2 magnificent reasons I think 'Ladies Go First' is a wonderful gesture as a remnant man


I will explain 2 points that I think it benefits both men and women to allow women to go first. They cover the points well and each are legitimate things where both benefits all.

Women birth our growing seed for 75% of a year

Heck, women take the time to nourish our growing babies in her body after we inject our seed inside of her, so the least us men can do is allow our women first choice at restaurants, lines and listen to their ideas. We don't need to overlook our women. Women do a darn great job looking out for our babies. If you have this abort if I want mentality, this isn't for you. So don't bring your lip game here or I'll bring my nip game here and blast my mouth off about how terrible that is. This is for our real women, who values life and protects life like a remnant mother. By seeing women who love taking care of our seed's development into readying for our soon son or daughter, we need to thank her and let her make some important decisions and gift her with many first options. She deserves it.

2 magnificent reasons I think 'Ladies Go First' is a wonderful gesture as a remnant man

Women take our last name out of respect for her husband

For this great and wonderful showering of respect women do for us, we need to respect her and return the favor by placing her first and before our needs. This can be sexually, spiritually or in any avenue in our relationship and life. The woman can be a stranger. We need to let her sit and especially so if she's pregnant and needs to take a bus ride. I'm saddened at the number of selfish men who don't willingly forfeit his seat for a woman and makes her stand and especially so if she's pregnant. I don't have a daughter but my daughter would always take the sea and the jacket over my son. Call me old school and sexist all you want. I'm going to set an example for showing our women respect. I rather be doing sexy things than being deemed sexist.

2 magnificent reasons I think 'Ladies Go First' is a wonderful gesture as a remnant man


Yes, I used to split the bill with my dates and even up until Saturday at 7:30 pm split it but will now always pay on my dates. I had a revelation about proper etiquette behavior and will uphold them. We as men need to be doing things that women are darn proud can call us men. Women deserve being shown respect. Yes, I apologize for my past lacking efforts and mistakes but will improve and abide in masculine etiquette behavior. Please share your thoughts!

2 magnificent reasons I think 'Ladies Go First' is a wonderful gesture as a remnant man
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  • pooper89
    Great! Love this take! Just as a warning, you are going to get a lot of hate for this on this site because most guys on this site are misogynistic and bitter
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  • Harmseygrace
    Aw thatโ€™s really nice. Good job.
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  • TruthIs
    My daughter is intimately familiar with my rules around here, Beauty before age darlin'.
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  • Wowgirl30q
    Thank you
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  • pizzalovershouse
    ok 🤔
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