Dear Feminists, Men & Women are not the same


Mentally, physically, emotionally,... men and women differ

- I know some women hate to hear this, but men generally are more logical, rational and make better overall decisions. This is why people prefer male leaders over female leaders.
- But women are amazing at taking care of others. They're better nurturers especially when it has to do with children and other family members. This is why mothers are so crucial in a child's development.

Dear Feminists, Men & Women are not the same

- Women have a higher emotional intelligence overall. They can detect others' emotions and feelings easier than guys can. They can read clues easier. Guys often rely on more solid data. Women have a great sixth sense when it comes to "reading" your mind or feelings.
- Women can multitask easier than men. Men can mostly focus on one single thing at a time.

- Men are physically stronger, and it's mainly to protect his woman and his family. Men are better at building, lifting things, and taking care of the heavy physical labor.
- Women have the possibility of childbirth and they have the incredible ability to take care of another person inside of them.

- Women are more flexible

- Men are more apt for competitive sports; women are more apt for domestic aspects of life. And both of these are equally valuable. Let's stop demeaning one over the other.

Dear Feminists, Men & Women are not the same


- Women tend to become more attached after a sexual encounter, which is why people have been discouraging one night stands for women who are planning on getting married or getting into a long-term relationship with the man they choose to sleep with. it's ideal to wait and get to know him before you do that.

- Men can easily separate sex and love/attachment. Men's brains work in the way that we can have sex with a pretty girl and forget her name the next day.


These things are okay to embrace. Feminists these days have been telling women that it's not okay for them to adhere to their nature. It's toxic, cruel and poisonous. Stop the lies! Women, you were born to do certain things, and men were born to do others. And that is a GOOD thing. It's not bad that we are different; this is how we complement and fulfill each other!

Dear Feminists, Men & Women are not the same
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Yes most men are Physically stronger, but there is some women like body builders that are probably stronger than less fit men...
    Maybe women don't like to hear that men think more logically because that's not always true..
    What makes a good leader should depend on the character and strength of the individual not the gender. Not all male leaders are good leaders just as not all women would be bad leaders... This women are only good for sex, child rearing, cooking and cleaning... Well that's just a load of 💩... And both mothers and fathers can show love and affection to their children... We have to stop trying to put people in one box or the other... People aren't one size fits all...Dear Feminists, Men & Women are not the same
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    • Barbaric

      The main reason women reject the idea that there are innate differences between men and women, and say that we can't generalise at all, is because of feelings > logic.

    • Barbaric

      How many of your beliefs here are based on the things experts who study the general differences between men and women vs how you feel like people shouldn't generalise?

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  • MzAsh
    Men and women are different in certain ways and it’s fine to embrace that. However, we should also embrace the fact that regardless of how we differ, there are certain preferences we might have that may or may not align with our natural abilities.

    Some women simply do not want to be mothers. Some would prefer to be leaders rather than nurtures. Some prefer sexual relationships over emotional relationships. Some men desire to sit back and let the woman lead. They need to do what they desire most.
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    • Bluemax

      Very well said.

    • Well there in lays the point. No one, male or female, can have it all at once.

    • from a feminist, this is beautifully said. thank you.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • AdithyaR
    Yes true. The true idea of feminism is that we are different in our ways, men and women, and we complement each other to live peacefully with each other as equal individuals.
    We are different but equals nonetheless.

    Fake feminism is what obsesses in the idea that men and women have no differences.
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  • TinCanJim
    "Wow, that is so... Wow", said every girl I've ever dated. Usually accompanied with an eye roll. With the exception of child birth and the ability to pee standing up without making a mess, men can do everything a woman can do... however, I would much rather see a woman in a sun dress.
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  • Mystic_Nova
    Nope. Women are just as capable as men yo be great leader, just as men are capable of being bad leaders.

    Men are just as nurturing and and women are just as capable at building things.

    Not all women want to be mothers, just as men who dont want to be leaders, builders, and want to be nurses, preschool teachers, etc.

    It's about the indiviual, not the gender. Feminism has nothing to do with it. Its putting people in a box, just because they are a man or woman
    • While I agree, men tend to be stronger, just because a woman might have to try a bit harder, doesn't make her less invaluable or less than.

    • When it comes to raising children women are more capable to have a greater bound to their kids than. It is innate. It may be partially due to the physical mechanics of pregnancy and popping out a kid. But it is also innate that females have a built in trait to be more emotional than males.

    • TallJess

      @Dancing_Dude wrong. Fathers are not less capable than women. They are just as capable as parents.

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  • TallJess
    All of those are generalizations.
    Women can be amazing leaders. Women can be very very strong. And if you think we can't separate emotions from sex some girl clearly played you 😂
  • irrationally97
    Men have two legs
    Women have two legs
    Therefore men and women are the same.

    quod erat demonstrandum
    • TinCanJim

      I went in for my physical and my doctor said my middle leg was a foot.

  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Exactly because they don't embrace their own privilege. It is more like feminism is about making men and women thesame but not equal.
    • TallJess

      Another one that doesn't know what feminism is.

    • @TallJess Yeah it's easy to dismiss everything but saying "you don't know what feminism is" Perhaps you don't know what equality is and you're mistaking it to feminism.

    • TallJess

      They are the same thing.

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  • electricsboots
    that is unbelievable that we have to explain that