Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) and the first modern day 'Lord of the Flies' Experiment

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) and the first modern day Lord of the Flies Experiment

I live in a country where police bring military tanks to dispel unarmed protesters angry about over zealous use of force. The irony of tearing down confederate statues while at the same time using secession to create autonomous zones is compelling.

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) and the first modern day Lord of the Flies Experiment

When I was a kid I read Lord of the Flies. A classic example of how CHAZ will fail. Machavelli, Thomas Hobbes, and others knew all too the absence of elected representation what takes over society is brute force and strength.

Those with weapons in the autonomous zone will in the abence of lawful authority interject their will. This will be a fascinating case study in the annals of American history and we bear living witness to events in Seattle.

The secession of any territory of the United States presents some very serious legal questions. The creation of the so called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in the 6 block radius of Seattle, WA is quite fascinating. First, does seceded territory of a city mean that it is no longer part of the United States, and therefore, the Mayor of Seattle is no longer Constitutionally allowed to negotiate with the protesters? Second, because this so called territory is no longer a part of the city of Seattle, doesn't it give Trump the authority to use American military to squash everything down without having to rely on cities or governors using the National Guard (at their discretion?) Lastly, doesn't a left wing secession movement only encourage secession movements from right wing conservatives in California and Texas?

I for one refuse to give Trump the satisfaction of going in with troops under the banner of a modern day Lincoln preserving the Union.

Funny how these so called Leftist have now resorted to Trump like tactics of border security. Armed guards questions people who simply want to freely pass through. Then again...this is how ISIS began.

But let me be clear here. The solution is not police segregation. The solution is police integration. We need community policing and for officers to come from the community and be fully integrated in the community. Separation of the police from the community will only increase their community bias.

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) and the first modern day Lord of the Flies Experiment
Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) and the first modern day 'Lord of the Flies' Experiment
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  • Anonymous
    last i heard, they took over land that belonged to the city. It wasn't privately owned so they just stole land from the United States. We would be within our rights to "go to war" with them to take it back. Or we can just wait until they run out of soy for their latte's and coffee. They won't be growing any there and I doubt the US will be a willing trade partner. Them crazies gonna lose their weak minds when they run out of soy.
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  • captain_voidwalker
    I'm just going to grab my popcorn and enjoy this dumpster fire
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    • Apope16

      I was just saying that today! I wish I had my popcorn. haha

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  • purplepoppy
    You give people too many freedoms and you lose control. Little groups spring up all demanding more freedom to do their thing while wanting everyone elses freedoms reduced. Personally if I was in charge I'd order a roman style decimation of the local populace then sell the rest of you lot to the Chinese.
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    • Rangers

      Your country has tried that multiple times, how'd that workout for you?🤔

    • Pretty well at the time. It's since we stopped controlling people we went down hill

    • Rangers

      Your history is quite hazy considering what actually happened is that you got spanked and humiliated and forced out of the country twice

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  • cirno
    Why is america going so crazy

    This is so scary
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    • Apope16

      agreed. just because something is different doesn't make it cool or a good idea. secession or whatever they are doing is not well thought out. not a solution. and just plain dumb.

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  • normalice
    I doubt it's as serious as the far right fake news is trying to make it seem.
    • Apope16

      any secession from the usa should be taken serious. ISIS was small too.

    • normalice

      I'm saying I doubt it's an actual secession, like the far right fake news is saying. I mean, if we had to take everything the far right fake news said seriously, it would take us years to dispell all the bullshit it only takes them a day to come up with.

  • hellacray
    Lol wait so a section of Seattle is no longer part of Seattle? And now the people living in that small section is being their own police?

    I mean I'm curious to see what happens.

    Haha that's funny if America actually produces its own Isis. You let the people protest and do what they want and they end up becoming Isis.
  • Rangers
    Just bring the tanks in from all streets and surround them, then they'll give up without a single person being hurt and arrest them. I don't know why the hell that's so hard to do. Some will probably tell me to stop with "authoritarian crap" without thinking for one second, what if conservatives did anything like that? The army would be there to kill us within an hour and yet they're doing absolutely nothing when lefties do it😒
  • Smegskull
    I'd say flip the roles on them. They're running out of food and soon will want out, at that point show the same armed force to lock them in that they've been using to lock people out and watch them starve.
    • Smegskull

      Just saw pics of their farm 😅 it looks like a Minecraft farm.

  • masonderek6994
    If it was my neighborhood they wouldn't be there long as I'm highly stocked with enough weapons and ammunition to take out 2-3000 combatants. I solely blame the mayor, police chief and governor for encouraging and praising this behavior. They should be arrested and removed from office, forcefully if needed be. These so-called leaders need to be out of office, arrested and once convicted life in jail
  • Reamer
    The guy with the guy is not in seattle, just so you know.

    And having been in there first hand you realy have no clue what's going on
  • Bananaman177
  • jimmy2
    Trump needs to send the army force to fight them and free that zone
    I doubt the residents are for them. Its time to meet force with force
  • angryyhedge
    Let them destroy themselves no need to send in the military.
  • not329446
    The irony of tearing down statutes while using secession to create autonomous zones is far from compelling. It will not solve or change anything. Pushed to far it will provoke a violent crackdown. People here have the right to assemble and protest. This is not a part of your rights. Taking over that which is not yours deserves a hostile response. It may be public property but that doesn't give any one the right to take over with nothing more than a line of bullshit. We have laws and a legal system to address such issues. If you don't like the law or the system, change it. Problem is ignorance! Failure to address the legislature. Stupidity and violent destruction will gain only meaningless changed intended to passify ignorance.
  • Tesla.
  • Mrsao
    Rangers you are an incel
  • Anonymous
    I’m from Seattle and I moved away last year. I think they are too stupid.

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