Should I follow my ex on Instagram?

So, there's this guy. We were together for three years. I was deeply in love with him, but struggling with a lot of issues when we were together. So we broke up. It was mutual and mostly amicable. We wished each other the best, said we loved each other, and said goodbye.

It'll be a year since we broke up soon. Contrary to what every one said I'd feel by now, I still love him as if I saw him yesterday. I don't know how he feels, but I'm told he's single.

I'm not sad. I don't cry about it, and haven't for a while. I do miss him, but I date other guys. I go through the motions of moving on, but I still feel like he's the one I'm meant to be with.

Instagram recently suggested him to me from my contacts. I'm tempted to follow him, but I haven't really made nearly as many changes in my life as I would like. Is it a dumb idea to add him? If so, should I keep working on me and keep hoping we'll connect again one day, or should I keep working on me and try to forget him?
Should I follow my ex on Instagram?
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