Dear Baby Boomers!


I am just writing this to vent because I have recently made a series of Takes regarding the topic of ADHD. Which I have realised to be characterised by some as a "trend"....

Now I am not gonna divide this take into points in order illustrate my ideas I am gonna be as spontaneous as I can be..

Dear Baby Boomers!

Dear Baby Boomers!

We love you! You are such an amazing generation.. You have accomplished a lot for us.. No matter what is your background! But heh! Indeed we got it easy!

Dear Baby Boomers!

And I am saying this from the bottom of my heart. And I am gonna speak on behalf of myself, so that none else is offended. you have endured a lot for us..!

Dear Baby Boomers!
Dear Baby Boomers!

I have just learned this quote from a very good friend I have just meet recently "We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us"... And so with our engagement in this new world that we try to prepare for our offsprings, it might seem like we do not love you, or we do not care or understand about what you have been through. Look at what you have done! Men and Women..! Equally, I hope that you take a deep breath, and instead of looking at our dumb embarrassing disappointing faces, you look at how you have made the world better place dramatically! Without even realising, or taking credit!

Dear Baby Boomers!
Dear Baby Boomers!

As an adult I don't feel good about it, one of my best friends whose mother was sick kept crying about her many years before she passed away without her even knowing how amazing she was in the eyes of her daughter! This hurts my heart. But it's okay.

Dear Baby Boomers!
Dear Baby Boomers!

Those of you who were not heterosexual had a worse life than those of us now... Those of you who had certain mental disorders were treated so much more badly than us.. Those of you who knew the concept of war for resources might not understand the world today!... We're getting closer and closer, more and more problem solving, more and more racially and religiously tolerant. Nobody likes change, or fast change! I hate it... As a result it might seem like I hate life. And this might bring you down but it is not true!! I hate how you are not enjoying a good feeling that YOU EARNED!

Dear Baby Boomers!

We feel like you are not enjoying the sense of accomplishment that you deserve to feel. That you don't feel the love we have for you! We are not going from black and white TV to colored TV... We are going from antique telephone to damn Siri and Alexa!! That's too much to process to understand and to handle.

Dear Baby Boomers!

I have written that much.. Because I feel that in the series of Takes that I have made recently whatever... , I may have been wrong to say one thing or two.. And I am so sorry 😔.. But again what can I do! Having a deficit of attention does not mean you can't be stupid..! In fact I am not even sure I am as worthy as you were.... And you understand that.


Grace Slick (1939 - present)
Grace Slick (1939 - present)

This is Grace Slick. Now if you know her, then I think from your point of view she does seem like a very ordinary artist. And I don't care about your feelings when I say that... to me, this is an outpouring fountain of inner and outer beauty..! I can't see in my lifetime anyone who can be as half awesome as she is...!! We couldn't even come up with a tik tok song instead of her "somebody to love"..! Because all the words we can come up with in our music background in order to express our beauty is "She turned around trying to put my dick in her mouth I let her... Buff bufff buff buff". We aren't able to communicate with one another electronically, yet we rely on it completely on that to communicate with one another! And above that we have not agreed on a specific damn language in all damn languages!

Dear Baby Boomers!
Dear Baby Boomers!

You see the difference? Now unfortunately, this is how things are going.! So if you want to help us become the best of who we can be, you can just ALLOW yourself understand how much we appreciate you so that we correct ourselves by ourselves.

We don't have to hold your grudges, because we are missing so much opportunities, because it will always become better and better unless we maintain "the blue roof" attitude.

Once again, I am sorry if I have ever said anything wrong in this platform.. Don't hasitate to criticise me, question me, be harsh on me. I feel so bad and disappointed at myself.

Stay amazing.. Stay healthy.. Stay well.

Love you all (no damn emoji)

Dear Baby Boomers!
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  • Lliam
    That was very nice, invalid1.

    I have to say that I had the greatest time growing up when new housing tracts were being built for the WWII vets who were getting married and starting families. I think it was the best time to be alive in America. The economy was booming. The very first freeways were being built. Shopping centers (now called Malls) were being built, there were well funded parks and recreation, and lots of new attractions and amusement parks (Disneyland, for example) that were inexpensive and fun for the entire family, including grand parents. Public buildings like museums were free. There was a lot of wide open space. Things weren't over-regulated. You could park on the side of the highway and walk down to the beach. You could even build bonfires and camp on the beach. Cops didn't hassle people. Kids could play outside all day. There was no such thing as GMOs so all food was essentially organic.
    And yes, entertainment technology continued to improve in exciting ways.

    In the early 60s, the civil rights effort to end segregation was in full swing. In 1965 the Watts riots happened. But at the same time, an engineer who worked for a major aerospace company where my dad was a lead machinist came to our house to give me lessons on my first guitar when I was 11. When he walked in, I was surprised to see a tall, slender black man with a goatee. It turned out that he was not just a guitarist but a master flamenco guitarist who had studied in Spain a couple times. He probably played jazz like a fiend, too.
    He was soft spoken and kind and more educated, cosmopolitan and sophisticated than my parents. But he was a black man who grew up under segregation and drove to our lily white neighborhood to give me lessons. I wound up admiring him greatly. He was like an emissary or diplomat from the black community and changed my life forever. I had never known much about racial prejudice, but from that moment on, I thought of black people as equals and rejected racism.

    By the time I reached high school in 1969 at age 15, I was a strong supporter of the civil rights movement. I met girls who were defying double standards toward women, and I supported them. We did what high schoolers could do for civil rights, women's rights, and to the oppose war in Viet Nam. We were aware about a lot of issues that are still, to this day, more important than ever.

    I went to hundreds of concerts in the 70s and saw the best bands when they were young. I saw Gracie perform with Jefferson Starship on their first tour when all the members of Airplane joined them.

    I followed the space program closely.

    What disappoints me about the boomer generation is how they went from supporting peace, love and freedom, being anti-authoritarian, not trusting the government, and protesting against the war, to being up tight, super controlling soccer moms and supporters of bigger and bigger authoritarian government at home and imperialism abroad.

    Why didn't they keep fighting for liberty and justice? Look at what this country has become. It is becoming the kind of Orwellian police state that would have horrified high school and college kids in the 60s and 70s.

    In the end, I'm very disappointed with my generation. I thought we were going to make the world a better place.
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  • DaveToo
    A wonderful sentiment. Thank you. As a charter member of the old farts club, I can tell you stories that will make your hair stand on end, even your pubic hair. But that was then, this is now, and now is your turn to fuck things up. We had our shot at it and got a few things right, and a few things wrong. Good luck!
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  • hydralicride
    There is a lot of truth to
    "Dave Too's" statement. I am 71 years old and can remember my Dad stating that my generations music was unintelligible. I have made a lifetime study of the music of his generation. The same statements were being made but in a more metaphoric way. It seems a bit more "artfull". So see it as a trend. I remember going to see my pop in hospice near his passing. We had always been distantly close. A lot of Aspergers syndrome in the genetic pool. It really creates tension but tolerance. Anyway, I was taking one last opportunity to apologize for not taking advantage of all that he had offer me as a teenager. I wanted him to realize that I thought he had done everything a loving father should have done. His response was short and too the point. He smiled and said "You have a son." I thought I understood his response twenty years ago when he answered me. Twenty years have passed.
    I am a type one Diabetic, I have had multiple amputations, I have lost jobs over my health, I was pushed out of a career at 59.5 years of age, lost a house, been through bankruptcy, died twice on the operating table, and now my son has acknowledged the same degree of sorrow for not taking advantage of the opportunities we offered him. Intelligent creatures would learn from their mistakes and their parents and grandparents mistakes. Maybe in a traditional society we would but things are changing too rapidly. So I tend to console the young and tell them to keep at it. In many ways I can't really help
  • Massageman
    Thank you. Some great thoughts. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. Let's not mess it up.
  • najekim
    We tried. Sometime we made it, sometimes not. But we tried. It's becoming your world now and we actually do wish you the best of luck going forward. Just remember, cherish, and learn from the past though, right, wrong, or indifferent. That's all we ask.
  • exitseven
    I can barely remember the blowback from the Vietnam War but I had a cousin that I was close to that was around back then and I gained a lot of respect for the things that that generation did.
  • nolabels
    As a baby boomer myself, I appreciate what you have to say, but I believe that you are speaking to a very large extent to the 'Greatest Generation', most of whom are now gone.

    Yes, Grace Slick, is a phenomenal artist.
    As were many artists of my generation.
    Thanks to you for your appreciation of her works and beauty.

    I haven't seen your other posts to know what you may have had to say elsewhere.
    They don't matter to me.
    What you've said here in this very nice MyTake is what I'm seeing right now.

    I'd say that each generation has their own trials and accomplishments.

    We all hopefully find our way as we progress through life.

    I wish you the greatest success in finding your own way in your journey through life.
  • zagor
    Boomers definitely had the best music to grow up to. 1960-1980 had amazing creativity.
  • rcljr
    Yeah, getting old sucks

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