Men don't benefit from females having birth control, and half of all taxpayers are male... tax money shouldn't cover contraception

Men dont benefit from females having birth control, and half of all taxpayers are male... tax money shouldnt cover contraception

Half of all taxpayers in this country are men, and yet, birth control, which only benefits women, is funded by tax money? This is an absurdity. Taxpayer-funded health insurance shouldn't cover elective things, like birth control or rhinoplasty, and it shouldn't cover things that only one gender will ever benefit from.

You could argue that taxpayer-funded health insurance covers old people medicine, and that is true, but most people will be old, some day, and will thus benefit. A man cannot become a woman (sorry, Bruce Jenner, but it's true), so this argument doesn't hold up.

I'm not saying that we should ban birth control (although I would like that), I'm just saying don't make taxpayers pay for it.

Men don't benefit from females having birth control, and half of all taxpayers are male... tax money shouldn't cover contraception
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  • Anonymous
    You actually have a point. Me thinks the people here don't want to hear it because that would mean they A) Can't take as much advantage of their beauty as they do and B) Would be a bit more likely to keep their legs closed on prom night.

    And women here seem to forget, even the women who ARE responsible about when to open their legs have to pay this tax too, so this isn't necessarily a proposition benefiting ONLY men.
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    It doesn't benefit men? 🤔 How do you figure that? Men who don't want kids but don't want to wear condom, birth control don't benefit them... So people should just continue to have unprotected sex and let the male ball if he wants to... Both control benefits men, women, and the potential of more abandoned unplanned babies
    • Anonymous

      Don't have sex if you don't want a kid.

    • That don't happen. You can tell people that, but that ain't going to stop it. So protecting against that is the best thing.

    • Wow dude... you can't be that stupid. Let me guess... trump supporter.

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  • BlueEyedBirdWatcher
    We as a society benefit from not having unplanned pregnancies. These children will grow up with poorly planned lives and disrupt their parent's lives much more than planned children.
    Also, if you want fair, women don't benefit from testicular cancer treatment.
    • BlueEyedBirdWatcher - bird brained idiot ! you do not know that about all un planned children for you are not around all unplanned children so stop your lying ! go get sterilized so no one else as dumb as you are born again

    • At least I am the one who can write in English.

  • Bratsondanielle
    You're an idiot. If the 6 dollars you pay towards this in your entire life might mean you don't accidentally get some chick pregnant its definitely a good investment 4 u also like the human race would clearly benefit from you breeding as little as possible
  • BeenThereLovedIt
  • Tamera952
    The FUCK they don't !! Yeah they benefit from not becoming fathers every other minute. And woman having birth control is about being able to have control over ones body -- so fuck that, it should cover contraception... what it shouldn't cover is viagra.
    • Anonymous

      I want to have a lot of children, women being able to prevent pregnancy or abort pregnancies interferes with my personal goal.

      And if women don't want kids, they shouldn't have sex. It's that simple.

      I don't think Viagra or contraception should be covered

    • Control over your body would mean you being able to choose when to get pregnant an when not to just like you can willingly raise your hands and drop them. Your using a drug to kill a life growing within you and using plausible deniability in the words of control of your body to hide the fact. It's sad the lengths humans can go to satisfy themselves even at the expense of others, and how smart they can be in protecting their self righteousness. Where is the accountability for your actions? God gave you the power to bring life but you choose to kill it just because you want to get an itch in between your legs scratched. Oh well.

    • 6suejsjsj

      Why not Viagra. Typically sexist women. Lol

  • Sure you do. That way your selfish ass won't be paying child support for 18 years. You should be glad if it is paid for by insurance. Also the woman pays for her own health insurance most of the time so it's not a dime out of your tight wad pocket.
  • DavidDong
    Yeah fair point, if a girl getting banged up like that she might as well pay for it
    Then again underage girls, think a few boxes should always be played for, age restricted to below the 18 od someone who literally can't afford it by looking I to bank records
  • tartaarsaus
    Eh, birth control is of benefit in improving the capacity to control your career, which has positive externalities.

    If women can choose to have kids later more easily (with birth control), it opens up the possibility of e. g. improving their career, pursuing more education and use their talent for productive uses that benefit everyone. A person that is more educated typically is more productive at that specific job, which benefits everyone not originally part of the transaction of education. Also, pregnancies are super expensive in direct cost and in opportunity cost.

    Basically, birth control on the grand scheme of things benefits a lot of people that do not use that particular pill.
    • Anonymous

      But I want to father many children, and birth control makes that harder

    • Then adopt. There are plenty of kids who need parents. On seconf thought... dont because if you teach them your ideology we will have more stupid people.

  • MissDawn7961
    half of all tax payers are women for their are more women in the working world then men ! for the man is to lazy to be out in the working world ! thanks
  • Ianto
    You aren't thinking the whole thing through. Free contraception is aimed at reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies. If you don't think you benefit directly from that, you haven't looked at the proportion of prison inmates from single parent famillies. It is not about helping women, it is about reducing the social cost of unwanted babies.
    • Anonymous

      Why not just sterilize the urban poor? It would save us all a whole lot of grief.

    • myTake Owner - you should be first in line for sterilization , if your man enough for it

  • weasley8
    If birth control doesn’t benefit men, does child support not hurt them either? That is the logical conclusion, anyway.
    • weasley8

      Also, condoms are contraception. Women aren’t the only ones who use contraception. Maybe hormonal birth control, but it’s all for the same purpose. And even then, there’s a hormonal birth control currently being tested for men.

  • Ask the guy who impregnated the chick. You’ll learn to love birth control when you have sex, sonny.
  • MusicJunkie89
    Firstly, last time I checked it takes two people to have a child. So unless you identify as gay, or asexual, then you are part of that equation.
    To equate birth control to Rhinoplasty is to equate cancer to a vasectomy. Would you prefer that it’s mandated that ALL people ( that means men included) are not permitted to engage in sexual intercourse unless they can provide proof income for contraception and or vasectomy ( which is reversible, by the way).

    For the record. CONDOMS which are a form of BIRTH CONTROL are made specifically for MEN.
  • madgoat
    I think society works better if there are fewer unwanted babies and family planning should be encouraged, centrally funded, and available to all.
  • michael1469
    You are an idiot.

    Not all people are sick, but the still need health insr for when they do. Not all people drive, but they are passengers.

    You are involved in every aspect of life, directly or indirectly. Sht ain't free dumbass.
  • AD240pCharlie
    How does it not benefit men? I'm sure most of us don't want to end up paying child support for a child we didn't plan to have.
  • 007kingifrit
    agree, cover it yourself ladies... unless you think women are incapable of taking care of themselves and need a man to do it
    • 007kingifrit - if a man does not want to have a baby then he needs to keep his ugly penis to himself

    • @MissDawn7961 not really fair to men but also not what we are talking about

      also i'll have you know my penis is perfectly shaven and circumcized with an elegant length and curve madam and polished to a sheen every day.


    • Anonymous

      @007kingifrit that's disgusting

  • mrgspoter
    I want too make men like like you stop breathing why can't I? It's cheaper and your useless
    • mrgspoter

      Must be troll can't be real comment can it?

  • msc545
    Actually men DO benefit sometimes. It keeps them from having to pay child support.
  • Uhhh


    • mrgspoter

      Child support don't work I know this

  • Redstang88
    Well it kinda does benefit us...
  • goaded
    Are you kidding? Have you never had sex?
    • Anonymous

      I've never been married, what do you think?

    • goaded

      That's sweet, and unlike the majority of people's experiences. Maybe you shouldn't try to impose your beliefs on others (nobody's saying you have to have sex or use contraceptives, if you don't want to).

    • With your thought process no wonder why you are not married let alone still a virgin.

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  • Anonymous
    I would rather see a smaller amount of money going towards affordable birth control than the considerably more expensive option of having more people on welfare, SNAP, etc. because they couldn't afford birth control.
  • Anonymous
    Birth control only benefits women? Are you kidding me? The number 1 fans of bareback sex are men lol.