The World Needs a Drink: A Poem to the people of Manchester and The World


I was listening to this song earlier tonight. I started thinking not only of the Manchester Attacks,but the current White House Scandal, North Korea Tensions, Middle East tensions, etc... I kept thinking this song kinda has a point. Maybe we do all need a drink.

Everytime I turn in the TV
I see more hurt,more evil
Politicians in scandals
Wars in the Middle East

Natural Disasters everywhere
Corruption in the air
From Manchester to Orlando
From Sydney to Dublin

From Tokyo to Texas
And all the world around
I think we all need a drink
Hell,I'll buy the first round

Just sit on the front porch
Talk about good things
Watch the sun set
Over a cooler of drinks

Take the tensions off our minds
Drop the weapons and the treaties
Let's meet up in a barroom
And let the good times roll

Let's dance and sing
Let's all join in
The people of the world
Let's all have a drink.

I'm sure if we had more open forums

More drinks and good times

There would be less violence

This world would be more kind

I personally wrote it after listening to the song. I hope you enjoy it. I personally dedicate this to the people of Manchester and the United Kingdom.


The World Needs a Drink: A Poem to the people of Manchester and The World
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  • 1truekhaleesi
    Great poem!
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  • Waffles731
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  • Whatthefluff
    Nice one.
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  • Danher525
    you're American you are not the UK this doesn't affect you and you are making the problem worse by sending warm feelings
  • EOTS1
    We don't need warm, fuzzy, feel-good, feminine bullshit... We need to crush our enemies.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    Good poem.
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  • dogfish
    good poem <3
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