My mom makes fun of my boyfriend?

I have been dating my boyfriend for a little over a year. I love him, he's an amazing guy who always goes out of his way to make me happy.
He is 6 ft tall and big boned, He's not fat at all but he's also not a little guy by any means. (Which is exactly what I like, lol. Huskier guys are what I'm attracted to.)
My mom always goes out of her way to tell me that I'm out of his league, that he's gross looking/fat, that I could do better, etc.
She's a very judgmental person by nature, she's the type that will make fun of a person if she sees them on the street. (Not to their face, of course, but she'll comment something like: "oh wow, I'm so glad I don't look like that. They're disgusting." etc.) She has also had nothing but negative things to say about all of my ex boyfriends, so its not like this is the first guy that this is happening with.
It really hurts me and pisses me off. She should be happy that I'm happy. It's not for her to get on her high horse and start passing judgment especially when nobody (including her) is perfect.
My dad likes my boyfriend and is very supportive of our relationship. My friends also like him and think he's a great match for me. His family adores me. The only person being rude about our relationship is her.
We just had a huge fight about it bc I called her out on it. What else can I do about this?
My mom makes fun of my boyfriend?
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