Do you think BLM is Black Lives Matter?

I don't think it help Black at all. No one helps Black by discovering hating Black to somebody else. Most people don’t like looting, burning, impulsive accusing and judging, ad hominem, etc., but they keep doing that just make people more distrustful to help Black. Media is no longer able to hide those aggressive BLM protesters. In political reality, there are some Marxist and other political organizations from the left exploit BLM to spread their ideals more than actually helping Black.

Hating is common, but there is no such real things restricting Black to succeed today. If you see how other races like Asian or Hispanic/Latinos starting to have a seat in America society as White, even Indians or people following Muslims (I don’t know how to consider them) doing a right thing and gain trust from even White, regardless restricted by their heritage religions.
I am Asian don't speak English as native language. I do see a lot of MUCH WORSE things (I can show you if you want) happen between people having same races than imaginary racist standard only applying to White. And I bet there are worse things happen between White and White or Black and Black but people just ignore it and tend to embrace the ideal of racist every time it happen between those races.

RACIST CAN NOT BE HAPPENED BETWEEN THE SAME RACE, if it does, it’s no longer meant to be racist.

Let be honest, you can do whatever you want to do to White, but with a bunch of sensitive people, you can do before they accuse you're racist for no right reason. More fun, exchange "Black" and "White" words in White Supremacy and racist news. You can see how double standard today is.

For Black actually loving your skin, more than loving your self-pride, help yourselves out, don’t keep silence and tolerate that. White has died and bled for you guys, so respect each other.

(Videos from my heritage country: Third countries like that treating their people like shit, so glad you're Americans.)


Do you think BLM is Black Lives Matter?
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