What does it mean if a girl stretches right in front of you?

I mean when I'd be playing a video game she would be standing near me (like 6 feet away) and stretch and be like at a right angle to me. She also seemed to stretch when she was sitting at a table with me, especially when she was right across from me.


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  • So it kind of depends on how she stretched. Stretching can show off certain parts of your body. It makes your stomach look flatter, it can make you look curvy, it can do just about anything for your image if you do it right. If she was just stretching like she was sore or relaxing it shouldn't mean anything.


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  • It means she is stretching. There are multiple reasons =)

    - Sore muscles

    - Relaxation

    - To get air in her lungs (I do this alot)


    There is no reason to presume she is doing this to gain attention unless she is stretching over your lap - with her face tilted at an angle where you could kiss her (Or a similar situation)

    Best regards,


    • I don't know, it seemed to me like she was really showing off her boobs lol.

    • Did you find that attractive? Why not shoot for a relationship - then you wouldn't have to worry about interpreting things and instead you would have the opportunity to date her.

    • Maybe she really was stretching, and she just happens to have boobs...

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