Dear MGTOW Fellas: Here's a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses


MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way is a mostly pseudonymous online community supported by websites and social media presences cautioning men against serious romantic relationships with women, especially marriage. The community is part of what is more broadly termed the manosphere.

Now...before reading note the usage of the word 'most''s relevant.

1. Most women are straight...

...and they love being in a relationship with men, having sex with them, talking with them, being in their lives.

Dear MGTOW Fellas: Heres a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses

2. Most women actually like being independent and earning their own wages...supporting themselves.

Dear MGTOW Fellas: Heres a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses

3. Most successful women like men who make an effort in all aspects of their lives.

There's no sugar-coating this - successful people are attracted to other successful people.

Dear MGTOW Fellas: Heres a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses

4. Most women couldn't care less about the alpha/beta/gamma/delta crap you're always talking about...

Dear MGTOW Fellas: Heres a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses

5. Most women and men actually recognize a lot of the qualities in another person upon them meeting.

If someone is off-put by you...there's usually a good reason for that.

Dear MGTOW Fellas: Heres a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses

6. Societies evolve and things are never going back to the 50's mentality... Sorry.

Dear MGTOW Fellas: Heres a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses

7. Most men actually also love women as much as women love them.

If you're having trouble seeing that side and their reasons for it - then it's probably you...not them...who is having trouble with this little thing called life.

Dear MGTOW Fellas: Heres a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses

8. Generalizing all women based on one or two you've met that have rejected you isn't healthy for you or anyone in your life - and it'll only make you more miserable in the end.

Tell me: how do you feel renouncing all women? Come back and tell me how you feel about it in a couple of years...

Dear MGTOW Fellas: Heres a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses

9. Bitterness is contagious and leads to deeper feelings of despair, resentment, melancholy and anger...but I'm sure you already know that.

Dear MGTOW Fellas: Heres a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses

10. The thing with marriage is actually KNOWING who you're marrying.

If you choose someone extremely different than yourself who doesn't have the same morals, core beliefs or views as you and if you don't communicate, love each other and compromise you'll never work... This is why divorce happens and how you can avoid ever having to go through it. It seems being cautious and smart these days is a real rarity in people just jumping into marriage.

Dear MGTOW Fellas: Heres a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses

11. Just because you can't get a women now doesn't mean you won't be able to find a woman you love forever.

She will come...if you put yourself out there more, admit you're not the victim and start seriously participating in reality.

Dear MGTOW Fellas: Heres a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses
Dear MGTOW Fellas: Here's a Few Pointers to Relieve Non-Existent Excuses
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  • ThisDudeHere
    6. I will have to correct you on the assertion that MGTOWs want for things to go back to the 50s. They don't. They dislike tradcons (traditional conservatives) almost as much as they dislike feminazis.

    7. MGTOWs are a reaction to something they don't like in society. Telling them yet again to just "look at them selves" is shifting blame. Look at it this way. Would you think it okay if 1st wave feminists were told that their ideas of "achieving equality" were fallacies that resulted not in some perceived social disadvantages but because they weren't "looking at themselves enough" and just accepting things for what they were? I doubt it. MGTOWs are the same. They did the self reflection and have concluded that life with modern western women is just not as beneficial as western women make it out to be.

    8. Intellectual dishonesty. A MGTOW is not some wuss who couldn't take one or two bad recetions from a bitch. A MGTOW is typically a guy who either has noticed society's skewed favouritism towards women, from quotas to laws, to media and thus adapted in his own way, or has directly experienced it by going through maybe one or more rough divorces where he not only lost half of his shit but also had to pay the bitch to "sustain her way of life" which is an archaic rule from a century ago when it perhaps still made sense due to women not earning much at all, which is long since no longer the case.
    And this all is alongside the fact that a lot of women want to whore around and then expect some good guy to come for them. Or they hide their whoring, tricking a guy into thinking that she's good when she has been used instead.
    And is it sexist to look at promiscuous women this way? Perhaps, but that is how male sexual selection of women works and has always worked. No way around it. No matter how feminism claims that a promiscuous woman has a lot going for her, a man with a spine and standards will not want her. The problem nowadays is that more and more women ride.
    Also, I will reassure you that most MGTOWs will come back to you in those few years and say that they are as happy as they can be. At least the ones I observed seemed to be so.

    10. The problem with marriages is that time and time again it is proven how many women (men as well but were not talking about them now) see the period leading up to marriage as the period in which they have to present the most idealistic image of themselves but when they finally snatch their prey, their true colours come out.
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    • 11. Why is it that they have to live speciffically in your version of "reality"? Who is to say that yours is better? In their eyes, your reality in modern days is essentially a game rigged against them and all they are doing is reserving their right to not play the game.

    • Also I would like to add that I am not a MGTOW myself but I have been observing and studying the idea (because it is not a movement, it can not be paralleled with feminism in that way) and have concluded that they are not the alternative to feminazis that everyone claims them to be.

    • I got in a good conversation after my jiu-jitsu class with two average guys like myself (around the same age) about feminism. It started after I joked that half my FB friends got engaged around Christmas and both guys were like were like BAD IDEA.

      One guy has been in a legal battle for his kid for the last 9 years. In the beginning, the courts favored the mother of course, and he only got to see his kids for a couple of hours a week on a sofa (I'm guessing it was supervised). Now the kid is getting older he saying he wants to spend more time with his dad than his mom. But dad was forced to stay legally out of the picture in early years of his kid.

      Anyway I'm hearing more and more guys who want to stand up to this feminist bullshit. But we are afraid to do it openly. I think our traditional "patriarchy" system of giving women leeway to openly whine, go hysterical and act overly emotional empowered feminists to scream their lungs out... and most men would

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  • Immortal_God_King
    Not all women are horrible, true.

    I have had a girlfriend who didn't cheat on me or make me seriously wish there was a pill I could take to be either gay or asexual.

    Read that again... *a* girlfriend. I've had, oh, let's just say a few more than one... and that was THE one that didn't make me wish that.

    But sure, not all women are awful. I mean, I did deploy with 28 soldiers who were married, and every one of their wives cheated. That was just my first deployment... believe me, about military wives alone, I could write a book.

    I know a guy who would have done time for a false rape accusation if he didn't have witnesses to say otherwise, who would have paid child support for a kid that wasn't his in a false paternity scam from an ex who KNEW it wasn't his, and whose ex wife left him for a drug dealer... the same drug dealer she blew all his money on.

    And that's just ONE guy I know. There's the one who committed suicide after his ex sent him the used condom she let another dude fuck her with. The one who committed suicide amid the utter ruination of his life thanks to a false accusation of child molestation. The one whose ex denied him visitation with his kids for 5 years...

    Let me just stop before this becomes a novel, because I have examples like this for days.

    Know what I don't have? Any more than one example of a married man who is happy that he is married. And that one? If you saw them interact, you'd swear it was 1905. He is in charge. And guess what? She is happy as a whore when the fleet comes in.

    So no, indeed, not ALL women are horrible. But then again, manufacturing mistakes get made, so not all grenades explode. I'm still not pulling the pin and then sitting on it to find out if I got the one in several thousands that is a dud.
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    • Can I like this comment more then once? Its funny as hell and true

    • @Lonerguy1234 I can't comment more than once, but I can troll the shit out of all the cunts and white knight cucks by replying to theirs.

  • ksoma
    1) nothing about this point suggests that woman do not take advantage of men. Would you use the argument "most men are straight" to suggest that males preying on women is an unrealistic fear? Of course not.

    2) this thoroughly immaculateness men. Many men find the best way to show they love someone is to support them. Many men, if they are not supporting and providing for the woman they love, wonder if they are actually NEEDED, and are afraid they are disposable. While MGTOW are afraid of being taken advantage of, and cleaned out, by women, that does not mean they are relieved to hear "don't worry, we don't need you to survive." However...

    3) This utterly counters point 2. Women want a man on a higher level than they are. This is fact. Women with high education say their biggest dating problem is finding a man as or more educated than they are. Women who earn well say their biggest problem is finding a man who earns as much or more. Despite your claims of 2, women ALWAYS want a man on a high social level than themselves. A man making 6 figures would date a waitress... even marry her.
    A woman making 6 figures would be shocked, appalled, and disgusted if some peasant who made $17 an hour in a restaurant had the audacity to ask her out.
    This is a major MGTOW problem: women expect a man to be AT THE VERY LEAST her equal, and prefers a man to be her better (not moral superior, I mean better off financially or intellectually). Men tend to not place any such imposition on women.
    So you are simultaneously making a post about how men should man up, because their fears are unfounded... while also saying "if you don't meet out standards, you are trash."

    4) Watch a man cry, for any reason, and women relentlessly mock him, or get disgusted by his behavior, and you see that is bullshit. I bet almost any man who has the courage (or weakness) to allow his emotions to break out, and to cry in front of a woman (be it a stranger, friend, or significant other) over anything less than a death of a loved one, will be mocked.
    I've known women who would break into hysterics over the smallest things, who broke up with guys because after a bad day at work, he cried, and she thought he was weak and pathetic.
    So excuse me for saying "fuck you, but no," to that line of shit.

    5) Actually, studies have shown most women make up their minds over whether a man deserves any of their attention or not, in under 3 seconds. Also, women make games out of shutting guys down.
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    • ksoma

      6) The 50s mentality never existed in reality, and most men don't want it anyways. This is a bullshit point. Next.

      7) No shit. Most MGTOW men ARE MGTOW because they loved a woman, and she ripped his fucking heart out.
      You're mistaking MGTOW for PUA and men who seem incapable of affection.

      8) actually it is generalizing based on personal experience, experience with friends. Co-workers. Our fathers and uncles. Overhearing stories women tell each other about how they fucked over their exes, etc.
      Most MGTOW admit that, chances are, most women are decent people. The fear isn't that women are bad, it is that IF a woman CHOOSES to hurt him, there is little he can do to prevent it or protect himself. His home, his money, his KIDS? All hers. Women are ENCOURAGED to make claims of physical or sexual abuse in divorce proceedings (even if knowingly false). Lawyers have been DISBARRED because they didn't encourage women to claim abuse, falsely.

    • ksoma

      9) you say this point as if you care? Any man who feels such bitterness or despair generally feels that women, as a class, either don't care, or that they rejoice in it. So saying "you'll be unhappy!" rings hollow, to men who either assume you don't actually care, or that it is better to be miserable and alone, than a victim of false happiness, and then destroyed.

      10) do you have any idea how many men have married, and then the person they spent years loving turned into a different person?
      Or, let's look at a woman's view. Do you know women who have stayed with a bad guy because they were afraid no one else would want them, or they were just scared of all the work that goes into starting over?
      Men end up in the same boat.
      And if there are kids in the picture? He has no choices. If he wants to be a father, he is stuck marrying.
      And women trap men with kids. Man slips off a condom? Sex is now rape. Woman sabotages a condom? Legal.

    • ksoma

      11) MGTOW don't give up because they can't find a woman, or because they are worried they won't fall in love.
      MGTOW give up because they choose to find happiness in a market that they find to have a much lower, more tolerable degree of personal risk to them, than heterosexual relationships.

      And I find it hysterical that the same feminists types who live by the mantra of "I'm a strong single woman who don't need no man," or "women need men like fish need a bicycle," find it so necessary to berate men as pathetic little faggot failures, because that man has made the personal choice to not involve himself romantically with women.

      Who the fuck are you to judge a man for that? Especially when women who make a mirror of that choice are celebrated?

      And I say all of this, ever last part of it...
      As someone who is not now, never has been, and has no intention to ever be, MGTOW.

      I want sex. More than that, I want romance. I want a marriage and kids and a life together. But I get MGTOW.

  • LogicBomber
    Trying to suggest MGTOW is about "bitterness" is nonsense.
    Yeah, of course, there will be some whiners who latch on to MGTOW because of the core beliefs of MGTOW, but the core beliefs have nothing to do with bitterness, it simply is expecting women to be adults and stop using men for finance and protection. Essentially expecting women to be treated like they treat men and take responsibility for their actions and themselves.

    When you state that women don't want men for money or stability, you are simply not right.

    Women want men's money. Period.
    70% of UK women say they would change their minds about leaving a man if he won a lottery.

    78% of US women said a partner with a steady job was the most important trait.

    75% said they’d have a problem with dating someone without a job. Only 4% would go out with an unemployed man.

    Men earn 61.5% of all income but only account for 25% of domestic spending.
    In contrast women makeup 38.5% of all income but control 75% of domestic spending, women on average spend 90% MORE MONEY THAN THEY EARN.

    Women initiating divorce between 66% and 90% of the time.
    Because once a man stops being useful to the female, no amount of "love" will make her stay and by leaving him she will still get most of his stuff.

    MGTOW's premise is that it doesn't benefit men to have women in their lives and this is proven in almost every statistical account. Females benefit from men even when they leave them. Men do not benefit from having women in their lives, especially after they leave.

    Which is why few successful males have ever gotten there while a female was in his life.
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  • passinby
    Not a MGTOWer but I don’t see any issue with them. They are not like feminists trying to force their political agenda on me and change the way everybody lives and who has what rights and trying to basically turn me into a socially Marxist paid slave. The MGTOWers are off on their own so just avoid them if they bother you. Your take almost sounds like some guy dumped you to go off and become a MGTOWer lmao.
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  • Shadow44
    Not a mgtow, but I'll probably be lumped in with the group of them anyways, but whatever. I'm not against relationships with women, and I'm not bitter. I've had a few relationship in the past and dating has its pros and cons like everything else in life. I'm not sure if I ever want to get married but at this point I'm leaning more towards not and it does have to do with the way the unfair court system is in terms of divorce, child custody and child support. It doesn't take much to see that and men have been raising their voices about it for a long while now but nobody seems to care.

    A man can bring up these problems with the court systems without saying anything sexist toward women and without bitterness and he's just labelled a misogynist. If men get together to talk about their problems or raise awareness then there's usually a group of feminists not far away that try to ruin it, protest it, and slander it. This is where I think bitterness is spread. The fact that nobody cares and everyone tries to demonize a guy for coming out and talking about issues affecting his gender leads to bitter MRA and bitter MGTOW (No not all of them are bitter) that weirdly enough spew the same hate back.

    The difference between me and the other two, is that I have no negative views of women as a whole. There is a percentage of women who aren't the best of people (as with men too), though they aren't all women (or men).

    The thing with marriage is that people change and lives tend to go in separate directions. It's unfair to punish one party (the guy usually but odd cases the girl) for a divorce while rewarding the other. This is why I don't want to marry or live with a woman because where I am common-law marriage is a thing. If you truly love each other you can get around living separately without a piece of paper. Plus with not wanting kids, it makes no sense to marry.

    As for dating, life's unfair and difficult for both genders. I'm currently not dating because I'm hapier doing so and I'm putting work towards myself and stuff in my life that I know will be around in 5-20 years from now. A girlfriend may not no matter how great the relationship seems (and this is what I learned the hard way). If a girl come around and we click I'd give the relationship a shot.

    The thing is mgtow is a reactionary movement to society and the expectations of men from what I've seen. You don't need a relationship/marriage and kids to be happy and fulfilled in life.
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    • Shadow44

      And not needing a marriage/relationship and kids to be happy and fulfilled in life is a good message for anyone, man or woman alike.

  • BrittBratt2416
    Thank you, mgtow is nothing but the male version of feminism. It's just a bunch of bitter men who are mad about their failures with relationships and women. These men are hurting and they are only encouraging to continue to hurt themselves and to hurt other men in their lives and relationships. It's not healthy for these men and I've said the same thing about extreme feminism, it's nothing but anger and hatred being spread like a uncured diseased that's just ruining the lives of these men and women. Misery loves company and it will try to absorb anybody who's willing to be taken over basically. These so called movement by these extremism are hurting society, it's hurting marriage and it's hurting the family, these people are the cause and rise of societal collapse. It's never so suppose to be female vs. male, we're a team and we're designed to come together as one and be as one. A unity, this is God's plan from the very beginning and we are spitting on that yet wonder why marriage and relationships are constantly falling apart. And it's true, people are getting into relationships with the wrong people out of loneliness or lust and that's a dangerous thing. My parents were born in the 60's and got married at 19 and are still together to this very day, why? It was different time back then, people use to actually work on their relationship TOGETHER and over come the obstacle in their way. Now it's o we can't figure this out together cause we don't want to, time to get a divorce or break up. People don't know how to communicate or just simple don't want to cause they want to live in fantasy world were everything is perfect. Yes, never having to deal with relationship problems is something everybody wants but it's unrealistic and doesn't challenge you or help you grow as person or your relationship either. But truth be told, mgtow is just and internet thing, most men in the real world don't even know about mgtow or could give 2 shits about it either cause they are still engaging in relationships with women, happily getting married, and having children.
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    • I'm also getting tired of women being blamed for the mistakes of the court system. If you want things to change, then voice your opinion and tell them how it's effecting men negatively. Tell them how it's screwing over men and not making it and equal balance for both parties to survive.

    • LanaTrix

      God is not real tough.

    • @LanaTrix That's what you think, to me and other people God is real. Also...

      Psalm 53:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity; There is none that doeth good.

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  • somewheresomeway
    you act like MGTOW is such a powerful force and a huge threat to our society nowadays. When is the last time you saw thousands of men marching and protesting equal rights all the while wearing penis customs (remember the vagina costumes?)

    Since women are always up in arms about men throwing blanket statements on feminism in general (radical, moderate, modern, etc.) maybe you should know that MGTOW stands for.

    It means Men Going There Own Way. It's about men focusing on what's most important in there lives... and then doesn't involve women. This is quite different than MRAs.

    In the grand scheme of everything MGTOW/MRAs don't even hold a candle to the political power of feminism. Feminism is completely infiltrated public education, entertainment, laws & statues and western society in general. MGTOW/MRAs were started to rebalance things and point out feminist hypocrisies. This doesn't mean going back to the fucking 50s (as so many feminists automatically accuse us). It's about being fair. Modern feminism is ANYTHING about equality. It's about being special just because you have a vagina. THAT is what we are sick of.
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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    1. Okay... your point?

    2. If that Belle Estreller quote is interpreted as you being a wolf what wants to eat my flesh then yes, maybe you should do some taming.

    3. Again... your point? Women care more about successful men than men care about successful women, let's be real.

    4. Yea, it's kinda bullshit, but the hypergamous behaviour that birthed it has basis in reality.

    5. Not the problem, but okay. Also, it's not necessarily that there's something wrong, only that there's something they don't like.

    6. Nobody is asking to go back to the 50's... sorry.

    7. Well that's a complicated detail isn't it? We have to wonder about the nature of such love and wonder how it expresses itself. Big issue in this whole thing is that too much destructive behaviour has been witnessed and society does a shit job against protecting men against it. Loving women too much can be stated as part of the problem as well; they often become pedestalized and men break their backs feeling like that's what it takes to pry meaningful intimacy and affection from women. There's a great cost that comes with basing personal satisfaction in life on women's approval.

    8. Thinking it's about women rejecting them is a mistake. You don't know what you're talking about. But even so, it can be a valid reason can't it? It could be choice between a known albeit not ideal outcome which you make the most of or you can have your hopes continuously lifted and crushed not knowing when or if it'll stop or stay gone. It's a realistic choice they're making given the circumstances, it was never meant to be a sustainable course of action for humanity.

    9. Hence the point of letting go.

    10. As if they didn't. But even if you don't know really, that doesn't mean it should be the *only* line of defense against someone screwing you over.

    11. Some found many women and kept getting screwed, but again wouldn't the rejection premise be valid anyway? Your words are a dream, technically realistic over the course of a lifetime perhaps, but again, how long can a guy withstand that, especially without looking inward and focusing more on himself than on women? Do you understand the cost of trying to live by your point? It can be... *quite* taxing. You don't need to be a "victim" of other people or have something wrong with you have (perpetually and enduringly) shitty experiences. If participating in reality means traversing a rickety rope bridge over a fit pit then I don't see how we can blame someone for sitting tight
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  • lord_chilled
    Im not a mgtower , but i dont understand what the problem is women have with them?

    Its basically men who avoid women.
    So what if they talk shit about you?
    They dont affect you. So whats the big deal you have with them?
    They dont live the way you want them to? 😂😂😂...

    Mgtowers usually made up their mind, you're not getting them back
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    • Because for the simple fact that a lot of them require attention even from the mgtowers !!!
      That's their simplified nature.

  • Onlythisone
    As someone who knows a lot of real life people who went through a mgtow phase I don't think telling them anything on the internet will make any difference. It is solely self perpetuating and when guys start taking care of their lives it almost immediately falls away. My boyfriend is an alcoholism sponsor, most of the men he deals with are recently divorced, lost their job, house, everything, and instead of focusing on how they destroyed it (through drinking) they look for someone else to blame and the internet gives them answers. The funny thing is that after hanging out with real people, working alongside them and getting their life back on track it fades away. Most of these guys who a couple months ago wanted to avoid women wave to me and run up every time they see me, excitedly tell me all the good stuff that has happened in their life and how awesome things are going, completely forgetting that a few months prior they told me women are all scum that just want to use men and are only good as fuck toys. Lol that's the human condition.
  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Not bad at all! I used to like MGTOW tbh. It's definitely sank to record lows now. May I add that men and women should probably work more on fixing themselves before they base so much of their lives on each other? Women understand women best. Men understand men best. Men need to get more bro time for bros sake that has no talk of women whatsoever and girls need the same of vice versa. I really think this kind of thinking would help a lot. Anyone else agree? I may want to add in particular, if men's rights movements could actually focus on MEN and MEN's rights, that'd be REALLY wonderful! You don't see feminism mentioning men much unless they mention men's rights for men's sake. But a lot of times, the men's rights movement, MGTOW, etc. all have a focus on bashing WOMEN. That's like a fan group of Batman starting specifically to diss superman fans! Batman fans form groups to mainly discuss BATMAN. Why should Superman bashing be involved unless it's called the Superman bashing club? But realistically, no men's club is literally going to call themselves the women bashing club unless A) They want to show off their sexism (which since these are often guys angry they haven't got laid, couldn't work because it'd blow their chances and B) it's not a men's rights club anymore but just a dumb troll group nobody likes.(For the record, men usually wouldn't show their sexism in front of women because they know for a fact it'd get in the way of getting laid, so they keep it behind closed doors and with diff names as to not get caught as easily) Wake tf up people!
  • cth96190
    Not one point of that article addressed the reasons why most men go MGTOW.
    It showed a complete lack of understanding of the subject matter.
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  • hfjdnskd
    NO!!! The problem is, is that my grilfriend doesn't need me. So if we get married she can easily divorce me and take my money. Regardless of how 'independent' she believes she is. She would get the custody of the kids and even potentially be able to steal my house. I think MGTOW is good for me. But I think abstaining from marriage is better.
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  • NerdInDenial
    1. I never heard MGTOWs accusing all women being lesbians, not sure where this came from.
    2. Women want the easiest route and the biological clock is always ticking; thus, women don’t work as often as men, hence the wage gap. Women don’t really want to work. Look at the productivity between men and women at work. Why are men’s desks “dirtier?” Men have to work during lunch.
    3. At least you’re admitting hypergamy is a natural instinct for women.
    4. The dominance competition amongst men is instinctive as well. Women want a confident, dominant man to take charge and “ to man up”
    5. Women recognize the man’s earning potential and men recognizes women’s ability to give birth.
    6. The thing about the 50’s is men had authority over their family. There was harmony; now, women just want everything without any of the responsibilities.
    7. Women and men love each other differently. Men expect honor and loyalty. Women’s heart can change on a drop of a dime. Hence 7/10 divorces are initiated by women.
    8. Generalizations are based on thousands of case studies; that’s the difference between those who live in reality and fantasy: observable reality. Using the scientific method; many men have seen marriages as a lose-lose situation. It would be great if everyone had a happy ending but those are just fairytales seen on Hallmark channel.
    9. This is the classic shaming tactic. You can’t be angry because that just makes you bitter. In any grieving process, people become angry but eventually they move on. It’s healthy to get angry.
    10. Refer to the thousands of gynocentric laws in regards to alimony, child support, child custody, and divorce laws. Even prenuptial agreements cannot save you. Trust fund? That’ll work against you too.
    11. Th misinterpretation of MGTOW is that if only a good woman were to enter their lives, they would hop back on the plantation; however, the laws are against men. Marriage is not worth it.
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  • Anpu23
    I am not MIGTOW but I see their point. If a guy get's the wrong end of the stick, damned if you do damned if you don't then to just not play the game seems the best option. Why do women even care? If guys want nothing to do with them, why is it anyone's business but their own? Ultimately MIGTOW is just a response to unfair divorce, reproductive and courtship laws. It's saying that I can't win with this set of cards, so I choose not to play. Why is that even an issue?
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  • WhistleForTheChoir
    I mean, sometimes I see guys from this movement posting sexist shit and standing on anti-feminist (or whatever the term is) soap-boxes and generally being little fuckers.

    But at its core, the "movement" seems like a good idea. Men who are voluntarily forgoing romantic attachment is a GOOD thing. For one, there are just less straight women than straight men. This is just a fact: infanticide in Asia, higher male birth rates + medical revolution = 106 male/100 female ratio, and more lesbians than gay men, all means less straight women, more straight men. So there isn't a 1-to-1 ratio like some might assume, meaning some straight men are naturally going to be left out in the cold.

    I mean, I know I'll never be able to fall in love. It's not because I hate women; I was raised almost exclusively by women, I've had mostly female roommates, a lot of female friends. But as far as dating goes, I'm just not what women are looking for. And it's a bitter pill to swallow; a very hard thing to accept, ya know? But I don't blame myself, and I definitely don't blame half of the human race, because that would be silly lol. I don't know much about the MGTOW, but it helps to know there are other people out there in the same boat as me. Maybe they even have advice for people who are trying to forget about the romance thing. I don't know, I'm not an internet guy lol.

    Are they all so terrible? I guess I don't understand the hate they get when all they're supposedly about is, "We aren't going to get in relationships anymore." I say more power to them lol.
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  • 10dsw
    I think MGTOW people are sad but honestly you're equally sad if you had to write an entire take about them.

    Also most guys (even hot guys) have been rejected 100s of times - not once or twice. Instead it's women who have been ghosted once or twice that pin all men out to be evil.
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  • SlavicAmericanGuy
    I think MGTOWers are misdirecting their legitimate revolt and maybe they're affected by persecutory delusions, some of them even have the same double standards that they are blaming on women.
    There's a PLENTY of good women everywhere. They just have high standards to avoid being with a loser. Men should hard work on improve themselves and put the cards on the table;

    Then do women want a men who have a good job, a nice fitted body, who oozes confidence? OK, this is good for our well being and we should meet their expectations too. But women should meet OUR expectations too. We don't want a moocher, or a whore who have been riding in a cock carousel and now proclaim that she is "seeking the right one to settle down", or a single mom. Or both partners in a couple have to improve theirselves before the relationship, or they should accept the fate of that they don't deserve what they want.

    My advice for MGTOWers is: stop demeaning women with that philosophy, be the best version of themselves and just accept women who are the best version of theirselves, they exist either. If women don't have higher standards, they would end up with a deadbeat and all of us will condemn her. We not should throw women in a catch 22 morals, we should respect women and keep distance from the troubled ones.

    Women are not the enemy. The enemy are the provider husbands who accept sham marriages and the cucks who prostitute their wives. These guys are lowering the general standards by accepting the trash of the trash of women and they are besmirching the male honor. They should be hunted down like rats for what they are doing.
  • cinderelli
    MGTOW movement is nothing different from feminazism/third wave feminism.. both groups generalize the other group and don't wanna take the blame for how they're treated in life.. and want only the good side of being a man or a woman..
    It's crazy and most people are not like that
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    • Its not a movement though. Just an idea.

    • cinderelli

      @ThisDudeHere when you justify it.. you only look like those feminists who disagree that third wave feminism ruined everything.. just saying

    • I would never justify being bitter - the only MGTOW YouTuber I'm still subscribed to is in no way bitter and doesn't actually hate women- he just chose to love completely without them. And that's what it is in the end- a choice to go your own way instead of how society expects you to go, especially when, in their eyes, the game is rigged against them what with the unfavourable divorce laws and etc.

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  • CubsterShura
    MGTOW is just a bunch of giant toddlers with the most fucked up ideology and they want the world to revolve around them. Stupid people, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to actually have a healthy life and get yourself a lady... oh wait they don't even deserve to be with women.

    Just for once stop taking yourself seriously, accept the good and bad in this world and you will feel much more better about yourself and have a more positive attitude towards life.
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