Guys, what does a seductive stare look like?

when you want to give a girl a seductive look, what are the criteria?


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  • my seductive stare just looks like I'm a p*ssed of bitch (unintentionally of course) I guess I focus on their eyes too much

    • That might actually attract more men then you may think...albeit not the kind a majority of women would want to attract the attention of.

  • Are you asking what you need to look like to give one, or what guys look like when they're giving you one?

    • Ah. Lol in that case, I think it's just any look that makes you think "he wants me"

    • Lol sorry if I was vague, I meant what guys look like when theyre giving me one

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    It's hard to put in words how a male seductive stare looks like.

    A male seducing you with his eyes will only have you in his focus. You will become the pray he's fixed on. In a way the seductive stare have sort of an aggressive element to it but the rest of the facial features doesn't portrait aggression.

    The eyes tell you, "You are mine"

  • Like this:


    • Lovely!!

  • I try to stay away from giving seductive stares. Apparently my seductive stare is a lot like many people's 'I'm going to get you, in a very bad way' stare o.O

    • Haha, hey it may be a good thing!

    • Lol aww