Amateur in the Whitehouse

Amateur in the Whitehouse

This dumb dumb did his best to consult any politician that would speak with him to legitimize his Muslim ban into an executive order that could pass as constitutional test. So he tried to piggyback on an effort Obama made to double check citizens from failed states.

Obama initiated this check because people from these countries were basically stateless as far as papers go so Obama did the work these countries couldn't do. Qualify people for visas.

Trump can fire the AG but judiciary after judiciary continue to strike down the order.


Mr. President we want to see you do well so learn it. You can trumps a lot of things but no matter who you appoint to the Supreme Court the Constitution does exist.

I expect you'll ignore the courts. I wouldn't want to see your head on a stick as you're my lawful leader. But expect to be impeached. I see no other outcome.

Amateur in the Whitehouse
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