"White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists


Back in the day I created a take on "White" privilege.

Understanding "White" Privilege: What is so Hard to Understand?

Of course, I came to GaG to talk about relationships and share some knowledge about my experiences. But there were so many weird disgusting threads on race. And even weirder ones on politics, so I thought I would try to create a few threads. To date, out of all the "takes" I have done, this is the one that has the most responses. I guess race really does bother a lot of folks. Too many folks don't get it. They don't want to get it, but they want to tell others people how to feel about it.

I understand. Most of the GaG crowd doesn't want to acknowledge racism or "White" privilege. You have that luxury. Rejoice in that. But other folks who are not "White" have to be aware of it. Because we don't possess it. And whatever your specific non-"White" group is, you have to be aware of it. Be it "Black". . .and being associated with crime. You can be Latino and be associated with being an illegal immigrant. Or Asian and be associated with spreading Covid-19. Or Arab/Muslim, (you can never tell with racists) and being associated with terrorism. It is just how it works.

As most of you guys know, I just call 99% of the racists at GaG, nutso insano fruitcake racists. But that isn't something that is just random and arbitrary. There is a reason for that.

It is because in these discussions, racists are not just racist. They are insane, unbalanced, illogical and. . .flat out weird. Here are the common weird nonsensical responses.

1. Why don't "Blacks" take responsibility?

Answer: Responsibility for what? I am responsible for me, my personal actions, my family, my life, my career, my behaviors and my beliefs. What you actually mean is, why don't I take responsibility for other "Black" people who commit crime or have nonsensical beliefs. You want me to decrease my self-worth and self-esteem because of something some other person did. . who may share my skin color. Then on top of that, somehow I am supposed to have less pride in my accomplishments because other "Black" people didn't make it. And the weirdest thing is, I don't think most "White" racists who argue this are even self-aware enough to understand that's what they mean. It is like they are pre-programmed Borg drone. . .unable to deviate from their core programming.

White Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

2. Y'all got bad genetics.

Answer: What is bad genetics? What are the genetic markets for "Blackness". Oh. . .it is what you see? Which of course is the phenotype. . . got it. . .so you are an idiot. I don't spend much time with those types. Because if you are that insane that you believe that genetic commonality is defined in phenotype, then you are beyond all hope and need to seek out a psychiatrist.

White Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists
White Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists
White Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists
White Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

3. "White" privilege does not exist.

Answer: But you want to be able to racially profile "Blacks", Latinos, Indians, or whatever non-"White" group for whatever stereotypical behavior you wish to believe in. Also, you want to get mad whenever a movie, television series, sporting event, etc. has too many people from groups that are not representative of your "race". So what you really mean, you just like the way things are now. And if they change, then you will claim other types of privilege exist.

4. I don't want to talk about this race stuff! I love everybody. I don't even see race. I don't know what race is. I never heard of race and never heard of someone who heard of it.

Answer: That is your luxury. If you are not "White", you had better learn what race/racism is and you had better prepare your children. The "White" folks who have "Black" kids know this intimately.


Did you tell your kids not to fight back because they will seen as aggressive if they stand up for themselves? Have you had to honestly discuss with your husband whether you should take your children to the police station to introduce them to the officers so they would know your children are legitimate members of your community? Have you had to talk to your children about EXACTLY what to say and not to say to an officer? Have you had to tell your children that the objective of any encounter with police, or security in any form, is to stay alive? It never occurred to me to have these conversations with my white children. In fact, it never occurred to me for myself either.

White Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

5. There may be "White" privilege, but I simply do not care. Deal with it and shut up.

Answer: We do deal with it. Every single day. But we ain't going to shut up. Shutting up gets us killed. If you can't deal with it, cover your ears. Move to a different country. I don't really care what you do. But we have to be loud about this. The discussions have to be loud, like this one;

"Black" folks need to consider taking their sons down to the police station and introducing them, if they are moving into a different community with a majority "White" population.

My mother did this for my nephew because he was being constantly harassed by the police. We get that you don't care. Why you guys think we shouldn't care about ourselves is beyond insane however.

"White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists
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  • MountAverage
    As per usual with your threads about race and racism - I completely agree and couldn't have said it better. But as expected on GaG, the backlash from the racist Trumpholes here is strong. Today there was a thread where one user openly said "I'm a fascist and an ehtnonationalist" but demanded not to be confused with a racist (lol). Our cute little Trumpist catfish (you know, "she" rhymes with "Smashh") was having a very lovely chitchat with him. "Oh, you're a fascist? No no, you're right, that doesn't mean you're racist! I'm not either! Hihihihihi" blah blah and so on. Aaahh, to be young and fascist! Wonderful. He also got three upvotes.
    Oh, and there's this new guy here who even has it in bio - "I'm a white nationalist". He seems to get along quite well with everyone here as well. GaG is such a wonderful place for fascists, white supremacists, and all sorts of racists to gather around, talk about their favorite video games, give each other dating advice, spread literal Neo-Nazi propaganda. You know, just normal stuff. Lovely.
    Anyway, sorry if I didn't actually adress your myTake. But there's nothing to add from my side other than I agree.
    Is this still revelant?
    • This is the thread I was talking about, by the way: Are you a secret Biden voter or Trump voter or neither? ↗

    • I keep getting a notification that says "A catfish fascist racist" has replied to your opinion" but when I click on it I see nothing. Hmm, weird.

    • Oh thanks man. We have to keep talking about race. These folks here have so much pent up rage over "Black" folks they are losing their entire minds. And they think if we are just quiet about it, it will somehow reduce their stress.

      We are going to do this again and again until they either ignore me or find some peace that "Black" folks ain't going anywhere.

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  • SherryBomb
    I agree with you on points one and two, but i doubt that id have very much goodwill on this thread if i told you that for example white privilage is actually a misconflation of class privilage. A few bad apples doesn't mean the whole system is rotten. When you say systemic racism, you mean that the whole system is racist, if the whole system is racist it means that racism isn't fault of individuals because "its the systems fault" the root isn't the system, the root are the few individuals who believe that its alright to mistreat minorites and when you blame the sytem instead of those individuals, what you are doing is destroying individual responsibility. There is racism, but the system isn't.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I never said anything about systemic racism. Let's keep thing simple. "White" privilege is a very simple concept. There is nothing radical about this. You can analyze other societies such as Russia, the UK, even Nigeria with its diversity has several main cultural influences has three or four main ethnic groupings. The point is that in most societies on this earth there are a social groups (s) that are afford privileges because they are in positions of power. Like the Sunni minority in Iraq under Hussein. Or the Turks in Turkey.

      The problem is that you are not really thinking for yourself.

      Try this. . .

      What does "White" privilege actually mean? Why does a non-"White" person have to know and understand it?


    • SherryBomb

      Oh, you were talking about white privilage... Im sorry I have ADHD not to mention a whole host of mental health issues and my brain sometimes skips to similar topics. I see that i jumped straight from white privilage to systemic racism, my bad. As for white privilige it depends on your definition, if you mean getting better jobs, education, etc., then its not really white privilage, facts show that African Americans are over represented in lower paying majors such as teaching, social services etc. That covers a decent portion of the wage gap, as of 2018, 37 percent of black students were enroled in higher education, granted whites had 42% but in 2019 the number raised to 40%.
      African Americans are pretty much doing the right things but choosing the wrong carrers. And in case you are wondering, my sources are PBS, ED. gov, and PNPI.

    • Or it could just mean the experiences of someone who is 16 years old could vary, just because they are not "White". I posted the the video for reason. Did you watch it? It isn't long.

      Let's talk about this in a bit of detail.

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  • scetoaux

    "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

    critical race theory : “"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will be judged on a scale of victimizations valued by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character."
    • Jltakk

      Thats literally my problem with wannabe civil rights activists like BLM. They don't give a damn about MLK, let's be honest. His most famous words are being blatantly ignored.

    • Nothing you guys are posting has anything to do with the privilege of being "White". I laid out a perfectly clear argument and all I get is whining.

      Denying your privilege does not make sense. . . not when you assert it with statements like. . ."Blacks commit more crime".

      Those statements are about racial groups. And it is a privilege to not be in a group that commits more crime, even as there is no such thing as a commission of crime report.

    • scetoaux

      1). I’m not white
      2) I made no assertions about blacks as a race
      3) .. lmao... decries people making statements like “blacks commit more crime” then says it’s a privilege to not belong to a group that commits more crime
      4). there was no whining in my post only a contrast between a sound ideal and the current view on race. One which you obviously embrace.

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  • VanillaSalt
    Lmao... let them trumpians have it! Also fuck you. I know I’m privileged in other ways by being white but I also know that don’t give anyone the right to tear me down just because they deal with hardship... fun fact I busted my ass to get where I’m at it could easily be a black man in my job... we had 2 until after dealing with him being slow, gets hurt often, shows up late, refuses to work... they fired him... We need people where’s all these suffering black men? They wanna make something of themselves... within 3 months at my job they could pay off a brand new truck... I believe everyone has to suffer difficulty and hardship. So what prove yourself and move on. Public opinion changes when you prove yourself.

    Racism isn’t racism anymore... if you hung cause you black that was racism. Not if I didn’t like you cause you black. I don’t have to like you. I don’t have to like black people. As long as I respect you I fail to see the issue.

    How is it 13% of the population is responsible for 80 something % of all homicides? Culture needs to change if you want people to change. A black man whom I’m disagreeing with acting like a man will get more respect from me than a white man I agree with acting like a fool. It’s time to pull up your pants, turn down the rap music about murder, drugs, and cops, get a real job, be a father and a man, and correct this culture of hatred both sides seem to have because if you allow BLM to continue rioting in your name... you’re gonna see real racism again. Against the innocent people rather than the rioters.
    • Why do people think that "White" privilege has something to do with "Black" poverty? I am not poor. I have never been poor. I like my career. I like my life.


      Racism doesn't care if I have a BS in Computer Science. It doesn't care if I own a company with three employees. It doesn't care if I am coming back from Vienna on vacation.

      Racism cares that I am "Black".

      That's it.

      It has never asked me about criminal record, salary, shirt size or favorite foods.

      As for your stats, please dude, get some real information. "Blacks" are not responsible for 80% of homicides. You are quoting that racist shit Trump tweeted.


    • Because the white privilege everyone speaks about is respect... black people making something of their lives will get respect... respect ends racism as proven by that one black reporter who interviewed the klan. He led many away from the path of racism by just respecting them and being a good human being...

      Also here’s your stats... www.cdc.gov/.../nvsr68_09-508.pdf

    • Racism does not care about how much success "Black" people have. How many times do you have to read about a upper/middle class "Black" person having to deal with racism before that point sinks in?

      Look at your own racism. Racism has no nuance. It wouldn't be racism if it cared about a "Black" person's resume.

      You posted a link to the CDC. The report is about "leading causes of death". It says nothing about the "commission of homicides". There is an arrest report by the FBI for homicides and we know the total amount of homicides in a given year. The clearance rate in the US, is about 62%.

      Do you even know what a clearance rate is?

      But given that data, there is no way "Black" people are responsible for 80% of the homicides. You are making the same claim that racist meme trump tweeted.

      It is fake. It is a lie.

      "White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

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  • captain_voidwalker
    Ahh you crazy lefties and the excuses you make for yourselves. White privilege dosent exist, anyone who will put in the work can make themselves successful. If anything white people are disadvantaged because they are the only race that can legally be discriminated against. They also have no affirmative action programs to benefit themselves.
    And again before anyone starts that your just blind to you own privilege shot with me I'm Hispanic not white so eat my ass. The problem with the black community that the Asian and Hispanic communities don't suffer from is laziness and welfare dependence. And even a few of my own people communities still suffer from welfare dependence but certainly far less than black communities.
    Another big problem in the black community is fatherlessness. The democrats tricked you into kicking daddy out of the house for the free gibs and your children have suffered for it.

    If you want to make your communities better stop chasing imaginary boogie men like white privilege and start solving your actual problems.
    • Dude, I am not going to call you a conservative. Because you are not. Of course "White" privilege exists. I lay out an open and shut case in my first take and have followed it up right here. And it has nothing to do with making myself successful. I work in the tech field, I have traveled the world. I am highly educated and successful.


    • Good for you but all the observable evidence in the real world says you not just wrong your 180 degrees from right.

    • Actually the real world agrees with me. I am not some internet troll. You can join my discussion groups.

      But we don't do anonymous.

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  • jcnum10

    a lot of racists who claim we need to stop complaining are really saying be quite and stay in your place, because like you said they don't want things to change.

    Or the ones who claim we all babies for speaking our minds about racism but those same people almost cry because they feel racist profiled when we point out there's white privilege.
    • It is like they are borg drones. . . really. . .

      They can hold these contradictory thoughts in their head simultaneously.

      1. American society is free and civilized. But it is right and good that George Floyd was executed for all to see in broad daylight. . . because he was a criminal.

      2. "White" people are not responsible for racism, "White" privilege, inequity, redlining, lynchings, Jim Crow. . . but "Blacks" are responsible for crime. But not only that every non-"White" group is responsible for the stereotypes held about them.

      It is almost like they have practiced this without knowing. The entire argument is built upon the ultimate contradiction. Perhaps that's why? The theory of race is insane even you analyze it casually. That's why I included genetic tests for African-Americans.

      3. "Black" people are a genetic group, even as scientists tell us "Blacks" in America have significant non-"Black" heritage, mostly from Europe. But "Blacks" are also defined as participants in a culture of a negative set of beliefs and behaviors.

      You don't see a racist sitting down and self-reflecting and coming to the conclusion that, such ideas are insane. They don't see how they conflict and cancel out. They just shrug and continue arguing nonsense.

    • @DuneSearchForever We are not here claiming all "Whites" receive privilege or that all "Blacks" don't get anything. Halle Berry definitely got some privilege after she became famous. But even she can tell you about issues she had growing up. Blake Griffin was told 90 times by Nikki Glasser how hot he was. But even he shared stories about how in High School, girls refused to date him because everyone knew his father was "Black".

      I go into this in detail in my first take on this subject. I drill down into American beauty standards. And now they evolved and changed. "White" standards of beauty was just prevalent throughout American society. And the weirdness is that creating the space for a more inclusive definition is met with absolute vitriol. But even more than that, you are defining this as "political". Its leftist to say a "Black" woman is beautiful. . . with her own natural look and style?

      I don't even care about the economic differences. We already know the basis of that.

      MLK Jr laid down the law with respect to that.


      We can talk about Conservative economic theory and actually find that "Blacks" need to look at it, rather than redistribution as MLK would have preferred.

      But we are not talking about economics.

      We are talking simple privilege.

    • jcnum10

      Okay so I'm 17 and here is an example of what we are talking bout and i witnessed it and did not happen 50 years ago.

      I went with my BFF her boyfriend and his white friend.

      A guy smacks her boyfriend phone out his hand. An argument happened the white friend got physical with the guy.

      The police was called her boyfriend (black) was ran up on immediately grabbed slammed to the ground and beaten and arrested.

      The white friend who got violent was not arrested. The entire time they were arresting her boyfriend was screaming at the police and threatened to kick their ass.
      All that happened was a police asked us to calm him down or they will arrest him.
      He never calmed down and still didn't get arrested.

      So recap. Black male did nothing was arrested and beaten for someone slapping his phone out his hand also cooperated with the police immediately.

      The guy who slapped the phonw out his hand didn't get arrested.(white)
      The friend who assault someone threatened the police didn't get arrested (white)

      The other thing that is part of white privilege is to not deal with this and to be shielded from the realities that we deal with so it is easy to deny it exists.

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  • SexyAshh
    didn't bother to read because there is no such thing as white privelage. The ibly thing opressing blacks is themselves. Get up and get a god damn job, and stop crying.
    • SexyAshh


    • I address that in my first question.

      Because what you said is absolute nonsense.

      Racists are always claiming that they believe in individual responsibility but racists are always assigning blame based upon their weird nonsensical racial classification system. You don't mean. . get a job. You mean you want to blame me for a "Black" person who refuses to get a job.

    • SexyAshh

      Yet again, your stuck in a victim mentality and i dont feel bad for you. You think because this movement is going on (which is all political for dems who could give a shit less about blacks), that y'all have some upper hand and we need to hear y'all out. Newsflash, blm turned non rascists into hating ur race!. Everyone is so sick of yalls shit at this point we are ready for a civil war. So again, no i won't read this. I will allow you to “stay oppressed” and fucking lazy. Since the victim mentality is yalls forever fortay

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  • TienShenhan
    Here's an idea then. Raise your children to be victims. Dont tell them they can become astronauts, stars, or even president, instead tell them that the white man has a foot on their neck. Tell them that making good decisions and working hard and following the law will get them nowhere, because of the subtle barriers that can't be quantified but serve as road blocks to blacks, while Asian-Americans and Indian-Americans pass right through them without noticing. Tell them that no matter what government assistance, grants, and privileges are given to them merely for the color of their skin, that it still isn't enough for them to succeed, and that the world owes them more, so just WEAR your victimhood like armor and use it to justify taking what is owed to you, while bitterly destroying the businesses around you that were built by hard working Americans chasing their dreams. Tell them if the cops want to arrest them for crimes that they committed, that they deserve freedom and should fight the police - if they're killed in the process it's because the system is evil. Tell them that gangsters and rapist thugs are powerful heroes of the disenfranchised, and knocking women up and disapearing just means you be a P I M P. If 70% of all other black households are fatherless, what's wrong with making a few more? This is how you properly raise scum, but I guess you already knew all that
    • SexyAshh

      Wish the color of my skin paid for a full ride to college, instead I had to pay of 100s of thousands of loans. Damn the white privelage!

    • Im looking forward to getting my first white privilege check, I'm told to expect it any day now. If it doesn't come, I'll riot and say the Country sucks

    • SexyAshh

      Lmk, im more then ready to join. Ill have my very white, extra privileaged friend join. Injured army vet whose been trying to get benefits for years, but the black drug dealers who didn't finish third grade down the street that shoot their fellow black brothers in the name of blm have been governmentally funded since their “slave” ancestors are set for life. The white privilege never stops giving

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  • Virgo31
    Wonderful take, good sir. You explained this better than I could of. Here is a gold star ⭐️
    • Why thank you. I am going to come back with a part 3 in a bit.

  • jadspop
    I'll admit... Some of what you say is very true. Some of it I flat out disagree with... Not that that matters to you... Cuz I'm white... And if I don't after with you, it didn't matter what I've experienced or been apart of... If I don't agree with you or cuz "I'm white and don't know any better"

    But yes... There are a lot of white people that just don't care or try to preach cuz in all honesty... None of this effects them... Not any where close to the amount it effects other races...

    And I actually applaud you on your view of the "I don't see race" cuz I personally think of that's your argument you need to check yourself into a hospital... For several reasons I don't feel like getting into... But talking the stands point that "you know... If it dosent effect you and you want to stay ignorant then go ahead". You show a lot more understanding and restraint then I said in that situation...

    I don't know what it's like in a lot of rougher places... Though I have been to prison so I think I've seen the worst of all races that are represented in there.. (asain is a rare thing to find oddly enough... Not that I'd think they would be a lot of them... But like... There were almost none at all?) And it may be superising to most people... But a lot of the negative strerio typing... Really comes from groups... A lot of them were pretty decent people... But when ever they got around there "home boys" they felt like they needed to act a specific way... But I think that's more of a side note...

    I have a conflicting point of view on your argument about "blacks taking responsibility" cuz the words you said we're 100% accurate. You are an individual regardless of your skin tone and should be held responsible for your actions and choices alone... But on that same not... I feel like there are several who don't do that... I do agree that racism is that an issue.. and likely will always be one... But I know of people from all races... Whites included... Who when they get in trouble blame it on some external factors... A lot of time being race... It's not a 100% of the time thing... But the man didn't make you pull that trigger... Or drive to fast... Or steal from that store... And I know that's not you in this situation... But keep in mind the people I was around in prison...

    Oh.. and I'm not knocking the rough neighborhoods... Or childhood... I didn't have that... But I get just trying to survive and doing things you shouldn't just to get buy or make it to the next day... So I'm not saying people are bad for that... But I will say that if you do, do that... Take responsibility for your actions like you talked about...

    So I deffinatly agree with you that you are responsible for you... I just know people who don't take responsibility and I feel like that's more want that statement was for... Though ambiguous statements like that can easly be taken different ways. I think a better way to put that would be "people should stop using race to justify there actions and take responsibility for themselves"

    I honestly can't remember to many more specifics from your post and although most of it is valid it also feels a lot like your just complaining. Witch I guess your have a right to...

    But my favorite thing to bring up when talking about race is always the interview with Morgan Freeman who said that the best way to fight racism of to just stop talking about it... I didn't quite understand it at the time... And it might not be the best solution in the end... But I finally figured out what he ment and kind of agree...

    It's like an ant bite... The more attention you give it... Screeching it... You may think your making it feel good and helping... But you just making it more irritated and prolonging the issue...

    Anyways.. I know I'm just some white dude and at the end of the day you've experienced your life and seen different things then me.. So I know those are your views for a reason.. I just wanted to share some of the things I had experienced.
    • It is funny. So you are going to play the race card on me. That somehow, I can see through millions of miles of electronic circuitry to render an assessment of your "race". Dude, you are "White" for two reasons.

      1. You make the claim.

      2. And "White" people accept you as being "White".

      It has nothing to do with any claim I would make. Because I would call you "White" based upon what you told me.

      Case and point.

      "White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

      I don't know what to say about the rest of your post. It is like you are talking about race neutrality. . . but then you go back to talking about how race is real.

      I just want to say. . . none of this has to do with "White" privilege.

    • jadspop

      I was just sharing what I agree with and what I don't and why. No more no less. I made the self claim of being white cuz I also pointed out that I don't know what you've specifically gone threw. Just what I have, so don't take what I say as fact.

      And weather you want to admit it there's hate in white culture to... It's not as common but I've seen several people great best up cuz some white dude didn't like that another white dude didn't represent what he though white people should be like...

      And on that last bit... Race is real... We are all different... But that dosent go against race neutrality.. It's not bad to have pride in your race. In fact I support that... But race neutrality is about being treated as equils... Witch I also support...

      But the fact at the end of the day if those faces you mentioned is how you justify white privilege... And I agree it exists. But if your points are flawed then your arguments are flawed...

      I was just sharing my opinion based on my experience y what some of the things to said arnt accurate to me...

      I don't know about having to introduce your kid to the police... I had never heard of that before... And personally I think that's stupid... That you'd have to do that... I don't have to do that so the fact that people have to do that to keep there kids safe is stupid...

      I was just trying to objectively look at what you said. That's it

    • Well, I would say many "White" folks who are poor and are in dire circumstance make the claim that privilege does not exist. It is funny how racism prevents folks from believing that they are responsible for their own beliefs. Like their own belief in race. Or in racism.

      No, race is not real. You believe you are "White" and that is the only reality that is attached to it. It is a manifestation of your belief shared by many others who believe the same thing. That's all.

      I don't know how to talk to you. Because I don't think you are grasping what I am telling you.

      I mean you literally cited some "White" dude who got beat up by some "Black" dudes, as though that is a substitute for the beliefs you have and the beliefs of other "White" people.

      If you went to prison and you were exposed to "White" supremacist prison gangs. . . then you would know what they preach or what they believe.

      So what does a "White" supremacist prison gang believe sir?

      That all "races" are equal?

  • Ellie-V
    Ooh yay! Every time anyone makes valid points about white privilege, here come the privileged talking about how scary the negros are with our “black culture”.
    Don't you people ever ask YOURSELVES about certain things happen within African American communities? Maybe listen to what we’re actually saying and reassess your worldview when you compare the different groups among the DIASPORA of black people on this planet and question what is uniquely wrong with the nature of America that encourages these oh so scary negros...
    Come on... it’s really not that hard... rub those two brain cells together 😃
    • The thing that is crazy is some of these folks have went and lost their complete minds over something so fundamental and base. This is basic logic. I am not proposing anything radical. All of this is just a logical argument built on historical facts and present day observations.

      The amazing thing is, they take no responsibility for what they believe. They can't fess up to the beliefs they hold about race and what social groupings are valid. They simply make the claim I hold their backwards nutty beliefs.

      I don't ask for them to understand anything about being "Black", African American, Haitian, or otherwise. Because that is way beyond their ability to do. Racists have a very limited ability for compassion and empathy. So I always go the logical route. But at this point in American history, very few racists even care about being logical.

    • mrgspoter

      No cause all you care about is black you have made me start to think like a racest now, well don't black superiority ideology look great let's see how far you get with this pmsl I will laugh when your sent off to the camps from your own actions. There's nothing scary about black I just think it's scary your asking for trouble in a country you got little or no control over go back to where you ancestors were from if it's that bad go be with your own kind as you like to put it. So this war your asking for how you actually going to fight it?

    • mrgspoter

      Your kind of racist make me sick.

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  • 007kingifrit
    ever the black supremacist roland; privilege is an excuse to not treat people as individuals and grant black people oppressed status so they can justify being bad people and having a bad culture

    once you define yourself as the victim you can justify any amount of wrongdoing
    • The hypocrisy and weirdness of insane racism.

      I am both a victim and a "Black" supremacist simultaneously.

      Go back to "White" supremacist university. Tell them they need to upgrade your programming

      "White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

    • except you're not a victim of anyone but yourself

    • The only victims here are the whiny racists who are suffering pain and anguish over this thread.

      I know. . . I am merciless

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  • Gedaria
    I have read your take on things. But you don't say what you mean. You want equality an equal say. You have you have a vote that you can change things but instead you fight and scream about your lot in life. There are as man y whites in your situation . But most just get on a try and make a bad job as good as possible.
    • But I don't care about equality from racists. Such thinking is absurd. In fact, some forms of "White" privilege shouldn't be touched.

      But that conversation isn't possible with the racists in this thread. If you noticed, not one has asked what should be done about "White" privilege. They just go to their pre-programmed talking points.

      But sometimes it isn't so bad when a particular ethnic group has more obstacles. In fact, different forms of privilege exist throughout many different societies. But there are some forms of privilege that can be problematic.

    • Gedaria

      True but why is it that black Africans have this chip on there should. It's not just in America, here in the UK, most Europe. ..

    • Nah, "Blacks" don't have some universal chip. And the funny thing is you are talking about the UK as though the only racial problem there is with "Black" people. Most in the UK who talk about racial issues, talk about the "Asian" problem.


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  • I get fucking harassed by cops too, fuck em, I don't want to have anything to do with them.
    I still don't believe in white privilege. Nothing has come my way because of my skin colour, and I was part raised with some Aboriginal kids. So I have a unique perspective of the world, not much of what you say applies to me.
    • Yeah. . . but you appear to be alive.

    • What are you garbliing about?
      Yeah I have nearly been shot dead by them once two, but I got down on my knees, and got a beating instead.

    • Sorry for the spelling errors.

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  • TheEmperor
    White privilege doesn't exist let's be honest whites and blacks both know you have to work to get to the top doesn't matter what race or gender you are you have to work.
    • Of course it exists. What the hell does "White" privilege has to do with working?

      I work everyday. Literally. No weekends off.

      Racism does not care.

  • Tamera952
    Interesting post. Of course white privilege exists, & I find myself having to spell it out to other white people all the time on here. I find the more rural, or insular the white person is, the more likely they are to hold such narrow erroneous world-views, which cultivates an "us against them" mentality. To me, living in a more urban diverse area, experience white privilege everyday -- from the explicit to the subtle.
    Here is a link to one such response of mine, with many everyday examples of white privilege that I highlight, with many more I could add.

    My recent reply to a GAGster totally missing the point about the recent (#BLM) protests, and asserting that WHITE PRIVILEGE is just a "myth":
    • Oh, I missed this thread. Thanks for posting it. I will take a look around.

  • I adore you but personally I'd never comment on what it's like to be black wither good or bad. Because I have not walked in your shoes. Just my thoughts good take though don't fully agree but that's fine🙂
    • OH, sorry! I have been so busy responding to like hundreds of posts. Whenever I talk about race, it is just going to be insane. Because I want read each post and make sure there isn't one that contain an actual point. But about 90% is just ranting nonsense.

      Anyways, thanks for comment. It probably is impossible for you and I to have a real discussion about anything here. But that is the nature of GaG.

      Most of the guys here are kind of anti-social. Which makes them low hanging fruit for extremist and conspiracy theorists.

    • WowwGirl

      No worries my friend

  • dreamstar72
    Check yourselves, because you are also causing racial and tensions problems by your actions. All throughout history there has been good people and bad peoples in each race.
    • Why do people think race neutrality statements like this are good for conversation? It is basically saying. . . nothing is wrong, do nothing, say nothing. . and pretend everything is fine.

      Maybe we are seeing all of this turmoil because most people disagree. . .

      just sayin'.

  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Speaking of weirdness why were you sexually harassing a man on here the other day? I don't care if you're gay but if you want people to take you seriously then you can't be acting like that
    • SexyAshh


    • I will sexually harass you right now, if you want.


      Hey Sexy!!!

    • If I wanted it then it wouldn't be harassment. Why did you keep talking about putting you huge black member into that man? That seems racially offensive to most people.

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  • Jltakk
    Posts like this make me ashamed to be black. White privelige is such a bs excuse for blacks not making something of themselves. I've had white friends treated like shit from cops just as most of the folks on my family have straight up got away with things because those in charge were too scared to look racist. White privilege, tell that to 90% of the NFL, tell that to the NBA, tell that to the billion dollar hip hop industry, hey, tell it to Obama.

    Meanwhile, in China you have blacks being banned from McDonald's because of their skin. I wish that was a joke. We have it so much better than other nations, hell better than most of Africa and especially Haiti, and we bitch and moan and refuse to look at full arrest footage when something happens just so we can start up a wannabe MLK movement. He'd be freaking ashamed that we think this way about other people.
    • SexyAshh

      Thank you!👏👍 There is a really big speaker for this named brandon tatum, black as well and speaks on this whole “victim” mentality. It gives me hope that not all blacks give into this nonsense

    • Jltakk

      Brandon Tatum is a great guy, and most importantly, an independent thinker. Good call

    • SexyAshh

      So awesome, as are you👏 Its super refreshing to see independent thinkers in general, of any race of that matter. People are getting sucked into all of this propoganda, not only blm, and they dont see its all for political gain. That none of it truly is going to help them out in any which way and in reality blm is keeping all blacks down! Like where is all the money going raised? I haven't seen any black conmunites change? thats because its all going to act blue!. Which is for the democratic party to support joe in the electoral race. Once the elections over all of this will die down

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  • bamesjond0069
    "But you want to be able to racially profile "Blacks", Latinos, Indians, or whatever non-"White" group for whatever stereotypical behavior you wish to believe in."

    This couldnt be further from the truth. I profile people based on if they are listening to violent rap music and have their pants sagging. No matter their color they are probably a scumbag. Whites included. Plenty of black people are good people who know most rap is crap and dress like normal people.
    • How is it farther from the truth? This was posted to me just yesterday.

      "yada yada yada... Tell me something about blacks deciding to stop slaughtering each other and white people."

      Perhaps you do not share this belief, but a significant majority do. So I don't know why I should pretend these comments I see here, in the media, or hear online should not matter. They do.

  • mrgspoter
    I've never seen this in UK or USA, there is no such thing as white privilege I'm Welsh im white we been treated worse n you have, what's the problem I dont get it blacks over here probably got more money and can access more than I can because of the postcode not colour, where you live means what privealige you get not race its fashist not racest they hate us all equally get over it as us whites have long ago. Why do you want to confuse what's the real problem as the minority and make white people who was not racest turn on you for this kind of crap
    • Why are British people telling me about my experience in America?

      When did this become a thing?

    • mrgspoter

      Knowledge exists in the world to be able to learn and people to communicate with that have a higher level of understanding about what actually makes diffrent people of all colour under or over privealiged. Information and technology it's a great thing now so I can tell you as your experiences are bad they feel like it's about you and race but it's not, it's same for everyone and the problem does appear racest as it did to me as a child before I educated myself getting older as I am not privealiged to get what I need from my postcode or money to do anything about it.

    • No sir. You will not find one take from me opining on life in the UK. I have been there several times. But not enough to understand life as a UK citizen or even one who may identify as being "Black". Actually, it would be pretty odd to claim the term "Black" in the UK would have the same meaning in the U. S.

      So let's begin at the beginning. Since I can make no racial connection to a person in the UK who may claim to be "Black", please explain how your racial connection to the folks in the U. S. who identify as being "White".

      I will wait for you to pull this argument together.

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  • Smegskull
    White privilege implies I am somehow responsible for the actions of other white people... To which I point you to your 1st point "I am responsible for myself and myself alone". We don't inherit guilt.

    Are some people born unlucky, yes. Is anyone else responsible for that, not really.

    I know a lot of people who avoid acknowledging racism because they believe it is fuel to the fire (if you want to ostracise a kid just tell the other kids they aren't allowed to make fun of him for a specific trate) and that is a psychological issue to be addressed that we are trying to deal with politically (VERY bad idea).
    • How does it do that? I mean using that logic, you are responsible for racism, because two ex-cops plotted to murder Sean King.

      Maybe that is going a bit too far.

      The point is there are discussions you will never have simply because of "White" privilege. And I don't know why it is such a big deal to acknowledge that.

      We acknowledge all types of other privilege. . . good looking privilege, youth privilege, wealth privilege. . . so how on earth in this race obsessed society, did we miss out on "White" privilege?

    • Smegskull

      We rarely acknowledge good looking privilege because it detracts from the male privilege argument.
      Those are also evolutionarily measurable things. Being good looking is a privilege as you can better attract a mate, being young has the privilege of energy and potential, wealth has resources. Being white or black or Asian doesn't have any advantage... Being of the majority race in your country could argue tribal/in group preference privilege however that is not exclusively white (the white majority countries just happen to be diverse enough for minorities to form a voice). There aren't enough white people in japan to form a voice complaining about Asian privilege or enough Asian people in Nigeria to form a voice complaining about black privilege.

    • "We rarely acknowledge good looking privilege because it detracts from the male privilege argument."

      I don't think that's true at all. In fact, its like one of the most popular Hollywood topics. So much so men in America routinely think they can't get an attractive female.

      Beauty and the Geek must have went on for like 18 seasons.

      "White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

      Then there is Lucas, Revenge of the Nerds, Weird Science, Some kind of Wonderful, Frazier (Niles and Daphne), I mean the plot has been done so many times and in so many different ways. . . incels actually believe their life is a standard Hollywood movie!

      Of course being "White" has an advantage. There isn't a way to negatively stereotype a "White" person. What do you mean? Now, I am not saying that Asians or even African/Caribbean immigrants can't have a higher standard of living. I am saying in terms of privilege, "White" people will never have to deal with things the China Flu or coming from a sh! thole country. Non-"White" people have to be aware of the stereotypes associated with their group.


      I don't know why you would take this new approach anyway. I have been to Russia. If you are not Russian, you do not receive Russian privilege. But Russia obsesses over culture and ethnicity. You can ask any Ukrainian, Latvian, Georgian, etc. that lives there. They only teach Russian history, culture and language.

      You don't know much about African-American, Latin American, or American Indian history, right? There is no requirement for that in our society.

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  • dwcl99
    I just have one question.

    What do the Borg from Star Trek have to do with this post?
    • Well, read the post.

      I put some effort into it. It was for dramatic effect.

    • dwcl99

      Got ya. I quickly skimmed it the first time and missed the drone comment, but caught it this time.

  • Dougzy
    I am me, I was born me, will die me and will live me, The one thing which I like about me is I think as me. Others may want to try and categorize me good luck with that, I still remain me. Greatness resides within me! The one thing that I can assure you all the thought of color does not come to mind. All I know is me. I have no idea and little concern as to what others think of me. I od not hold any opinion on others for my experience tell me that no matter where anyone is from the need to label, dislike or fear is a global phenomenon. I do not try and impress seek approval condemn or complain. I have only one understanding of the world. when it is troubling me. I am free. to me & others are of no concern to me. I know I am strong, I am powerful and I am a creator, I am fearless. I am ME.
    THE WEAK WILL ALL WAYS ATTACK FIRST live strong in the knowledge of a VICTOR and not a victim live free.
  • zagor
    You missed an obvious one: Be white, and be associated with racism.
    • ? That makes nonsense.

      This is the thing that is so, so weird.

      English folks I have talked to can admit to problems with their culture. I once sat through an uncomfortable lunch with Jewish people complaining about Jews. That's right. Jews!!! This woman I was trying to date at the time, talked about cheap Jew this. . . and cheap Jew that. It was so awkward. I knew it wasn't going to work because I could not get comfortable. I couldn't laugh. All I could do is attempt to change the subject.

      When I was in France. We would be working in the data center and the tech would be receiving equipment back from repair. He would open a box and it would be missing a power adapter. He would open another one, it would be packed wrong. . . and he would scream. . ."French people!!!"

      That's right, his own people.

      "Black" folks are famous for making cultural critiques about ourselves. From Dave Chappelle, to Cedric the Entertainer to Bernie Mac. It is hilarious, a lot of it is truth and we know we are not perfect.

      But "White" people especially racists ones, do not joke about cultural issues with "Whites".

      That's the thing. And you would sit here and not tell the truth about what you believe with respect to "White" American Culture. I can be in Russia. . . and a Russian guy will tell me about how rude Russians are. But you would never render a cultural critique on "White" people.

      So why on earth would you even attempt to go there?

    • zagor

      Not so; lots of white people joke about white people. Look at the whole "Karen" thing. I remember feeling ominous about going to a Thai restaurant where everyone who worked there was white - yes, it was on the low end of mediocre, though in fairness it was a small town so anything that doesn't come on a bun was a bonus. And many of the supporters of Donald Trump are a parody in and of themselves.

    • Sorry dude, that is just not true. Look around you. At GaG, it is "racist" to even suggest that "White" American culture may have some issues. They are not self-aware. But you will find hundreds, even thousands of critiques on African-Americans, even as we are nowhere near the majority here.

      Even in a "Black" run, totally "Black" forum, you will find cultural critiques of "Black" people.

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  • RyanK9b
    Next part: black privilege
    • SexyAshh

      Yeah lets talk about how all the blacks are scared to even mess with black criminals at this point even when its self defense becAuse they will get prsion time and there cities burned down!. Good times😌

    • Yep, the privilege to die on national television, while a guy chokes you out.

      Maybe you need to redefine that word. . ."privilege".

    • RyanK9b

      I correct this information based on puplic sources. Under influence of drugs trying to pay with fake money, resting multiple times and get fixated because of it. Additionally got multiple pre diseases that are deadly with multiple drugs.

      Black privilege: that a proven criminal dies due to resisting a lawful action and getting full support of many communities and media. But a white guy (tony timpa) who died the same way gets no support at all.

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  • Anonymous
    You Pathetic n**!
  • Anonymous
    Seems to be a racist mytake. I think black people should deal with their own problems and leave good honest white folks out of it.
    • Only only racists think the mytake is racist. I mean, it is kind of basic logic.

      Privilege exists in most societies on this planet. In the U. S. "White" privilege exists along with a few other kinds.

      But stay anonymous, scared, and cowardly my dude.

      You are an inspiration!


      Naomi Osaka says people who told her to 'keep politics out of sports' inspired her to win US Open

      Naomi Osaka probably didn’t need any extra motivation to win the US Open, but she got it anyway. Osaka turned things back on her critics Tuesday, saying they gave her the inspiration to dominate at the event.

      Osaka, 22, specifically called out the people who said she needed to “keep politics out of sports.”

      "White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

    • Anonymous

      You must be African American because only African Americans think the opinion of a black celebrity or athlete is more important than their own. As much as I like celebrities and athletes I'm not stupid enough to applaud their political views fed to them by their PR company and sponsor. Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua are great boxers and I'm looking forward to the title unification bout but in regards to politics their opinion to me is worth no more ot less than the homeless man in the street. Grow up, take responsibility for yourself and stop blaming whitey for all your failings in life. But then again America did vote a reality tv star and supposed billionaire as its president lol

    • Why would I think that an opinion of a "Black" athlete is more important than my own. I know "White" privilege exists because of my experience with it. I am not sure why I have to pretend I don't have this experience because of racist trolls at GaG. Why should giving you comfort be a priority for me?

      As for Naomi, I posted her because I was mocking you for being inspirational. But you are so dull, you didn't even perceive the insult.

      Dude, anonymous trolls can't tell people to grow up.

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  • Anonymous
    This is racist as you are targeting White people and prejudiced against white people. Reported.
  • Anonymous
    most racist post on the internet. congratulations
    • Racism is a belief in racial supremacy, blue man.

    • so if i don't believe in racial supremacy i can re enslave black people roland?

    • @007kingifrit Dude, you need to take a class on basic English. A member of the Master Race should know better.

      Nothing you say makes any sense here. I simply created a thread on "White" privilege. And you came and threw all kinds of insane crazed racist nonsense into the discussion. No one is accusing you of enslaving "Black" people

      That is nonsense.

      That is idiocy. And I can't treat you like a mature adult unless you act like a mature adult.

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  • Anonymous
    "White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racistsThats all i have to say...
    • That's all I am saying back.

      "White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

    • Anonymous

      Rather then saying you can't do something with your life, you say I am going to do this to achieve that.

      That meme could be a white person or black person. Again, the only person who holds you back... is you. Nothing racist about it.

    • Yeah, I didn't think that was all you had to say.

      You are to be pitied.

      "White" Privilege Part 2. The weirdness of racism and racists

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  • Anonymous
    I acknowledge everything you wrote has merit. But, can you also acknowledge that there are elements of black culture which aggravate tensions between races? I fully agree that blacks have been historically abused and mistreated in our country but just like you don't want to be labeled for the actions of blacks who may have committed a crime, I don't want to be labeled for the actions of those who came before me. It's a two way street. Do you realize that many white people genuinely fear for their safety in black neighborhoods. Black culture celebrates violence and mistreatment of women in their music and actions. So whites may have privilege, but the clash of races is by no means only a white problem.
    • That's the thing. Race does not equal culture. African-American Culture, is real. Its history, its traditions and holidays, etc. It is as real as any other culture in the U. S. It isn't treasured by everyone who has "Black" skin. There are plenty of black people who want nothing to do with the belief system. They should be allowed to seek whatever identity they wish. There are lots of black women here. . . who see African American Culture as a negative. Why on earth would we continue to try to bind them to a belief system they see as backwards?

      I just want the freedom to be proud of my own experience. And you and whomever else can have the freedom to call it backwards.

      As for aggravating tensions. . . race itself is the tension. I don't use it, don't need it and would advise you drop it. But I am not here to convince you. Bringing up "White" privilege does not accuse you of one single thing. It is an acknowledgement of what many non-"White" people must deal with in order to navigate American society. You can ignore it, condemn it. . . support it.. . . that is your individual decision.

      As for "Whites" who live in poor "Black" neighborhoods, i live in a poor "Black" neighborhood. I am certain some "White" people do have "fear". But the ones I interact with. . . don't have much fear. Because as they would say. . . "I am the meanest $#@$@! in this valley." As for middle and upper class "Black" neighborhoods, I don't know why anyone would be afraid there. Actually the thought is kind of odd.

      And I want to address this weirdness. It is funny that you see no contradiction in claiming you should not be held responsible for other "White" people do. . . yet simultaneously hold the belief that "Blacks" are aggravating things.

      I would say. . . adopt a belief system that isn't based upon race. But again. . . I am not here to convince you.

      I am just illuminating the terrain upon which we now stand.

    • chapawapa

      This column is the perfect example of internal biases.

    • @chapawpa I would have to ask, which biases? And if you would note, I do not confuse race with ethnicity/culture like so many do. Most folks at GaG think of race as something they do not control. They claim they only use it as a way to group people by looks. Yet the only thing they talk about is how these groups behave. It is nonsensical and it is time to burst that bubble.

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  • Anonymous
    your reasoning is incoherent and hypocritical. Same old toxic, cult identitarian ideologue rhetoric.. you are so delusional, that you use the same arguments that you also criticise.. LOL.

    when racism has rotted your intellect, and you can use any 'fact' and 'statistics' which confirm your racist narrative, and interpretation of reality, and then blindly close to yours eyes to anything inconvenient, in terms of your own ideological investment into generalised thinking, fenced by double standards and assuming your own conclusions, built into your very racist premises.

    YOUR whole worldview is based on convenient generalisations, and then you don't like it when generalisations are made that flatten your race-baiting claims, and disgusting racialist explanation of everything.

    aCulture, and pyschology, is a much better diagnoses of the continuing, self-inflicted harms plaguing a section of the black population, and you are just another vulnerable narccist, joining the ranks of your one-size fits all explanation of 'social' causation, entrenched in your pseudo intellectual ideological source of narccistic supply, that is trying to poisonously dissolve a common decent society, based on shared values, and a single set of standards, to ad hoc scapegoat baiting, and nonsense complaints that rely wholly on historical reductions, and a racial imagination, and projections of motivation, all to excuse the dissolution of individual accountability, and destroy the notion of competence, replacing it with a false esteem, which is extracted from identitarian group pride.

    This is why you need to accuse others of that kind of racialist group pride, to excuse your own disgusting racialist project: you are just rehashing of Nazi philosophy, expecting to have your disgusting and bigoted reality filter overlooked, because of your claim to an historically inherited, moral superiority (which functions the same way as the Nazi's claim to genetic superiority, and is taught the same way, through the same style of the corruption of the sciences and academia, there is no qualitative difference between Ayrian Studies, and Race and Gender studies: they both require a scapegoat to anchor their claims).

    The cultural part of the equation, has been largely overlooked, the ideology that helps convert envy into a claim of racial jealousy, is a despicable human mind virus, and you are one it's many cult members, one day I hope you will answer for the damage you have done to the people living under your unjust perversion of public policy, into racialist regulations, which obstruct dealing with tangible problems, in ways that don't feed the psychopathic double standards, at the core of your reactionary ideology, which help no-one but token representatives, of a artificial progress, which impoverishes all of us, in order to vindicate your dehumanising solutions which do not target the truly needy, because they are racist at their very foundation, and the cause of the identity, comes to replace the cause of helping people in a decent society, that targets genuine disadvantage, not ideological disadvantages like "white privelage".

    You are a morally corrupt person, please stay out of politics, we don't need more like you making it impossible to salvage an open Liberal society, capable of honest reporting and discourse on political matters, which you have turned into a racist circus of acrimony.
    • Anonymous

      I dong know why my comment is anonymous, my name is @The_Sword you can look up my other responses to white privelage questions, to see a more thorough debunking of this pernicious and fascist belief system, which ironically, labels its detractors as fascists.

    • SexyAshh

      Well said👏👏👏🎉

    • joeldalton

      Excellent reply

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  • Anonymous
    I know this is irrelevant but is mine the only app that keeps crashing every time I try to post a question?
    • SexyAshh

      Mine did that yesterday. Think its a glitch

    • Anonymous

      Ahh ok thanks, I’ve deleted and re downloaded the app so many times!

    • SexyAshh

      Try the website on your phone, thats the obly way i was able to post a question

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  • Anonymous
    It's called "American Privelage" dumbass. How would you like it if white people accused you of having "Black Privelage?" sounds pretty racist doesn't it..
    • Virgo31

      Yo there's literally someone taking about black privilege.

    • Anonymous

      Well it's racist then buddy

    • Virgo31

      I’ve never heard of American privilege before, explain for me please

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