Amateur in the Whitehouse

Amateur in the Whitehouse

This dumb dumb did his best to consult any politician that would speak with him to legitimize his Muslim ban into an executive order that could pass as constitutional test. So he tried to piggyback on an effort Obama made to double check citizens from failed states.

Obama initiated this check because people from these countries were basically stateless as far as papers go so Obama did the work these countries couldn't do. Qualify people for visas.

Trump can fire the AG but judiciary after judiciary continue to strike down the order.


Mr. President we want to see you do well so learn it. You can trumps a lot of things but no matter who you appoint to the Supreme Court the Constitution does exist.

I expect you'll ignore the courts. I wouldn't want to see your head on a stick as you're my lawful leader. But expect to be impeached. I see no other outcome.

Amateur in the Whitehouse
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  • echoaj
    Trump is a piece of shit. His travel ban is bullshit. His 20 billion dollar wall is bullshit. He can't read a book. He's an asshole that brags about himself and says any news is fake if it's negative about him. He is super dumb and his supporters are sycophants, unfortunately. The rest of America understands how terrible of a president he is. Almost all of America and the rest of the world protested against him. No wonder his approval rating is in the low 40s. worst president ever.
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  • helloitsmethere
    These next four years are going to be REALLY interesting...
    Do you remember the time when visiting the President was a wonderful and exciting once in a lifetime experience for the average citizen? Yeah... we need those times back.
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  • LindsayRB91rds
    It's curious that you stated (correctly) that President Trump used Obama's list of failed or failing states to determine the biggest threats, and instead of saying "at least he used the information gathered by the best president in history", you're pleased that his travel ban on these counties is failing.

    So if Obama had ordered the travel ban, would be calling Obama a dum-dum? Then you'd have been a racist instead of a hypocrite.
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    • Soteris

      Not quite sure what you are even trying to say here..

    • @Soteris Very simply, Obama and his team of experts decided that these 7 countries represented a threat to the security of the country. President Obama signed the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015. The idea was to keep bad guys from these countries from coming into the country. Now Trump is using that same list and implementing a ban with an executive order and you called him a "dumb dumb". My question for you was whether you considered Obama a dum-dum too?

    • Soteris

      But its not even superficially the same so how can you compare them in the first place?

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  • coolbreeze
    We will see how this will all turn out. Who can believe it's only been weeks and not months yet with everything that is going on.
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  • Soteris
    You say the constitution is the constitution but look what the right wing did to the second amendment. Its far from corruptible.
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  • OrionH
    I like your take I wish that Johnson won the election he was not rich like trump that is why trump won.
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  • Iraqveteran666
    We had 8 years of an amateur. Obama was too busy hanging out with celebrities to do anything
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    • jacquesvol

      Just saying: US national security chiefs believe Donald Trump's Muslim ban will help ISIS

    • jacquesvol

      And the 'ban' was redacted as if he wished it to be shot down by the courts.

    • @jacquesvol ISIS is a Syrian problem. Time America pulled out from abroad militarily and from NATO and the UN. Belgium can handle things in Europe

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  • legalboxers
    The majority party took a crayon to the US Constitution and wrote HA! on it!
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  • Dred1614returns
    Enjoy the next four, hopefully 8 years. The bitterness of the left is nothing but pure amusement.
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