America Is Cruel

America Is Cruel

Any theory of being American must explain one salient and striking fact: cruelty. America is the most cruel nation among its peers — even among most poor countries today. It is something like a new Rome. It has little, if any, functioning healthcare, education, transport, media, no safety nets, no stability, security. The middle class is collapsing, and life expectancy is falling. Young people die for a lack of insulin they cannot crowdfund. Elderly middle-class people live and die in their cars. Kids massacre each other in schools — when they’re not self-medicating the pain of it all away. The combination of these pathologies happens nowhere else — not a single place — in the world. Not even Pakistan, Costa Rica, or Rwanda. Hence, the world is aghast daily at the depths of American cruelty — yet somehow, they seem bottomless.

(Of course, I don’t mean that all Americans are cruel. I just mean that in the same way we say countries, institutions, cultures have attitudes and dispositions, that there’s such a thing as a French or German national attitude or disposition, so, too there is an American one. Nor do I mean America is “the cruelest society in the world.” Can we really ever judge that? But it is uniquely cruel — a kind of special example — in weird, needless, and singular ways.)

Let me throw that into relief. Scandinavians are the happiest, longest-lived, and most prosperous people in the world because they do not punish one another constantly — but lift one another up. But Americans do not believe this reality. The underlying sentiment that unites America’s manifold problems is a myth of cruelty.

So. Where did the myth of cruelty come from? That is the question before us if we really want to understand America. I’ve wondered since I was a kid, to be honest. I thought, once, it was about capitalism, patriarchy, race, once. But now I think that while those are expressions of it, that something more primary, fundamental, and unique happened.

America was a strange, improbable combination of things, singular in history. A Promised Land — but one for the despised. Waves upon waves of them washed up on its shores. First, the Puritans, mocked and loathed in England. Then peasants and farmers and outlaws from across Europe. Then Chinese, Japanese, Latinos, and today, Muslims.

These emigrants all tended to share a common trait. They were at the very bottom, the lowest rung, of social and economic hierarchies in their own countries. All of them. That has changed a little recently — but America was founded by and for the despised, loathed, hated. People referred to as trash, nobodies, serfs, exiles, outcasts — who were never given an ounce of respect, dignity, or even belonging, in their societies of origin.

Let me make that clearer. We did not see nobles and landed gentry emigrate to America. British Lords and German Counts and Italian Barons. We saw German peasants, Irish villagers, Swedish farmers, the dwellers of Italian slums. People from the very lowest of hierarchies elsewhere, the oppressed and the subjugated, came to this Promised Land.

So first the English and French settlers supposed that this New World was theirs (and began a genocide against its natives, of course). But it wasn’t just the natives that they came to hate, for threatening their natural right to this Promised Land. It was the next waves of settlers, too. The English settlers hated the French. The French hated the Germans. They all hated the Irish. The Irish hated the Italians. And so on. That much is a historical fact. Do you see the pattern forming yet?

This is very abstract, so let me make it concrete. Here came one wave of settlers — English. They dominated their way to the top of a hierarchy, above natives and blacks. Then came a new wave — German. They were punched down too — and began punching down — to bitterly establish themselves in this hierarchy, as high up as they could. Then another wave — Irish. Punched, punching down. All desperately vying for relative dominance among the rest.

You see, the crucial fact is that this didn’t happen elsewhere in the world — waves of settlers, all desperately trying to establish themselves above the next, last, most recent, in a hierarchy, all the more so, because they were despised, at the bottom, to begin with. In Europe, Asia, South America, hierarchies were long-established — and broken only by revolution. America was the only nation where this constant reconstruction of hierarchy happened to such a degree, over and over again. Hence, the establishment of cruelty as a way of life — how else but to establish one’s self above the next wave of migrants?

Each new tribe that came to this Promised Land brought the burden of being despised, subjugated, oppressed, with them. They were finally above someone else in a social hierarchy. They were not at the bottom anymore. But to be above requires somone else to be below. And so there was a constant battle for relative position within a growing hierarchy — hence, dominance, competition, conquest soon became the prized cultural values, norms, and institutional goals. Cruelty as a way of life was born.

When we noted that the despised of England hated the newly arrived despised of France hated the newly arrived despised of Germany and so on, not to mentions natives, blacks, and Asians, in an endless vicious circle, we are also saying: America was learning to be cruel, by forever constructing greater hierarchies to seize the fruits of a Promised Land. But greater hierarchies require greater cruelty to climb up, too. And the irony is that all this is what the despised came to America to escape.

(I’ll add a peripheral point. The despised, when coming to a Promised Land, are the least likely, perversely, though we might not immediately think so, to want to share it — because they, at last, have something that they feel is theirs. Today’s servant wants to be tomorrow’s master. Today’s peasant wants to be tomorrow’s landlord. Today’s victim aspires to be tomorrow’s oppressor.)

Now. What was really happening here, in more modern terms? People were learning to “punch down,” as we might put it today. Americans were being taught to take out their anger, rage, and fear on those less powerful than them — usually, the most obvious and immediate ones they could find. An Irish mutt bastard moved into the neighborhood? Get them. No Chinamen allowed. Those Italians? We’ve got to move them out of our city. Intern those Japanese.

Punching down began to be institutionalized and normalized. Cruelty was becoming a way of life and a norm. Tribe after tribe of the despised fled to a Promised Land, but each one demanded their position above the last, having never had anything before. People who had been hated and outcast had status and belonging at last — but only by punching down the next wave. So no mechanisms ever really developed to allow the Promised Land to be shared wisely, well, or reasonably. Might became right.

Now, American leaders tried to intervene every now and then. FDR’s second bill of rights, JFK’s vision for a fairer society, and so on. But they were not very successful — because they were fighting a history of cruelty that they did not really understand: one that went to the heart of what it means to be American itself. So they never really said: “Wait. What do we all really have in common, us Americans? We are the despised and mocked of history. Its outcasts and its exiles. This is what unites us! Let us stop punching down, then. Otherwise, what have we really learned? We are only repeating the very history of cruelty that we tried to escape from.”

How sad. How funny. Americans came to a Promised Land — but they could not escape themselves. Each new wave, trying to rise above the next, built a world even crueler than the old one. Punching down, down, down, endlessly.

So, today, here we are. Punching down has become a national institution, a norm, and a way of life. School shootings? Can’t ban guns — let the kids have “active shooter drills.” We are punching all the way down to our little five years olds. Life expectancy falling? Can’t have healthcare — let them self-medicate with opioids. We are punching down to the poorest. Did education cost a fortune? Too bad, take out debt. We are punching down to our young people. I could give you endless examples. But perhaps you get the point by now.

What does it mean to be American? To really “be” — see, feel, think, act American, so much so that you are not self-aware of it, because it is unconscious, reflexive, invisible, this way of “being”?

Well, it means what it always has. Punching down, not lifting up. Punching down is hardwired into America by now, thanks to a unique history of settlers — who had never had any — punching the next wave down for relative hierarchical position. An attitude of cruelty was born. And so today cruelty is the point of its institutions, the purpose of its norms, and the linchpin of its perverse idea of virtue, that by punishing people, we can better them. It is all that Americans expect from each other — and give to each other. That is the terrible burden of a Promised Land that history’s despised warred among one another for domination of.

The problem is this. A society of people punching one another down must collapse. What else could it do? It cannot rise, can it? If I am punching you down, and I am punching the next person down below me, how can anyone ever lift anyone up? But without lifting one another up, a society cannot grow in quantity or quality of life. This, too, is what happened to Soviet Russia.

America has never reckoned with its history of cruelty. Instead, it developed a defensive mythology of being welcoming — even while every new wave of immigrants had to fight, sometimes quite literally little street by street, against the last wave, for a piece of the Promised Land. Like all myths, that one — was a lie that revealed the truth: America was a Promised Land for the huddled masses to roam free — but only if they could fend off the other tribes, by punching them down, endlessly,.

A Promised Land is like a Garden of Eden. But who can live in the Garden peacefully but angels? Human beings, flawed, indelicate things, are only meant to be cast out — they are ever in conflict, in tension, hungry and ravenous. And that is never truer than for their most despised — who need to be healed most, or else will ravage their Gardens worst.

In this way, a Garden, given to the despised, is a war, waiting to happen. A war against itself. America is at just such a war, and has always been. The name of this war is cruelty. But the end of this war is not victory, but collapse.

I don’t say any of this to blame, shame, or judge. But only so that, perhaps, this history of violence can at last be reckoned with.


America Is Cruel
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  • NightHawk99
    Proud American here.

    The American Dream is not dead... But at the worst, it's currently on life support. This country struggles to let go of the past, which is why we are experiencing the things we are seeing today. The United States is nowhere near united as it may have once seemed from the outside. Our unity simply reaches its weakest moments - from the Civil War, to the Vietnam War, to modern day politics. The one thing keeping Americans united at this point is fear. Not fear of the government, but fear of each other. We want to be whole again, and yes, we have been whole before. but we disagree on so much we don't even know where to start. The one thing that seems to unite us as a whole are tragedies, whether it be attacks on our country like Pearl Harbor and 9/11, or disasters like Katrina and Sandy. It's sad to admit... But only when Americans start to suffer what we believe to be impossible, do we finally decide to come together. And the worst part is... That can't be said for the pandemic that's happening right now. Half a million of us dead, more deaths than most conflicts and disasters combined. Some are too busy talking about an unnecessary nationwide fight to care about a pandemic. Some are too busy questioning experts to get vaccinated. The problem is likely impossible to fix; the reason for all this division in America is because of America's own purpose - freedom. Nobody can actually punish you for stating an opinion nor living life how you want to. And if they try, you're allowed to stand your ground. When you really think hard about it, that's more problematic than you and any of us Americans want to believe.

    The truth is, America is more cruel to herself than she's been to literally anyone else. Anyone of us with a properly functioning brain wouldn't ever deny the fucked up things our country has done. We owe a debt. And we'll pay it one day. Don't worry. But first... We gotta get our shit straight.

    Unfortunately... Nobody knows what a true American is anymore... Not even me lol
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    • PinkMichae

      I agree.😎

    • The dream isn't dead but the pathway to realization of the American dream have been torn up and roped off.

    • PinkMichae

      Definitely. It's sad how politics have divided us.

Most Helpful Girl

  • 420Rachel
    This is one of two reasons I would absolutely love to move to a Scandanavian country. The people are joyful and friendly. And also... All of the sick black
    metal bands. 🤘 But yeah, America sucks and our government doesn't give a shit about us.
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    • Levin

      Americans seem warmer and more open. Could be wrong, though.

    • 420Rachel

      I don't know about others but I always try to be friendly to people. 🤠

    • Levin

      Yeah, I do like American girls. Not that I've ever met one.

      I've met Aussies, Canadians, Kiwis, but never a yank girl :)

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  • OlderAndWiser
    1. At least some of the facts recited are taken out of context. Yes, the life expectancy in the US has declined in the past two years, but not because of a failed health care system. After climbing steadily for several decades, it receded significantly in 2020 due to covid-19 and opiate overdoses. The covid-19 pandemic was started by China and the opiate crisis is fueled by foreign drug cartels. This does NOT represent a failure of American healthcare.

    2. Yes, our country does not provide free healthcare for all citizens. First. healthcare is NOT free; it is rather expensive, partially due to government bureaucracy. Secondly, these discussions always begin with the assumption, sub silentio, that governments should be obligated to provide healthcare and that the failure to do so represents a dereliction of our duty to each other.

    There are opposing theories of government and neither is inherently correct or incorrect; they simply represent beliefs which begin with assumptions about the purpose of government. If you believe that government should provide for all of our basic needs for survival, then you believe in universal healthcare. If you believe that government should do as little as necessary and stay out of our lives, then you reject the notion of universal healthcare. It is not a matter of the haves showing no compassion for the have nots, as this dichotomy exists in the lower socioeconomic strata of our society; it is simply a matter of choosing freedom over government control.

    3. This myTake simply represents a criticism of America though it makes a half-hearted attempt to avoid receiving a response such as this. I have very little tolerance for Americans who simply criticize our country without offering any solutions for visions for improvement. I can criticize almost anything, if I want to, and that part is easy. But I can't offer solutions for improvement in many areas so I don't criticize too much.

    I love the US but I am aware of its shortcomings. I do things to try to make a positive contribution to my local culture. I have respect for those who make an effort to improve life for others, even if their efforts don't always succeed. I have far less respect for those who choose only to criticize.
    • Grond21

      Bless you for this response! It was very needed, though I suspect it will fall on deaf ears. I wanted someone to say it, but I didn't want to take the time to write it all out. And you did a brilliant job

    • goaded

      Your opioid crisis is home-grown. e. g. "The Sackler family behind Purdue Pharma became incredibly rich off of America’s opioid crisis."

      They were " the first to set out, in the nineteen-nineties, to persuade the American medical establishment that strong opioids should be much more widely prescribed—and that physicians’ longstanding fears about the addictive nature of such drugs were overblown".

      (That wouldn't have been possible in countries with more regulated health care systems; Europeans are amazed by the idea that you should tell your doctor what to prescribe for you, as if you know better than them!)

    • Juxtapose

      America is the only first world country which does not have Universal Health Care.

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  • Dalisay
    What you are describing is the net result of the failed policies of the American left. Their attempt to create a statist utopia has hollowed out our major cities and destroyed the institutions they control (e. g., media. Public education, criminal law).
  • OnTheLevel
    Depriving a person of freedom is the greatest cruelty that can be done to a person. In that regard, America can easily be seen as the least cruel of nations although we are trending in the wrong direction of late.
    • msc545

      “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread.”

    • OnTheLevel

      Very poetic... and irrelevant to your thesis on the cruelty of America

  • hellionthesagereborn
    Incorrect. Our healthcare system is superior to all others objectively speaking with five times higher survival rates for cancer and traumatic injury, lower maternal and infant deaths (if you bother to actually look at how the data is collected) and over all lower costs (again, if you bother to do the math (because free is not free (a third or more of entire government budgets go to healthcare for "Free" healthcare). This is why people come to the US for medical reasons and the US citizens stay in america by and large for their healthcare.

    We are the most generous nation both in how much we give as a nation and individually then any other nation in the world bar none. We also are the most generous nation when it comes to bringing people into our country as we not only take in more people then any other nation but we also make them legal citizens at five times the rate of the next most generous nation (Canada).

    As for claims of violence, we are no worse then most other nations if you, again, bother to do the research (the UK only counts a murder if their is a conviction meaning their murder rate is far lower on paper then it is in reality. This inconsistency in data is used to justify claims like yours that we are a uniquely violent nation which is actually untrue.).

    In fact every thing you stated is provably false, not just by statistical data, not just by historical data, not just by economic data (although all of those are enough to completely dismiss your statements) but even by every day interactions.

    Here is how it works, if america was so bad, we would not be the most powerful country in the world, we would not have every other group of people demanding the right to live here and coming here both legally and illegally risking life and limb to do so, we would not have the most advanced technology in the world, nor would we have sick people flocking to come here to visit our hospitals nor would we have eight of the top ten schools in the world located here (we do). But most telling of all is that if america was so evil, so cruel, so bad. . . then all of the people like you would have left decades ago for those better lands just as our ancestors left all of those other nations to come here. But you won't because you know their is no place better to be.

    The irony is that while the Hong Kong protestors flew the American flag as a symbol of freedom, liberty and justice, while the Venezuelan protestors flew the American flag as a symbol of freedom, liberty and justice, while Cuban protestors flew the American flag as a symbol of freedom, liberty, and justice, you would spit on it and rather see it burned. America is not the problem, you and people like you are. You are evil, you are corrupt, your a fool, and worse of all your power hungry ego would see the entire nation destroyed just because you think your going to be the one at the top of the rubble pile when in reality your going to be buried under it with the rest of us.
    • goaded

      "the UK only counts a murder if their is a conviction meaning their murder rate is far lower on paper then it is in reality"
      I think you've made this claim before. It's obviously ridiculous (unsolved murders are a thing), and the numbers in the UK and EU are all well below the US, unless the US count each dead body more than once. (For reference, murders in the US in 2018: 16,214, population 330 million, EU-28: 4,747 murders, 507 million).

      America Is Cruel

    • @goaded I have made this claim before, I then linked you the UK. gov website that stated as much. You ignored it then as you have now because it doesn't fit your narrative. Your stupid and your egotistical so their is no reasoning with you, no amount of evidence, no amount of the truth will ever be able to penetrate your ego so their is no point in speaking to you further.

    • goaded

      You didn't understand what the page said.

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  • RiverUndertheSkY
    This is such an interesting thing to think about I'm actually glad you brought this up it's sad to think about. I do think the punching down happens in other societies in the world, but i do have to agree that it doesn't happen as much as it does here. It makes me think some days
  • Exterminatore
    I agree with none of this. Let’s start at the beginning. After you assert that America is cruel you then state: has little of functioning healthcare. That’s incorrect. For those who cannot afford healthcare we have social programs. Those same programs also provide a good number of things people cannot provide for themselves. Education. That is also not true, granted the quality of our education (public) sucks as subjects are dumbed down and woke philosophy is taught in schools. Liberal ideology has been taught in schools for a long time now. It’s a silly and vile way of life. It produces fools who are emotional about everything and lack objectivity and critical thinking. Transport - most major and suburban cities have public transportation. I’ll agree with you on media which is nothing more (generally speaking) than indoctrination programming but media is abundant. No safety nets - have you ever heard of social security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, unemployment insurance, and foster care? What about all the stimulus checks they have been handing out like hot cakes? No stability - yes, America is becoming increasingly unstable by the day. Security - in what form? Collapsing middle class - yes this is what happens when you increasingly raise taxes and make it more difficult to compete for unemployment by bringing in millions of illegal immigrants and then taxing citizens to pay for what they can’t or won’t. Life expectancy falling - haven’t heard that. Elderly middle class people living and dying in cars - no. Those would not be middle class people who live in houses. That is also not a huge problem outside CA which is an expensive liberal hell hole. Kids dying because of no insulin - not a huge problem here. Not even sure it is a problem. Kids massacre each other - no. Most mass shootings have been committed by adults. As far as any school age children massacring children this would be gangs and that’s to be expected. You act as if “the purge” happens in every school campus with regularity.

    You mention all these different ethnic groups crapping on each other historically. Was there some of that? Yeah but you’re blowing it out of proportion. The real problem is as you stated it that these people were the lowest of the low typically who came to America.

    I hate poor people (generally speaking). Why? Because I’m some elitist who thinks he has money and is better than everyone else? No. Because amongst the poor world over you will find a few continual themes. 1. Higher rates of substance abuse. 2. Higher rates of violent crime. 3. Lower values. 4. Continual poor life choices and decisions. 5. Far less education. 6. More broken homes. 7. More crime in general. So I ask you. Would you want lots and lots of people like this living around you. I bet you don’t live in the ghetto. Why? Take a trip there. Go live there. See how things are. Now would you want mass amounts of people bringing their ghetto ways and 3rd world ways to your neighborhood? Where all is relatively peaceful and orderly? I think no.
    • I enjoy getting my Mail without having to worry about getting mugged. I enjoy not living around crack houses filled with people ready to steal or do violence for their next hit. I enjoy not seeing prostitutes on every street corner along with the gang members and pimps they work for. I enjoy not stepping around used heroin needles when I walk down the street. Would I want a mass influx of people who live this way coming to my neighborhood? You bet your ass I don’t.

      I was poor once myself. Lived in the hood for part of my adult life. I remember getting woken up a 6 am one St. Patrick’s Day morning to the blood curling screams of a girl being stabbed literally right outside my bedroom window. I don’t want that around me nor a mass influx of people who live that way and do those things around me. By God’s Grace and aid I worked hard and bettered my lot in life by making good choices and being disciplined and am now where I am today.

      May I suggest that most of the people who are poor can do the same. I give to charity often. Guess what? That charity stops when I can’t afford it due to needing to support myself or my family. The best way to help the poor and less fortunate is not to become one of them. I can’t give what I don’t have. I can’t help where I have nothing to help with. Make sense. This is why taxing people to death to give mostly to people who will not make good decisions, work hard, and be disciplined is cruel. That cruelty my friend. What portion of what I worked for and belongs to me is someone else entitled to?

      So naturally different ethnic groups historically crapped on each other. The people who are established didn’t like the masses of poor coming to their communities and bringing their ghetto and 3rd world ways with them and destroying the life those established worked so hard for. The first Americans came with nothing and flourished. Anyone can do it if they did.

    • No one in this country is a peasant bound to the land of a noble. Everyone can make choices to better themselves. I’m not responsible for those who don’t. If they don’t like living that way then guess what? Maybe they should quit whining about what they don’t have and find a legit way to get what they need and maybe they should start making better choices and life decisions. I was poor at one time. By God’s grace and with his aid and through hard work and making wise choices and being disciplined I pulled myself out of poverty to where I am today. But there are those who would not suggest that but rather suggest taking money from me to give to people who won’t do that through taxes. Thereby eroding the middle class.

    • So is America cruel? Well I’ll tell you what I see. I see those who don’t have and feel entitled to what others have leveling these accusations.

      What I don’t see is throngs of people fleeing the horrors of America for a better life elsewhere but instead what I see is people beating down the doors to come here. Why? Cause it’s so bad here? Just look at our southern border. Look how many are pouring in. That should tell you something.

  • Dragonpurple
    Don't forget American's are pretty lazy too, those that get taken care of by the working tax payers are quite happy to live that way forever... assuming the UBI they are pushing for is enough to live off of.

    The real sad thing about all this, is I pay 53% of my gross income in taxes and yet we are so far in debt and spending more in debt and yet we can't even afford the social programs we currently have... and don't say its military, that is nothing compared to the social programs... around 17% of the total federal budget is military, not too bad actually.

    When I say 53% I am not just talking income taxes, I'm talking anything that goes to any government entity anywhere. I track every type of tax in the computer to be able to run reports each year... federal income tax is actually around 9.6%, state is around 4.5% all the rest are various sales taxes, taxes they call fees and so forth. The 150+ taxes/fees out there that have to be paid or else.

    However I am a constitutionalist, I don't believe the government should actually take care of anyone (beyond Vets who earned it) but it should make it so people can succeed themselves. Make it easier for people to start their own businesses, to get jobs and do whatever they want, rather than being a mooch on society.

    I just know too many barnacles on the butt of society who milk everything they can, welfare families who are third or fourth generations of not working, knowing all the tricks to keep the benefits coming in.
  • Not_Average
    I disagree with some of sentiment. Economics isn’t meant to appease the heart as much as it’s meant to appease particular objectives such as constant supply and demand equilibriums, job prosperity, social mobility ect… I study Econ and I think the last thing we need are social programs. The way we create wealth in this country is by owning assets. The money printing from the Fed have over inflated the hell out of assets and your average American can no longer buy the house. People are in a constant rut because the debasement of our dollars. Stringent price floors and ceilings have decimated urban cities. Meanwhile the politicians are in bed with Wall Street making policy that favors them. It’s a classic example of crony capitalism.

    Also, FDR? His policies for the most part made for a terrible recovery to the Great Depression if you look at the data. Some were successful given that we were in a major cyclical shift. An FDR approach to our economy today would collapse everything.

    Capitalism is the reason we get to have a Starbucks while scrolling IG on our iPhone. Why we go to the store and don’t have to worry about if your essentials will be there. Why we have options such as what career we choose. It seems like we only bitch about capitalism’s downfalls rather than appreciating what it actually offers.

    I’d say a cultural decline within American culture is to blame. We no longer promote marriage. We are told by media to put ourselves first. We are told to engage in promiscuous sex. We are told that our value derives in how many likes we get on the gram. We are becoming entirely illogical with gender roles dismissing them as merely social constructs rather than a result of biology. The list goes on and on.

    I think Americans are spoiled rotten tbh. Cruelest country in the world? Clearly you’ve never gone to Mexico, El Salvador, Or Venezuela and seen real suffering. Even in the reverse of seeing the effects of communism in China. What about the Middle East such as Helmand Province Afghanistan? I could tell you all about how cruel they are. Also, America is the largest economic epicenter of the world… how do we compare our problems to smaller countries that don’t even compare?
    • A kid from Nigeria recently tried to scam me. I ended up forgiving him and asking him why he does this. He told me that he can’t afford to live because theirs no job opportunities. I ended up sending him a couple hundred dollars of bitcoin and I’ve been mentoring him teaching him how to create wealth. He’s extremely grateful. He wants to come out to America so that he can have more opportunity and take an entrepreneurial route. Literally he 19 and can’t anticipate his next meal and you say America is so cruel?

  • Jamie05rhs
    Great Take! I think there is a tremendous amount of truth to what you said.

    And I think this "punching down" even carries over into families as well. American men feel the need to exploit women to feel good about themselves. And mothers feel the need to demand absolute obedience and submission from their children (because no one else will respect them.)
    • Jamie05rhs

      Quick note, though:

      The English in Virginia were actually rich. Same goes for North Carolina and South Carolina. (Possibly Maryland, too.)

  • exitseven
    When you create a whole underclass of people for the sole purpose of voting for a specific political party, what do you expect.
    Rewarding people to have children that have no intention of supporting is a recipe for poverty and despair.
  • BeenThereLovedIt
    It all boils down to individual greed and a runaway capitalist system that rewards it - at the expense of the majority.
  • 888theGreat
    1) only because US has gone socialist , which you champion.
    2) Healthcare was fine until the Democrats told everyone it wasn't and created a crisis. People chose to use money for other things and wouldn't pay for healthcare.
    3) We give freedoms like expression, free choices, and property. If you waste your money and end up homeless and hungry , then you should. Others shouldn't suffer for stupid decisions.
    4) We have planes , trains , and autos. You can go anywhere in the country. The roads are not good because money set aside for that never gets spent on that.
    5) Everyone in world still wants to come here. Just look at Southern Border.
    • msc545

      A lot of people do want to come here because they think things in their own countries are worse, and they might be right - or not. Either way, that does not mean that the shitty conditions here are ok. We are better than that.

  • zagor
    Yet Americans are much more open to talking to strangers than in Europe or Asia. People here are more likely to stop and ask if you need help. Maybe they don't expect the government to do everything for them.
  • KrakenAttackin
    No worries, the U. S. is currently collapsing under the weight of liberal treachery. We will self destruct in a few years.
  • ForgottenFuRyan
    Stop being weak?America Is Cruel
  • DianaWest
    America will always be the best and most powerful nation in the world.
    • Until it isn't.

    • DianaWest

      @BlacklightShade if you don't like the country you live in, you could always go somewhere else. The US saved our asses during all the major world wars, including the Cold War.

    • The greatest empires on Earth never lasted more than 200 years. We are overdue for a fall. Given the past few years I can see how easily we are heading for it.

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  • QuietRunner
    The American Ideal and thought is based on the idea that the government doesn't provide for you, the American Ideal is about giving you the freedom to choose to find the means to survive on your own. This takes a special type of person. Once these were the types of people that came to America, people with talent, imagination, and dreams. It was risky and there were and are problems with this line of thinking.
    America was built on trust and people that had values to care about others. This came from the religious nature America's founding. Once the foundation of values is gone the America that once was will be no more.

    The simplistic explanation is an analogy of Parents and children. Some children want to grow up independent of the parents to survive on their own. Others want their parents to provide for them their entire lives and control them.
    Which is cruel? The child leaving the parent or the parent always providing for the child so they don't grow into an adult.
  • Floppy2112
    Feel free to grab a ticket to one of these paradises you admire so much and leave the U. S. to the people who actually love this place.
  • hellacray
    Here's my rebuttal.

    America is not cruel.

    You are wrong sir.

    Have a nice day. 😀
  • Celtero
    Have I ever read something more full of shit on gag, ever? No.

    All this straight from your asshole.
  • ArztSchlachthof
    But sOCiaLiSm is cruel, what are you talking about! Heresy! Murica number one!
  • Babygirl_S
    Yes it is a very cruel country. I am scared of Americans 😒
  • karaspara
    Forgot there origins
    • According to the current global slavery index map that I just left, every race has more slaves today than white people ever did. You traitors are why marriage, cohabitation, sex and childbirth rates are at all time lows.

    • @ForgottenFuRyan Very true.

    • karaspara

      @ForgottenFuRyan Yep but nobody moans about Dubai and Qatar not white enough to fit the rhetoric I guess

  • Joker_
    America is cool
  • jimmy2
    Well American is Still the besr country to be in
    • MudRucker

      For all those who gave this a thumbs down, I hope you don't live in the USA. If you do please leave.

  • Smegskull
    Nature is cruel. Cruelty drives evolution.
    • RedFever

      We should strive to rise above nature, not wallow in it.

    • Smegskull

      Then we will die as the rest of nature takes advantage of our break from participation.
      All species in nature are in a perpetual arms race if you want to rise above nature and stop participating in the arms race you need to find non natural means of reproduction, sustenance and shelter.
      Even if such an environment was created it would be small so competition and conflict over it's occupancy would ensue.

    • RedFever

      We're all going to eventually die anyway, so we may as well live a decent life with principles than just let ourselves go into savagery!

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  • scott04sa22
    No 💩💩💩💩!
  • Abdulwahh
    All countries have a cruel side
  • thotmas97
    You’re not wrong
  • Amur8711
    Freedom trumps everything!
  • Anonymous
    uh yeah no shit
  • Anonymous
    OMG you are definitely correct. America was founded and built upon greed, hatred, fuck the other guy, being self centered and stinginess. What you have wrote might be over the average dumb ass American's head. It has nothing to do with making money, porn, fucking some body, fucking your buddy;s wife, sports, drugs or face book.
  • Anonymous
    Did anyone seriously read this fully? Lol
    • J9inva


    • tripptt9

      Maybe a third of it.

    • Omario2049

      Oh hell nah. I read like maybe the first 2 paragraphs and my eyes glazed over. First off, the toxicity in the beginning was almost unbearable as I know America isn't perfect however it is far from the worst and even far from bad. She mentioned no safety net while we are currently going through a labor shortage because the same Government is paying people more to stay at home in the form of unemployment walfare than what most small businesses can pay. The entitlement and laziness is astonishing. If u don't like America why not leave? Everywhere I've ever been, if I don't like their rules or the already established culture there then I leave.

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  • Anonymous
    America was founded on a lie. Liberty and justice for all was a compensation for the reality of what America has alwaus been: a highly oppressive shithole. You can thank the world wars for america becoming so rich.
  • Anonymous
    Yes excatly
  • Anonymous
    Strong people have to struggle and suffer. You would rather that we take care of everyone and they would be little more than farm animals. Sheep in particular.