My ex boyfriend (who dumped me) keeps trying to talk to me and now wants to meet up?

So it's been about a year since I met my ex. It's been 5 or 6 months since he broke up with me. He broke up with me saying I deserved a better guy than he was who could commit to me. Anyway, I keep bumping into my ex when I'm out and he always offers to buy me shots. I always turn him down. Number 1- because I don't want a shot from him. Number 2- The more I give in, the more he tries to talk to me and my friends. I ran into him the other weekend, same scenario, he tried to buy me a shot. I turned him down and other guys were buying me drinks/ shots in front of him. My ex recently texted me to meet him and his friend for drinks during the day to "catch up." I just don't get why he is doing this because he is the one who dumped me and it's been awhile and I'm finally happy but do still have feelings for him. Will meeting up do us any good? Does he still care about me? I pretty much have cut him out of my life COMPLETELY!


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  • It may not be that simple. Maybe he lost something, and didn't realize how great you were until it was too late. But look I am a guy who was a huge player and there are only three reasons he would have ended things with you using that lame ass line, "you deserve someone better than me blah, blah, I'm a dumb-ass blah..."

    The first is he no longer found you attractive. Not saying that you are unattractive. You could be the hottest god damn girl on the freakin planet, but guys get bored. If you have almost all the gold in the word, your furniture is made of gold, your damn palace is made of gold and your toilet paper is gold trimmed, you are gonna get god damned sick of gold and trade it in for platinum.

    The second is that you two weren't as physical as you used to be. Now I don't care if the sex was fire when it happened, if it happened. When it becomes too "rare", we look elsewhere. Everyone needs to be in a relationship with physical attraction and interaction. Or else one of the two in that relationship will go crazy.

    The third and final reason is he was ready to see someone else or there already was someone else. We men use the line "we aren't good enough" because we want you to feel partially guilty. Like we tried everything in our power to make it work and we "see that you are a better person than I could ever be, and you need someone more like you"

    Fuck that. Idiot. Don't lower yourself back into that pit with that dog of a retard. He had his chance and you've moved on (I hope). BUT! If you wanna f*** with him, I have some great head games for you!

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      Hahahha I'd love to hear a dude rant on head games... fire away!