Why doesn’t society like promiscuous women?

By “society” I’m referring to the men and women citizens of the US and perhaps abroad as well.

From my observation and knowledge, it seems there is a disdain, dislike, hatred, disgust, etc. over women who are promiscuous that men who are promiscuous do not seem to receive.

Now, I suspect that a myriad of reasons can be the culprit, such as biological, psychological, societal, etc.

Some questions that pop up into my head are these:

•Does promiscuity more negatively impact a woman’s fertility as opposed to a man’s?

•Does promiscuity affect the family more if the mother has a history of it as opposed to the father? How so? In what ways?

•Is promiscuity more harmful for women? How so? Mentally? Physically?

•Do women feel the same about promiscuity in men, as men feel about promiscuity in women?

•What are the historical/evolutionary reasons for stigmatizing, discouraging, criminalizing, etc. promiscuity in women more harshly as opposed to men?

•Are women naturally promiscuous?

•Are abused, used, and traumatized women more likely to be promiscuous?
Why doesn’t society like promiscuous women?
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