St Dwynwen's day, the Valentine's day warm up.


St Dwynwen's day or Dydd Santes Dwynwen as we call it is pretty much like Valentine's day but on 25th January.


St Dwynwens day, the Valentines day warm up.

It's the usual love story, hot sexy princess falls in love with a guy called Maelon. But alas her father (who has about 50 kids so guess he's been busy) has arranged her marriage to another guy. A little pissed off she begged god for help. He sent an angel to wipe her memory and turned Maelon into a block of ice. She begged not to have her memory wiped and for Maelon to be defrosted. In exchange she became a nun and prayed for lovers to have better luck than her.

Gods frozen that guy you like, here drink this and forget him. Please dont sing  let it go
Gods frozen that guy you like, here drink this and forget him. Please don't sing " let it go"


Forget the card and theres no sex tonight
Forget the card and there's no sex tonight

Same way as Valentine's day really. You exchange gifts, go for romantic meal, get cards or a wooden love spoon or just cwtch on the sofa and force him to watch chickflicks.


Yes we do. St Dwynwen's day is just another "love day" basically Valentine's day 2. If the queen can have 2 birthdays why can't we have 2 Valentine's days?


Well for a start your more likely to find the restaurants aren't all booked up. Neither has it been overly commercialised like Valentine's day has. You won't see mainstream shops packed with tatty crap. It's also interesting to see guys forget about it much to the displeasure of their partner, so it acts as a gentle reminder that Valentine's day is around the corner. Watching recent immigrants, from across the English border, ignorant of our ways squirm as their welsh girlfriends question why they never got a card or flowers is priceless.

St Dwynwen's day, the Valentine's day warm up.
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  • Lliam

    Nothing like a romantic story with a happy ending, eh? Lol
    Ah well, any reason to get romantic cards, gifts (especially wooden love spoons!) or force guys to watch chickflicks is a good reason. But if a guy does that for a lass who doesn't fancy him, does she get to turn him into a block of ice?
    Hapus Dydd Santes Dwynwen, pabiporffor! Ai ti fydd fy Dwynwen? 💘

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  • FatherJack

    It's a shame my other branch Celt cousins , the Taffs get sidelined , St Davids Day passes without much notice... mind you so does St Georges Day... coz it's " Waycisst " apparently. At least St Patrick's & St Andrew's Days get the Oirish and Jocks a bank holiday respectively.

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  • DeeDeeDeVour

    'Til today, I haven't heard of St Dwynwen's day or Dydd Santes Dwynwen.

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  • AbsoluteCutie

    Wow. That’s really neat 😊 thank you for sharing about this day... I’d never heard of it.

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  • MrOracle

    That goes to show that you are better off handling your own problems instead of getting God involved. You're never going to get what you want that way...

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  • bean2k21

    And you see children, Dwynwen could have very well put Maelon's icy hands in her panties. But, she wasn't into that. She was into this thing called love, which gets you nowhere.

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    • When you consider girls didn't shave back then, those panties would be much warmer

    • bean2k21

      I'm just a dumb American explorer, what do I know about love? I love guns and capitalism, right. Yeah.

  • WhiteShoulder

    That is a weird story!

    I like the holiday though.

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  • soleil2666

    Never doubted you Poppy 💖🤗💋💋💋💋
    You (well, I) have to love how similar your frescos are to the Eastern (Greek) Orthodox ones. Identical shapes and colours and themes.

  • SecretGardenBlood65

    Good take.

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  • monkeynutts

    Is it only celebrated in Wales, and the UK?

    • Not sure. It's definitely not celebrated in England but I'm not sure about welsh people living abroad


    😂😂😂 i love you my friend. 😂