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Dave Chapelle, 8:46. . .


Some of you may not have known, but Dave Chappelle released a special about George Floyd's death called "8:46". Dave looks so different nowadays. He isn't as playful as he has gotten older. This special has nothing to do with comedy. He doesn't mock racism the way he has in the past. He doesn't mince words. I hope that old playful Dave returns before he gets too old. But I guess when you are raising young men who are at least part "Black", it can be kind of stressful to see law enforcement routinely disregarding the value of the lives of "Black" citizens. Well anyway, to the review;

This special seems to be just Dave on stage musing about the latest news, the protests, and police brutality.

He has some predefined goals however. It unfolds in this way.

1. The absolute cruelty and callousness of George Floyd's murder by a police officer.

2. Praise for the protests all around the world. The young folks are leaders of this movement.

3. He called out Don Lemon over a statement made about how Hollywood needs to be more vocal. But this isn't really something he is decisive about. He talks about how Hollywood should not be so vocal since it has failed so completely in speaking out on these types of issues. He may or may not be an exception. Since he has talked about racism forever. It is a central theme in his comedy. It is interesting to see him working this out on stage.

4. He simply dismisses all criticism of George Floyd. The point being, he did not deserve to be tortured and killed. Which is the point constantly being missed. As Dave says. . ."We did not choose George Floyd to be a hero. A racist cop chose George Floyd. He just happened to be the particular "Black" man killed on camera for everyone to see. "

5. Then he moves onto the most controversial part of the special. He talked about "Black" men on the police force and in the military who took the law into their own hands and started killing police officers. He talked about Chris Doner. He also mentioned the nine officers killed in Dallas.

Chris Doner's manifesto is here;

It is here, where I sat up. Because he misses the point. Racists want a race war. He mentions Dylan Roof, but only to cite Roof's cruelty and the kindness the officers showed him afterwards. He does not understand what Roof's goal was. ROOF WENT TO A "BLACK" CHURCH PURPOSEFULLY. HE WANTED TO TARGET A GROUP OF "BLACK" PEOPLE TO MURDER THAT WOULD INCITE THE MOST RAGE IN THE "BLACK" COMMUNITY.

What Dave does not understand is that racists are counting on "Black" people to become violent. Our resident virulent racists stand ready to call out every instance of "Black" violence in response to police violence or to racial violence. They want to find that one incident of violence that will unite "White" people in the race war they have wanted since the Civil War. And I get angry too. I want to fight back too. I hate racists. I hate racism. I even told this to rioters in my neighborhood. We have to recognize when we are most effective at fighting against it. You have to analyze when racists are at their angriest.

A. Racists hate that we are multicultural. They figure the best way to destroy multiculturalism is to get us to hate "White" people as much as racists hate us. Even as racism has devastating effects on other communities, racists target "Black" people almost exclusively in any multicultural setting. Then they go back to rants on immigration, Asians killing americans with the virus, "muslims" committing terrorist attacks, etc.

B. Racists hate "Black" successes. So let us work with our community and with other communities and raise the level of "Black" achievement.

What Dave doesn't get is that racists just want chaos and disarray. We are all trying to talk about understanding one another and becoming one nation. Racists simply want to throw a wrench into that process and destroy it. And they will do anything to ensure this nation fails at its stated goal. They do not want isolation from "Black" people or multiculturalism. They want domination, even if that means they will be dominated too. Because they feel "good" about the supposed race that is in charge. Dave needs to understand the racial argument. Race is why Laura Ingraham can criticize Lebron James. Lebron James is arguably the greatest basketball player in history. He will be remembered centuries after he has passed away. And he has used his platform to change the lives of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people in a positive way. Laura Ingraham will be forgotten almost as soon as her show leaves television. Yet, because she feels she is "White", she can critique him. Race gives average people the ability to feel special even if on a personal basis they have achieved little.

Law Enforcement Press Conference on Chris Doner.
Law Enforcement Press Conference on Chris Doner.

I thought the special was excellent. In that Dave is raw. It isn't something that is prepared. He is going through his routine and it is extremely unpolished. But I wish this was more like an interview format with some scholar or professor who can break down to Dave about MLK and the effectiveness of the Civil Rights movement. Or someone who can help him analyze race, racism, and culture.

We can't change the hearts of racists. We can only ensure their behavior does not imperil lives, opportunities, and livelihood. Compassion is not something you can convince them of. They have adopted a belief system that is based upon basically becoming sociopaths.

Dave Chapelle, 8:46. . .
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  • WhiteSteve
    I was actually just referencing this special earlier, the Candace Owens call-out, specifically. I thought the whole thing was brilliant. But you bring up some excellent points about him missing the mark, well-put, and an angle I hadn’t considered.

    I was real glad Dave put this out. There are a small handful of comedians who I really appreciate, not just because they’re hilarious, but they’re deep, and they “get it” about a lot of aspects of life, they just happen to make it relatable and funny (not that this particular special had much humor, nor was it warranted). Chappelle, George Carlin, Bill Burr, and I’d probably throw Chris Rock in there as well, even though he’s off somewhere still counting Bring The Pain money and isn’t all that prominent these days. Carlin is dead, and he and Burr are/were both white, so they can’t really be the front face of this, although I have no doubt they’d drop jewels. Chappelle just feels like the right guy to do it, because he’s been bridging the racial gap with his comedy for so long, yet it’s still something that genuinely pains him, as evidenced by his abrupt abdication of the comedy throne some 15 years ago, wondering if he was actually doing more harm than good when white folks were laughing, but maybe laughing for the wrong reasons.

    But yeah, you’re right about the hearts of racists. I always hear people say “show me a law that’s racist and oppressive”, but it’s not about what’s on the books, it’s whats in people’s hearts and minds. I lost the idealism of racists ever coming around a while ago, and you’re right, it’s a sociopathic mentality involved.
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  • Blondegirl1214
    I wonder why the woman who was pregnant that Floyd held a gun to her stomach while his buddies robbed her hasn’t came out. She’s probably scared for her life.
    • goaded

      Ah, you're a shiny new troll!

      First off, the pregnancy "detail" is a complete fabrication.

      If you can't make a case without lying about the details, you probably don't have a case. None of his past crimes (for which he'd served his time) carry the death penalty, certainly passing a forged $20 note does not.

    • @goaded and you believe snopes? Someone told me you spam with liberal links.

    • goaded

      Well, that was quick, as well as inaccurate. You've been here, what, a day?

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  • monkeynutts
    Most of the serious forms of Racism I see now days, they are all mentally handicapped. homeless older men. The idea that they are psychopaths might not be something that sticks 100% of the time, they might just be crazy. I personally can't stand up for the BLM movement, it says nothing about making individuals responsible for their own actions. The killing of George Floyd was horrendous, but people have to know that if you are involved with drugs and crime, it doesn't matter what colour of skin you have the cops will be trying to catch you. That's the message that you need to say to people, be responsible, and you won't have to deal with cops. So that's why I would never walk down a street with anyone that chants those slogans because it's the wrong message to be telling young people.
    At the end of the day, we are all pretty disposable, and that don't matter what colour you are. If your white and a failed member of society, you get treated like dogshit.
    • Of course, I disagree with everything you have posted here. How in the world are homeless older men. . . serious cases of racism? Then from that statement, you jump to BLM.

      Was Breonna Taylor committing a crime? Was Philandro Castile not being personally responsible? And even if you commit a crime, the police's job is not to murder you. Derek Chauvin didn't just kill George Floyd. He tortured him for almost nine minutes.

      What about personal accountability for the police?

      And the thing is, you are right that "White" people are routinely victims of police violence. And I guarantee you, their loved ones are not sitting around saying. . ."Daniel should have been more individually responsible".

      They want justice just like any member of BLM.

      Daniel Shaver's widow;

      And I want to thank her. She took a question of mine two days ago. I asked her about the support she has received. She said that Joe Rogan, Sean King, and Rosie O'Donnell are the only people with any fame who have reached out so far.

    • By most serious, and what I witness, I mean that someone is getting bullied or threatened in front of me because of their enthicity. Most of those guys are crazy and homeless, I saw one a few days ago. All those cases you brought up are all very different. And yeah it's a good thing that protests are happening, because it's shaking up the police force in many cities. But I don't think these murders are because of racism. Inexperienced, and bad policing. The cops are probably under a lot more stress too. Makes them fuck up on the job more.
      My point is you have to be careful of cops, and it doesn't matter what colour you are, they have guns. Don't say and don't do anything stupid. Doesn't matter what their job description is ment to be, protect and serve, they often don't do that very well.

    • I just watched all of that, Yeah you guys probably need a new police force in some states. One that does not kill civilians indescriminantly.

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  • Rebeccalions
    It's hard to fight for equality when people have turned it into an us vs. them mentality. For instance, people telling whites we are all guilty and owe them a living and people generalizing blacks as violent because of the looting and vandalism. So now what you have is the potential for supremacy on both sides and that's very dangerous
    • dc-refugee

      Most blacks and most whites are all basically decent people. But, when you analyze the crime statistics, blacks commit far more crime and they commit more crimes against whites than the reverse and its been that way for decades. That includes violent and sometimes horrific crimes.

  • American_Centurion
    This was a good mytake. Hopefully the George Floyd thing results in better training for cops dealing with thugs
    • Your whole purpose for being is to shit over all rational discussions.

    • can't we all just get along?

    • Can you stop shitting over every rational discussion? And how could it be possible to get along with an insane racist?

      You excuse the murder of human beings, just to prove "White" supremacy.

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  • Broken_doll
    I can't watch Chapelle anymore after his last gig where he mocks rape victims by insinuating they should be lucky Michael Jackson raped them bc of his status. Yet
    We should lighten up bc it's comedy.

    Would he ever say a black victim should be lucky they were abused by a white celebrity and tell us to lighten up bc it's comedy? Doubtful. Victims are blamed enough in society (i. e. shouldn't have worn that dress) to get shat on by some wealthy celebrity who can very well make fun of his elitist circle instead
    • dc-refugee

      He's not even funny in this. I noticed he didn't mention any white victims of black crimes. There has been a black on white crime imbalance in this country for decades.

    • @dc-refugee yeah the only thing I really liked of his was his Prince imitation

    • @dc-refugee Why is it his job to mention "White" victims? Why don't you stop being lazy and post about "White" victims?

      Oh, I get it. . ."White" victims should only be used as a rebuttal. Never as a reason why the system is messed up for everyone.

      Why the am I doing this? When "White" posters at GaG don't give a shit about Daniel Shaver? Other than to try to claim "Blacks" shouldn't protest.

      Do you have to be a liberal to believe that Daniel Shaver was murdered? ↗

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  • Jersey2
    I think we we may hit a time time in the next decade where we are fighting as races. A Dylan Roof or a cop killer won’t start it though. I think they will only cause the creation of more of their type in the short term. White guys with guns generally don’t march or protest. They watch, absorb what’s happening and prepare but to them there isn’t a point of protesting, it’s just not their style. When the time comes though I think millions will leave their homes with rifles to protect whatever it is they feel they must protect.

    Politicians split us, the media split us, the radicals split us and no pleading to get along will be listened to, no mayor’s curfew will be taken seriously, and no police presence will stop it. I didn’t watch Dave’s clip but will later, but if that’s what he wants I think he will get it. I just don’t think he will like it.
    • Uhm. .. of course they march and protest? What in the world? These protests was over masks and social distancing.

      And uhm, I go into detail about Dave's show. You don't really address my central point. Racists want a race war. They want Civil #2. They want their America or they want its destruction. Dave talks about retaliation. And I am angry also. But retaliation isn't going to serve anyone's interests. . . but the racists.

    • Jersey2

      They guys I am talking about, don’t protest. If they did, you would have 25 million out there...

      Many of these people you would call racist. But they don’t want a civil war. But they aren’t willing to just start one, something will tip them to that point and it isn’t a few people doing bad things. They also don’t want their America. They want things to be right and acceptable. When that is no longer the case, they will honor those who fought before them for the American ideal that they believe in by picking up arms as well. And we could very well get to that point.

    • Dude, most people do not protest.

      Any civil war will involve the military. I have no doubt your folks are in many high places. And so are many people who disagree with your ideology.

      Dave Chapelle, 8:46. . .

      Dave Chapelle, 8:46. . .

      Dave Chapelle, 8:46. . .

      Dave Chapelle, 8:46. . .

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  • Anonymous
    That was the only time I downvoted anything Dave had done. I do not agree with his perspective.
    • What do you disagree with? I mean, Dave's entire career has been dedicated to talking about race.

    • Anonymous

      I don't like his implication that what happened on the streets is an understandable response. I don't agree with this implication that it's some kind of genocide, as if cops are dropping innocent black people like flies. It does seem like there's a police brutality issue, but this is not about race. When Dave plays to stereotypes for a joke, that's fine. When he has more serious hot takes on race, I often don't agree, but this was the one time I felt like downvoting. His message here is not a great one and I don't think he should have put this out.

    • I don't think he claimed this was genocide. I think he was saying being a "Black" man in America is exceedingly dangerous. And he is right. We are much more likely to be killed than any other group. That's why he said any "Black" man who survives this is my hero.

      And I think the point about the streets is this, you can't be against violence now. .. if you were not against violence before. That is hypocritical.

      The thing that is hilarious is that you think his jokes are not serious takes on race. You really have not watched much Dave Chappelle at all.

      Block Party. . .

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  • Anonymous
    Hollywood and the media are both morally and spiritually bankrupt
  • Anonymous
    Towards the end, Dave said this: “After this, it’s rat-a-tat-a-tat-tat-tat!” Wow... And he thinks that will solve the problem? If BLM and their supporters put half as much energy into improving the community as they have into destroying it, we would all be better off.
    • This is the insane racist point that has been stated over and over for a dozen decades. Dude, you are a racist but not because of stats, not because of BLM, and not because the moon is made of blue cheese.

      You are a racist because you believe in race and you believe in the concept of a superior race or races.

      And long after the stat question is addressed, you will still be a racist.

    • Everything and everyone is racist to liberals

    • Anonymous

      Right... I want to see people work together to improve the community, so I’m a racist. Only in a warped liberal mind could such an idiotic thing make sense.

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  • Anonymous
    Losts of black racist targeting white people.
    • You do know that is not based upon reported crime, right?

      How does a an adult male, post information without even looking at the graphic?

    • dc-refugee

      Roland, let's go through the FBI Uniform Crime Report together, shall we? Expanded homicide data, table 6. Blacks committed almost 46% of murders despite being 14% of the population. We can go right down the line on rape, robbery, burglary, and on and on if you'd like.

    • dc-refugee

      Oh this is embarrassing. I added the wrong column in Excel. Actually, blacks committed 48% of the homicides in 2019, not 46%. I apologize for the mistake.

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