Teacher makes me feel uncomfortable!

I'm a senior and I have a teacher that kind of scares me. He had his eye on me since the beginning of the year, singled me out and picked on me non-stop. By picking on me I mean that he would publicly make fun of me, pick on what I say and watch me outside of class. He's 28. People in my class have noticed too,especially when he called me beautiful. When I verbalize my concerns to others, they don't understand me as he's considered 'cool'. The only one who understands and has herself picked up some very awkward vibes from him towards me is my close friend. I've spoken to him and told him that I feel uncomfortable with his 'picking' on me. He said he'd try to treat me normally. That was a week ago. The number of comments he makes have gone down. But he started continuously staring at me. In the halls, at lunch and especially at class. He was once showing a movie and I felt watched during the whole effing thing, and when I checked he was already watching me.

This is a very broad summary of numerous incidents, but you and I don't have time for details ;).

I'm almost done school anyways but I still would seriously appreciate feedback from all of you...what is this all about?
Teacher makes me feel uncomfortable!
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