My ex boyfriend (who dumped me) keeps trying to talk to me and now wants to meet up?

So it's been about a year since I met my ex. It's been 5 or 6 months since he broke up with me. He broke up with me saying I deserved a better guy than he was who could commit to me. Anyway, I keep bumping into my ex when I'm out and he always offers to buy me shots. I always turn him down. Number 1- because I don't want a shot from him. Number 2- The more I give in, the more he tries to talk to me and my friends. I ran into him the other weekend, same scenario, he tried to buy me a shot. I turned him down and other guys were buying me drinks/ shots in front of him. My ex recently texted me to meet him and his friend for drinks during the day to "catch up." I just don't get why he is doing this because he is the one who dumped me and it's been awhile and I'm finally happy but do still have feelings for him. Will meeting up do us any good? Does he still care about me? I pretty much have cut him out of my life COMPLETELY!


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  • It may not be that simple. Maybe he lost something, and didn't realize how great you were until it was too late. But look I am a guy who was a huge player and there are only three reasons he would have ended things with you using that lame ass line, "you deserve someone better than me blah, blah, I'm a dumb-ass blah..."

    The first is he no longer found you attractive. Not saying that you are unattractive. You could be the hottest god damn girl on the freakin planet, but guys get bored. If you have almost all the gold in the word, your furniture is made of gold, your damn palace is made of gold and your toilet paper is gold trimmed, you are gonna get god damned sick of gold and trade it in for platinum.

    The second is that you two weren't as physical as you used to be. Now I don't care if the sex was fire when it happened, if it happened. When it becomes too "rare", we look elsewhere. Everyone needs to be in a relationship with physical attraction and interaction. Or else one of the two in that relationship will go crazy.

    The third and final reason is he was ready to see someone else or there already was someone else. We men use the line "we aren't good enough" because we want you to feel partially guilty. Like we tried everything in our power to make it work and we "see that you are a better person than I could ever be, and you need someone more like you"

    Fuck that. Idiot. Don't lower yourself back into that pit with that dog of a retard. He had his chance and you've moved on (I hope). BUT! If you wanna f*** with him, I have some great head games for you!


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  • Nope nope nope nope! You're just a booty call, hence the buying you shots part, he's just trying to lower your inhibitions so he can get some. If you want to have sex too then go for it, but if you want something more then I highly suggest not because you WILL end up getting your feelings hurt since it is a dead end I promise

  • He just wants to have sex. He's probably not having any luck finding someone else and is LOSing. If you still want to be with him, you should meet up with him, but don't give him anything. Talk it out and once there's nothing else to talk about, leave and set up another day to "catch up". I guarantee if you give it up to him when you guys meet up, you'll fall for him all over again and he'll just forget about you and try his luck finding someone else. Trust me. I've done it.


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  • Absolutely do NOT meet up with him! No good can come of it. You've worked so hard to cut him out of your life and you're happy, why risk throwing all your hard work out the window? I think this is what happened...your ex saw that you were happy and doing just fine without him so, what does he do? He's trying to lure you back in. He can't have you and guys naturally want what they can't have. The fact that you turn him down for when he's offering to buy you shots just makes him want you all the more. Just remember, he's the one that let you go. An ex is an ex for a reason. Remember that.

  • It depends what you want. If you're hoping that there might still be something there or you want to be friends then go hang out with him. But if you don't think it's a good idea then don't go because it will just make things worse. If you're pretty sure things won't work out then don't make it any harder on yourself and continue to ignore him.

  • He probably still care for you, and he probably not.

    The only way to find out your curious is meeting up with him, and ask what his wants from you.

    If your conversation leads to dead-end, just leave.

    Just remember the only reason you meet him up is to get the clarify. So, don't give him anything when you meet up.

    Good luck!

  • Sounds like he wants you back, maybe he knows he messed up & you should give him a shot.

  • don't meet up with him. it sounds like he was just fooling around ;as indicated when he said you "deserve someone better" ,etc, which is a classic phrase that really means that he doesn't want to be committed to you. sorry that might be kinda harsh...

  • nope stay away from him obviously he's coming around to realizing what he could of had. girl your better than him keep your goodies to yourself :D seriously tho you did a year without him. let him know that if he wants to "catch up". let him know all he needs to catch up on is a year of you getting over him! I had this exact problem :) you know what he mit chase you harder for a bit but you gotta b done with him

  • If you are doing find then continue to move on. You will thank yourself later!

  • i think he broke up with you because he was cheating and as for him buying you shots good I'm glad you said no that's a good way for him to see you don't want him what would make it more clearer is dating someone for awhile to get him off your back that's just me if you have anymore questions just email me at I would be happy to help