Would you want your boyfriend/girlfriend to take down pics of his/her ex?

Whether on Facebook or in his/her room, would you want your significant other to get rid of them?

I'm only asking out of curiosity. I see on Facebook some of my friends will take down the old profile pictures, but others leave them up.

I personally have never put profile pictures of me with my boyfriend anyway and I keep the intimate pictures (like us kissing or hugging to myself). The others that are up, I can't imagine taking them down unless the breakup was really bad any we're no longer even Facebook friends.

Explain your reasoning! =]

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  • No
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  • I don't care
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  • It depends
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  • Never really thought about it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think sometimes a past relationship can be a big part of someone's life and it would seem cruel and jealous to take something like that from them if you have no doubts about your own relationship with that person.

    I definitely wouldn't expect them to remove all photos of an ex because people often stay friends after a break up, but more intimate pics such as kissing or hugging I don't really see the need to keep once you're in a new relationship.

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What Guys Said 4

  • I don't think I would ask.

    Though it would depend on my insecurity level and that of my new partner I guess.

    I could see that if I was dating a girl and her profile was dedicated to her ex I could feel a little threatened (and could cause jealousy especially if they where still on very friendly terms). Therefore, I think I would not object to being asked to remove the pictures and would do that as a courtesy.

    I wouldn't mind my ex keeping pictures of her ex. Just as long as those pictures took a second place to ours.

  • I'll seperate FB and pictures in frames in her house. I wouldn't ask a girlfriend to take down pictures of an ex. I never look at an s.o.'s or an ex's FB page, but I can see why people keep the old pictures up. You don't want to look petty by taking pictures of an ex off your FB page, and you don't want to look controlled by your new s.o. when you take down certain pics that have been on your FB page forever.

    Pictures sitting on a shelf could remind an s.o. of a cool trip, and I'll assume the ex in the picture is not a big deal. The ex could be a friend as well; so, that's something I'm going to have to deal with if I date the girl. However, say it were an old photo of my s.o. kissing her ex, and the photo was in a place where we spent a lot of time. After a certain amout of time, I'd eventually have to ask her to at least move it somewhere so I didn't have to look at the photo all the time.

  • I don't really care, I don't control her. I'd be slightly irritated if she kept pics of her with her ex in which they are intimate, then again, that sort of girl is unlikely to be a ong term prospect.

  • Ok I just had a massive "day" about this exactly topic, and here's my opinion;

    For who's in a relationship;

    Girls and Guys, just please, be caring about your gf or bf, If she/he is asking you to take down all pictures you have with your ex, understand that she/he loves you more than anything on earth, and she/he is just getting a wee little hurt, bugged, or jealous to see you with someone else, that's all, and please do not make a big deal about it if you really love her/him.
    Most couples would have the common sense to remove all pictures of their ex, after moving over the dating stage into a more serious relationship. ___Put yourself on her/his place___ and don't lie to yourself.

    >>Bottom line is, what is more important to you, your girlfriend or boyfriend you love, or a silly d*** picture?

    For who's dating;

    Girls and Guys, at the begging of a new relationship you have dates and until you move over the actual relationship stage, try not to bother about Facebook pictures as most people will naturally remove the pictures of their ex, to do not create any awkward situations.


What Girls Said 17

  • I don't really care - whatever option causes the least pain to the most amount of people and creates the most happiness and the least amount of drama would be my preferred option. I suppose all of that is dependent on the parties involved.

  • My boyfriend still has this picture on Facebook of him with his arm around one of his ex's, and she's got this tiara on and this stupid little smile on her face and it kinda really bugs me. I'm pretty sure he doesn't even look at it (he doesn't really bother messing around with what pictures he's got), but I hate coming across it.

    I'm not going to like, tell him to take it off or whatever though, that'd just be annoying of me. Really it's no big, but meh.

  • first year my boyfriend and I were together he still had pics of him and his ex in his room in picture frames. neither of us had Facebook yet. I never asked him to take them down, it really didn't bother me. when we started getting more serious he took them down on his own. if today, after 4 years together, he still had them up I would be pretty sick of them lol, but he took them down before it got awkward that he had them up.

    I think a good rule of thumb is that if you have told your new girlfriend/boyfriend that you love them (which, in my opinion, should take multiple to many months) then you should take the pictures of your ex down. but while you are still in the 'getting to know you' stage, and early relationship phase, I don't think you need to take down the pics, and I don't think you should be asked to take them down, that's a red flag.

  • Okay, well I answered yes under the impression that you were asking about around the house. In that case yes, with the exception of maybe if they have a child together and there's a picture up of the other parent with the kid, that would be okay. Any other pictures around the house should come down. And on networking sites it depends on what kind of pictures they are. If they are pictures of them kissing or being really intimate then they should come down. Again, if they are pictures with a kid you have together that is acceptable. Or if they are pictures from an event that they are in, that's aren't intimate, they'd be okay. On those sites it really just depends on what kind of pictures they are

  • Doesn't matter there just photos. Photos are memories, just cause the persons gone doesn't mean you erase them from your life

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