It's OK to be White: The New Meme That is Going Viral


I don't know when exactly this meme first appeared on the social media and no one knows whose idea it originally was. But I have to say this is the best piece of propaganda I have seen. Short, simple, exposing the double standards of those who hate Whites and then call themselves anti-racists.

It's OK to be White: The New Meme That is Going Viral

The 'It's okay to be white' meme is about reclaiming the narrative from the Cultural Marxist assertion that whites are somehow inherently evil and are guilty of all the worlds ills.

You only have to look at the reaction of the Left to see how effective this has been and that's exactly why this meme is brilliant.

It's OK to be White: The New Meme That is Going Viral

Generations of white youth have been indoctrinated to hate their identity and to deride the memory of their ancestors. They have been psycologically coerced into facilitating their own demographic demise and see the downfall of the West as being the solution to end all oppression.

A meme like this is a powerful counter to that toxic anti-white narrative and lets our youth know that they don't have to fall for the Cultural Marxist subversion and that it's okay to be white.

Why would anybody have an issue with the statement 'it's okay to be white?' What is wrong with being white? Why isn't it okay to be white? Why can't whites have self-determination like all others? Why do whites have to have diversity and multiculturalism?

Those who have an issue with the statement 'it's okay to be white' and who despise white identity and white advocacy are the ones who should be criticised. It is their ideological poison and hatred for everything European that is creating the reaction they now complain about.

A simple statement such as 'it's okay to be white' is so effective because it enrages the Left who then go into a meltdown leading to other whites asking the question, what have they got against whites? It awakens people to the toxic anti-white agenda that is manifest across the West.

It's OK to be White: The New Meme That is Going Viral

Every other group is allowed and encouraged to engage in identity politics and to create their own advocacy groups. They receive funding, favourable media reporting and sympathetic public support.

When whites however engage in our own identity politics and set up our own advocacy groups, then there is outrage. Apparently whites aren't allowed to participate or organise as a group in our own best interests or it is 'racism,' 'fascism' and 'white supremacy.'

The globalist establishment hates the fact that whites are increasingly embracing identity politics finally realising that we too can play that game. What they wanted is for whites to roll over and capitulate, that we aren't doing that has enraged the Left, media and globalists the true axis of evil.


It's OK to be White: The New Meme That is Going Viral
It's OK to be White: The New Meme That is Going Viral
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  • DanoMR98
    It's okay to be white!
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  • disgustingweebtrash
    If someone gets mad about the phrase "it's ok to be white" claiming it's white supremacy then that person is racist towards white people.

    The fact the Left embraces the idea that it's of course, not okay to be white.

    Shows that the West is in need of nationalism to purge this self-hatred, I cannot understand someone who would sit there and self-hate his race or self-hate his own nation he was brought up in
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    • TheFlak38

      It happens because of decades of indoctrination to achieve exactly this. Self-hatred and the extermination of your people as something cool, necessary and humanitarian.

    • I always tell people that the education system is rampant with Marxist indoctrination but they laugh at me and call me a conspiracy theorist, when I myself considered myself a Marxist when I was in the education system. But when I left and did my own research into things, I became a nationalist. It's funny isn't it?

  • Onlythisone
    I'm pretty sure white will die out... Of my family I'm the only white one left, all my siblings aunt's cousins are of every race. And that will only get worse as we import more men from other cultures... All the political issues of the day connect. Take out the men, import new ones, now we can rebuild the government.
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    • TheFlak38

      Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria. All these countries and others haven't had a shift in the racial make-up of the population for centuries and they clearly show that they don't intend to submit into the self-hating anti-white politics of other western countries. When Whites in central Europe will die (and yes I agree that they will die out in these parts of the world) non-Whites will soon begin starve again in the cold and once again ask for the evil Whitey to help them just like they do in Southern Africa.

  • leztorino
    As a first generation American, I've encountered CRAPKLOADS of bigotry from BOTH White and Black Americans-ESPECIALLY in the South (Texas). But the one sided propaganda that's been shoved at White Americans the last 10 years is TOTAL BS! It was HUGE in the South. Yeah, a lot of the Whites there were bigoted as hell, but SO WERE THE BLACKS. It was the epitome of the pot and kettle deal. What a joke. They're 100 years behind the rest of the country.
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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    It popped up last week. It was 4chan's idea. Put up harmless signs that are perfectly worded to trigger regressives and draw that ugly side of them to light.

    I'm on board with this; print some papers and leave them in public areas, watch the media get upset about nothing.
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  • TheQuest1981
    I have ZERO problem with whiteness dying out. It doesn't matter to me.

    I care about preserving the IDEAS of equality, individual liberty, and a free society that developed in Western Europe during the enlightenment. It's those IDEAS which cannot die out. 80-100 million corpses piled up in the 20th century alone thanks to the experiments in "collective responsibility for societal success/failure" (otherwise known as communism/Marxism)... and some people still haven't learned.
    • TheFlak38

      Good luck preserving them with people who couldnt care less about them ruling over you.

  • Josht13
    I agree with the message but I do think it's intentionally trying to bait the left and trying to stir up shit.
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    • Josht13

      because it's kind of implying that it's not okay to be white currently which is definitely gonna rile up people who think that white people have more privilege and opportunity than others.

    • TheSpartan

      Of course it is, because baiting the left is hilarious and easy.

    • Josht13

      @TheSpartan It can be but it's not like the right is better.

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  • Rissyanne
    I never thought it wasn’t ok to be white. Liberal idiots are the ones who doesn’t think it’s ok to be white.
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  • Water_Bottle
    The Majority, which subjugates by nature everyone else, has decided that it has had enough of the Minority and will fight back!

    That's amusing.
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    • Naydyonov

      Dude most people on earth aren't white.

    • TheFlak38

      @Naydyonov Yeah he obviously talks about the invaders in White countries. That sort of minorities. But fuck him. He deactivated his profile anyway.

    • Naydyonov

      lol, what a b1t*h

  • AdamThomas
    This is so racist. How can you be such a bigot? He picture at the bottom is disgusting too, all those white people reproducing making ugly blonde haired white children. If they really cared about making the world a better place they'd be more diverse. Don't they realise that all of them are responsible for crimes of the past? And that they shouldn't be proud of their ancestry because they weren't responsible for any o the good things their ancestors did in the past? Only the bad things. Fucking bigots.
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    • joelkc

      i think you are the racist bigot.

  • HamAndCheese
    You're reading too far into it. All the message means is that there's nothing wrong with being white. That's all. That's literally exactly it. Nothing more, nothing less. You're trying to twist the true message.
    • TheFlak38

      Im not twisting anything. We both say the same thing.

  • Asad1ONE1
    Of course it's ok. But it's also ok to think otherwise. Its human nature. After all, I don't blame people of other ethnic backgrounds to be angry. But I don't excuse them either lol.
  • Shuey
    What a relief, all those hours in the tanning salon just to relieve my guilty conscience:(
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  • Lutherthesaint
    Lol the last picture the Hitlers family reunion😂😂😂?
  • Metaanio
    I have never heard anyone saying it's not ok to be white. Only that it's not OK to insult or treat people badly because they are not white. These are different things.

    And being European doesn't mean anything, has ever meant. European countries differ a lot and has been in wars against each other for couple thousand years. One time if you weren't Roman you were barbarian.

    And 400 years ago the wars between protestants and catholics were a thing.

    Europe started to unite after WW2, by becoming 2 blocks, this is when modern western world came a thing

    And after cold war when other block broke, EU and Nato spreaded almost all Europe.

    And nationalist are often people accusing others from their problems, and trying to solve problems by hate instead of working together.
    • TheFlak38

      The mass media, academia, the establishment as a whole tell at every given chance that it's not ok. If you have never heard it then maybe you don't have the courage to look at this propaganda unless you are ideologically motivated to ignore it. The very fact that this simple statement causes such outrage is enough of a proof.
      And you're wrong. European identity means a lot. Yes, we have our differences, but we have also much in common. Cultural similarities, such as in traditions and languages, indicate a common ancestry. The ones you call barbarians were people who surprised the Romans with war chariots and excellent armoury. The wars you're referring to took place during the era of White Supremacism which long gone now. We don't have the luxury to be fighting each other as you say it happens with various nationalist groups, which is true and undeniable. The majority of nationalist movements across the West have good relations with each other and you can quickly find that out

    • TheFlak38

      in social media. I personally have dozens of contacts in many European countries. I have met comrades abroad and even the first time meeting they offered me shelter in their house without questioning for a second their trust to me and fearing that I will harm them or steal anything and they expect the same thing from.
      You can take a look at the Polish Independence Day few days ago or the Latvian Independence Day march last Friday and see that it is full of groups from different European countries. Same thing goes for the Legion Day again in Riga, 31st of January in Athens and many other celebrations and remembrance days. The list goes on and on.

  • Political_dude
    How about I say 'It's OK to be human '
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    • TheFlak38

      Apart from anti-social nerds who watch too much Matrix I haven't heard anyone saying that it's not ok to be human.

    • Yeah Lol. I'm tired of these. I'm more introverted than extroverted tbh. I'm very confused. Part of me says being proud of your race isn't racist and other part says what have you done to earn it so you can be proud of it? Hence being proud of your race is racist. I don't know which side should I choose

    • TheFlak38

      Being proud of your race is not racist. It is your identity that can be traced thousands of years back into history. Just as you haven't done anything to earn it there is also nothing anyone can do to take it away from you. Your culture is the result of that identity. If you take away the creative mind that built your culture then very soon the culture itself will dissapear and become another page in the history books.

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  • AynonOMouse
    One of the best takes I've read.
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  • CT_CD
    I'm white
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  • TheLawless1
    It's RIGHT to be HUWHITE!! 14/88.
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  • Pie-Rack44
    It needs to be said