even know exists?

    Not only that but how would you possibly claim to know how it really feels like to be something you're scientifically not? I might have an idea what it might be like to be a woman based on stereotypes and observations but it's not something I could ever actually experience for myself. Male and female brains are different and the truth is that you can tell the difference between a female and a male brain even if one of them is transsexual.

    "A man can like penis while not liking men. A man can enjoy penis while still desiring a woman." Also this statement is extremely arguable and completely depends on your definition of "man" and "woman". I think it's weird how trans people are trying to change the original definitions instead of embracing their own identities as transwomen or transmen. Either way you still can't like dick without being attracted to biological males, and that's what most people think makes it gay.

    Also is body dysmorphia not a mental illness?

    • All I wanted to say is that thank you for stating your opinion respectfully. But you like to use that word "scientifically" but I could link you to scientific studies describing the similarities between cisgender people and transgender people of the same gender identity. Also, a real life example is David Reimer, a victim of botched circumcision who was raised as a girl but always identified as a boy. It's sad that people are blind to mental gender just because of the fact that their mental gender matches their body so they never noticed. Honestly how do you think you would feel if you woke up as a woman? I don't think any man would be happy living life as a woman. y'all really take pride in being male :p I on the other hand never felt like a male.

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    • Your question in the last paragraph is a really good question and I love answering it because it seems so obvious to me as a trans woman! It's because we're women. I have a gay friend who is more girly than me but I'm a woman. The point is that I in no way feel comfortable as a male. Feeling testosterone in my body disgusts me. I don't really feel right or truly capable assuming the sexual, social, and physical role of a male in any regard. Whereas being a woman feels absolutely natural and real to me. I like pretty things because I'm a girl I'm not a girl because I like pretty things. I'm a girl because I feel like a female and being male in any way is not right for me.

    • "I like pretty things because I'm a girl"

      Except liking pretty things has actually nothing to do with being a girl, it's merely a stereotype about women. This was exactly the point I was making that your association with being a girl is based largely on stereotypes. So it's weird for you to say you "feel like a female" when in reality you just connect with things that are stereotypically considered feminine.

      But I understand that if you don't feel comfortable or real being a man then there's no point in forcing yourself.

  • There's a huge amount of evidence that transgender people are not suffering from a psychological disorder. Their brains are simply different just like men and womens brains have differences as well. It's amazing how much data there is out there and yet people just ignore it in favor of confirming their bullshit hateful beliefs.

    • No... it's a recognized mental disorder... try again

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    • I don't see why you're quoting a random study whrn it's literally a known disorder that's been studied by many more professionals...

    • @samsmoove A random study? That is a link to a massive group of studies, which were analyzed, about trans gender people and their brains. This is the link you learn from if you want to determine whether transgenderism is a mental disorder, or not. THIS LINK. Sorry, but whatever shit you have been reading is bullshit my friend.

  • I don't think understanding is required. I don't have to understand what it is like to accept a trans or gender-fluid person. I just have to accept them as they present themselves.
    If understanding is the goal, then it is going to be an endless struggle. there is no way that I, as a Cis male, could ever understand what a trans person feels, and it would be disrespectful and dismissive of me to claim I could.

    What is needed, is a minimum of human respect. Something I see all to little off coming from Cis folks.

    It doesn't matter to me what another person's biology or birth history is. What matters is that I take them as they present themselves and treat them with the respect they deserve as a fellow human.

    I can never understand what it is like to be trans, but I CAN understand being human.
    Why is that so distressingly uncommon?

  • I accept and understand you and everyone else who is not CIS just as long as you all have morals and don't hurt anyone.

  • Complete and utter bullshit.

    • I am a person I am not bullshit I am just a girl on the internet explaining my experiences being born in a boy body you shouldn't be mean to us.

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    • @samsmoove Monty Hall Problem, Simpson's Paradox...

    • @OlderAndWiser, It's true it's a medical condition. But there's no reason to be harsh for that reason. I thinks the guy should share his opinion in a more polite and lesser harsh way. It shouldn't matter if it's transsexuals, schizophrenia, BIID, BDD, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia or something else. Just because it's a rare condition that's difficult to live with don't give any excuse for being harsh. That's just my opinion.

  • 4|3
    • Tbh, I think the libertarian approach is the best for all those issues. I prefer for the state to not tread on me.

    • It's 18 years age limit on surgeries in my country and between 16 and 18 years old age limit on hormone treatment depending from person to person and which decisions the medical staff takes. Hormone blockers are something you already can begin at in the age of 13 depending from case to case.

  • But the real question is do you even understand yourself?

  • Well, first let me say, I don't understand you. I don't understand transgenders or gay folks. I don't think I want to. Its weird, most people here would call me a SJW or whatever hell that is or means.

    Its funny that people develop terms to keep them from understanding each other.

    Well, back to my point. You think that SJWs give you a bad reputation. Well, I don't know about that. I know plenty of people who hate you and your kind without any help from a SJW. It is weird that people try to get around just admitting they have issues with the gay community.

    Well, most folks who know me, would tell you I don't lack courage.

    I don't understand the gay or transgender lifestyle. But I don't think that should be such a huge issue. And I don't want to be forced to understand it. I don't hate you, I don't even know you. Perhaps if I did meet you and found out you were a jerk, then I might dislike you. But don't mistake my lack of interest in your lifestyle or your issues as hatred.

    I am not the guy who is pretending the fate of the human race is dependent upon wiping you out.

    Nor am I the guy pretending to be offended on your behalf by the slightest misstep by people who are ignorant.

  • ok where to start. I'm going to take these out of order, so you have to bear with me.
    The reason it's dangerous to start changing you body before your 20's because you brain, some time around then is going to completely rewire. This is why most cases of mental illness are diagnosed during this time. So you decide that you are a women trapped in a mans body and have a sex change at 18 turn 22 and suddenly something has changed. Talk to a lot of post op transsexuals you will find that this is very common.

    Second there has been no proof presented that shows that it is a genetic set.

    So that leaves us with a problem. If a man is convinced that he is Napoleon Bonaparte, He really really really, down to his very soul knows this to be a fact. Is he the emperor of France? is he hurting anyone? no. than let him live in his delusion. If he is a danger to himself or others then we treat him. Now if we use chemicals that fix the imbalance that is in his brain and now he can live a life where he knows that he is who he is. Is that wrong?

    In our current society we are treating Gender identity the same as a man with this delusion. Is it really hurting anyone? no so we let it go on. Can someone seek out psychiatric help to change what is going on in their head. Not without ridicule from the other emperors of France.

    Should we be mean to someone like this? NO. Should we play along and say Oh it's just perfectly normal? I don't thinks so. Don't get mad at me because don't want to date a transgender Female. That wouldn't be fair. And isn't fairness what you want?

    If tomorrow some one came out with a drug that corrected an imbalance that caused you to fill this way would you take it?

  • "A woman isn't a vagina and a man isn't a penis"
    A woman is XX and a man is XY. End of story.

  • I hate the term cis, even though I completely support transgenders. Having to call myself some special title instead of just "normal" is ridiculous.

    • But it makes us feel better when you call yourself cis instead of normal

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    • @wagsingle Is less than a percent of the population not abnormal?

    • @wagsingle I support their right to be trans and I don't discriminate against them in anyway. But I won't give them any special treatment just like I wouldn't give a normal gender person any special treatment. It's called equality.

  • well, being rather a boringly cis-hetro-male, I don't get it.. but I don't need to fully relate to it to not judge and attack people for it.
    a really cool explanation that make it click a little for me was in an argument I saw in a bar between a trans girl and some guy who was saying that she was sick in the head and needed to go to a psychologist to get fixed. and she said "yeah, I am sick in the head, it's called gender dysphoria, and the treatment for it is called trans" that seemed like a really good way of putting it to me. he disagreed and ended up storming off when I told him to stop shouting and swearing at her, he later got beaten up for trying to touch up some young girls, so it all worked out for the best in the end.

  • Here's my take on this as just a straight white male normie watching all of this from a distance:

    A lot of people really don't understand. Like, at all. They completely misunderstand your reasoning, thinking, decisions, etc. when it comes to being trans/any other gender than binary. I really don't understand either. Thats exactly why there is so much pushback from the general populace: they don't understand, and it freaks them out to see how prevalent the whole movement has become. They push back especially hard when they perceive that your lifestyle choices as a trans are affecting their lives in any way. "TRANS PEOPLE WANT TO USE ANY BATHROOM? NOT WITH MY KIDS!" "TRANS PEOPLE WANT TO ENLIST IN THE MILITARY? won't THEY MAKE ALL THE OTHER SOLDIERS GAY SO THEY DONT FIGHT AND WE GET TAKEN OVER BY COMMIES?" Shit like that is what you see because they don't understand you, and they don't see why they should trouble themselves to accommodate you and your 'differences'.

    I understand that everyone wants to be accepted for who they are, its an extremely human feeling. But I feel like that is the trans community's biggest mistake is trying SO HARD to be accepted. You cannot change minds that don't want to be changed, and you definitely can't change the minds of people so chained by their current perception of society that they aren't even willing to try seeing things from your point of view.
    The hardest thing for the trans community is going to be accepting that fact. Not everyone will like you, lots of people will openly hate you, and destroying yourself in pursuit of universal acceptance is not going to help you in any way. Maybe just dial it back a bit, live your life, and avoid the people who disagree with you. If you really matter to them, they will eventually come around; if you don't matter to them, why in the fuck would you care about their approval?

    • I actually love your point that we can't make people accept us. But I still believe we can give people the knowledge they need to at least not be cruel but actually start being nice. I feel that now transgender people have it much better than we did when I started transition in 2010. It's truly beautiful seeing how far we came in this decade I used to feel like we wouldn't make this kind of progress until the 20's at the earliest.

    • Exactly, everyone just needs to learn that people will live their lives how they want to and there is no benefit in hating on them just because you have a different opinion. Another big thing is Time. Large-scale societal/cultural changes don't just happen overnight, so being patient and waiting for everyone to adjust more to the idea is really important.

  • Another mentally ill liberal.
    -> A boy can be born with a woman's brain and the other way around
    -> Gender is just a social construct

    Make up your bloody mind. But you can't do that of course. Because hypocrisy and self-contradiction is a must if you want to be a liberal.

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  • I don't think it is right for anyone to bully any person for any reason. Period.

    However, I don't think it is right to simply dismiss a condition where the brain has its own gender as "normal". The purpose of identifying with genitals is to promote copulation. So yes, we are technically identified as male and female for this explicit purpose.

    I think certain characteristics are stigmatized by certain genders when they shouldn't be. My boyfriend and I together are kind of androgynous, but we both still understand he is the male because he has a penis, and I am the girl because I have a vagina. He enjoys fashion and guns; I enjoy exercising and playing with stuffed animals.

    I don't think people should be defined by their preferences or character as their gender; those should be neutral. Women can be strong and men can be compassionate. But I also don't advocate telling a child that they are one gender over the other, simply because they enjoy certain things or have personal preferences.

    Sex and gender really shouldn't be separate, and I think that an issue lies in the fact that people think they can be. What is the significance in being male/female, if not for copulating?

  • God bless you for this "I myself am more "traditional" than the tumblr people, I actually despise them and the SJW "non binaries""

    "And also I wanted to say that I don't understand how liking a trans woman makes a man gay or bisexual. "
    It doesn't, but it might come as a reaction to the SJW rhetoric about if you dont find trans people sexually attractive then you are transphobic
    And if you dont find homosexual people sexually attractive, you are homophobic.

    "A woman isn't a vagina and a man isn't a penis. A man can like penis while not liking men. A man can enjoy penis while still desiring a woman."
    - because people have preferences, and preferences can't be demonized for being sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic.

    "I don't understand why I and so many other women have had to suffer so much for being born physically male, why everything we say is rejected and we're told we're mentally ill, and why people are downright mean to us."
    - the sjws are to be blamed for this, because they are the ones who are forcing the idea that if a man says he is a woman, everyone should consider him a woman and treat him like one, and vice a versa, which is minimizing the problems of actual trans people like you and many more.

    You said you started taking hormones at 14 and I believe that parental control would have been better, not because I want you to suffer, but because as much as I know, harmone blockers lead to impotency which might be a drastic decision since that is something that would be a point of regret later on, had the sperm been frozen before hand, then it would be fine.

    I dont want any transgendered people to suffer but your sjw counter parts are doing the best to demonize you as someone who have special demands and need to be treated differently thus making it hard for you to blend in the society since the are attaching a negative connotation to the term trans.

  • I have no problem with trans people. I have a problem with being referred to as Cis. A big problem. So many trans people make out like gender doesn't matter etc. Then why you all constantly referring to yourselves as a label and me as a label. Irks me and I have no time for people who use Cis as a slur, which 9/10 it is.

    • I won't be crying for your loss of white cis privilege. Non-binary gendered persons are forced to make gender an issue because bigoted straight cis people insist on making them to be freaks. When they use the term abnormal they don't mean the strict literal meaning of outside of the norm, they men it as an insult.

      White cis male here. A lot of unwanted privilege connected with that.

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    • @wagsingle sure. You deffo put your DOB in wrong, right? 🙄

    • Yes, and you must send an email to get it corrected.

  • I'm amazed at all the shallow thinking people are doing. I say "shallow" because it seems like many of the opinion writers haven't given any thought to the more fundamental (aka deeper) question of what makes a person who they are. They've only thought about the physical nature of a person, and have neglected to ponder the role of a person's brain and mind in defining who that person is.

    Is it a person's mind or their body which is more important in making them who they are? I can't imagine someone being human yet believing that their thoughts, their emotions, their consciousness itself are subordinate to their body in defining who they are, because it is those things that I listed that make someone human.

    Science has shown us that the brains of trans people are different from cis; being trans is simply who they were born as. They as abnormal as left handed people. How hard is that to understand?

  • Non-cis people: I hope someday you can understand we DO understand, and we've been supporting you all along, despite countless times being told to "die cis scum" among other comments and insults, by your very own kind (by which I mean LGBTQ+ individuals)

  • What if I told you I am straight (I am) and that I do not care what a person is born as. You do you it's your life why should I be worried. I live and let live. However being angry at all straight people is not a good thing. I did nothing to you and I never would.

  • Calling people "cis" is fucking stupid. Grow up and seek help. I dont care about your gender or sexuality. I care that you dont use a dumb term like cis.

  • We understand why people want to mutilate themselves, it's called a mental disorder. I understand that already.

    • Of course I'm going to treat all people with general courtesy and respect, but this isn't something that should be accepted by society. Last night I was watching a show where this woman was white but she felt like she was black, everyone said she was mentally insane but people who think they don't have a gender or that they're the wrong gender, is completely normal? It's not.

  • "A man can like penis while not liking men"
    Nope. Just like I can't pleasure someone with a vagina without liking women. I don't care what that person identifies as.

  • I understand. This is offtopic, but it's interesting that the males have more to say about this than females👀🤔😂

  • Gender is biological and some some behaviours built by social constructs. I don't really believe in what all LGBT kids say, I'm bisexual and I happen to be that.

  • I don't agree with the word, "cis" to describe normal people. There's normal people and there's abnormal ones who are transgendered.

    • And then there are bigots.

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    • @DinaM Yes. I don't think homosexuality is normal.

    • So you don't want to be called "straight" then. You just want to use "normal" as a blanket term for everything.

  • I don't appreciate being called "cis". I'm a straight female, thanks. Only tumblr mad people use that ridiculous term.

  • I am not sure I will ever understand what it is to feel transsexual, or genderless/androgynous. What I do understand as a cis woman is people trying to lock you into gender roles that just don't fit you as an individual.

    I have trans friends. I admit I am sometimes ignorant or say something insensitive - but I genuinely do respect the right to feel good in your own skin, the right to define yourself, the right to just be who you feel you really are. We're ALL still learning. It continues to get better and better for LGBTIQ people every year. My hopes are up.

  • You don't need to be understood by anyone except yourself

  • You suggest a few things that are just nonsense.

    First, that the only difference between men and women are genitals. This is patently false. Genetic research has identified 143 physiological differences driven by genetics between men and women and research is highly likely to find further differences.

    Then you suggest that I should understand that someone with gender dysphoria or as you put it different body and mind genders is a part of intended biology. When that population is 1p times more likely to attempt suicide with or without transitioning and with or without familial support. I understand this about you, that you are a person that has thoughts and feelings just like me but I disagree with your belief that I need to accept your view when the preponderance of evidence suggests otherwise.

    • "the preponderance of evidence suggests otherwise. That statement is totally false. There simply hasn't been sufficient research to claim the "preponderance of evidence " goes one way or the other. Much resent research says otherwise, but more research is needed. As far as suicide rates go, family support really helps, but it does not fully make up for pier rejection and the very real threat of violence.

    • @wagsingle no... family support is nice and all but its been shown that it makes no statistical difference in suicide attempt rates... the fact that you overlook the obvious evidence available at hand only means that you choose to reject evidence lime this that shows transgenderism is both not a choice and not a desirable health outcome. The sooner people realize this and abandon the political agenda for science the sooner humanitarian and beneficial assistance can be found. I do not envy transgender, that group of people needs help and support in ways that are being overlooked in society due to this twisted view of acceptance being a solution. Help comes with a dose of reality. Quit blabbing about rights and acceptance and put money into science and research in the same way people attack breast cancer or fibromyalgia and you will save lives and give people happy outcomes. That is how you help the trans community.

  • Do you want to date straight men? Because I don't believe they are straight if they date a transgender woman.

    • Guys can be straight and date us because we're girls :) I never did anything with a guy who liked men :p

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    • There are a who lot less "totally Straight" guys out there than you probably think. In a recent pole in the UK only about 1/2 of guys identified as absolutely straight.

    • @wagsingle That poll included women and we all know women have a tendency to fool around with each other