Is marriage riskier for a man or woman?


This post is going to be empty by my personal sentiments on this regard.

I am going to look at this from an evolutionary perspective. Regardless of I like what I say or not.

I think marriage is not natural for humans. Hence why, so many of them fail.

I also think marriage was established as a way to let biologically not very fit men to spread their genes and hold a place on a sexual marketplace, where without marriage they would simply go extinct due to high competition to more sexually fit males and a male ability to have an offspring with more than one person. So, 2 fit men could easily have children with hundreds of women and leaving it unable for the rest of the men to survive.

It would lead violence and killings. So, people had to think of an restraint to keep the majority of women away from having children with the minority of men.

Hence, why marriage established and I have read a lot of information how it benefits men more than women.

This question was inspired by one of the comments I came across here where an older married man stated he likes younger woman and he’d happily divorce his older wife to chase younger women.

One more proof, how unnatural marriage is.

I was thinking, it might be risky for all parties involved but isn’t it riskier for women, who lose their precious time, give children to a man who they got with instead of having the children with the best possible males available, they chose you. Woman’s sexual “price” falls with age. So, woman sacrifices her whole life and also the future fitness of her offspring, just to be with you and then be thrown away by this very same barely attractive man, when she gets older.

So she gets to waste her best reproductive years with him and gets thrown away like nothing, once she no longer is fit for child bearing.

Isn’t marriage far more risky and dangerous for women BIOLOGICALLY speaking?

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People, I don’t mean what’s right and wrong, or what I like or dislike. I am asking this question purely out of BIOLOGICAL perspective.
Is marriage riskier for a man or woman?
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