Should I follow him again on Instagram?

Okay well should I follow this guy on Instagram again? Well I had plans to do it again but then I needed a opinion. The first attempt when I followed him on Instagram he didn't follow me back! He told he notice me following him on Instagram and he was like okay but in that time I understood why didn't follow me because we were in a situation where I treated him mean to prove a point. But over the summer I used to wander like what was he doing and then he changed account to private so I was clueless there's not a day where I don't think of him. But it's been a year sense our situation and I'm still confused about it and not over it yet. But it seems like he's over it he has a girlfriend well had one. Well him and his girlfriend were like a recognized couple in our school they were OTP fandom. And he would have taken in his bio last time I checked. But yesterday at midnight I was curious about him and I typed his user name of what I remember and he popped up on the search list I tapped his user name and I realized his bio was shorter. He took taken out of his bio but it was weird caused I changed my bio around too. when I asked my friend if I can have her account to stalk his Instagram sense she follows him I saw a picture of him and his girlfriend the only pictures he ever posted of them from 6 days ago. My friend said that there were a lot a comments under that photo so my guess is that they broke up but the photo is still there but with only 2 comments. I thought if I followed him and he has a girlfriend it wouldn't be a big deal but I didn't want to follow him then. But sense now he's broken up with her I guess I feel the urge to friend request again on Instagram likes its nothing but If I do follow him can u guys pray that he follows me back? And seriously what is wrong with me? Honest opinions please!
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Should I follow him again on Instagram?
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