My ex gave his friend my number? why would he do this?

I asked a question yesterday and it talked about how my ex had a way of coming into my life again after our breakups since we have been on and off for a year. Well we haven't talked for a month since our breakup but this morning I woke up and had a text from one of my ex boyfriends friends that I don't know he was like what is up my name is josh. then he told me that my ex boyfriend had gave him my number and told him that he should talk to me. I asked him why my ex thought we should talk and he said because he said he thought you might be single and that we would get along.

Then I said that's weird I have never had an ex boyfriend try to hook me up and he said I think he is trying to hook me up with you because I am trying to hook him up with one of my friends.This hurt me because I am not over my ex.Well anyways this guy sent me a picture of himself and he looked really bad not to be mean or anything but I can't believe my ex would do this to me? Why is he doing this?We haven't talked in a month since our last breakup.and I know my ex isn't trying to hookup me up to do me a favor because he isn't the nicest guy you know. so I find this a little weird. what do you think is going on here?


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  • well then there's your answer.

    If you didn't end on good terms then chances are, he could really care less about who gets your number. If that's true then my guess is his friend liked you, and he got your number from your ex so he could get something from you (coffee? date? sex? who knows).

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      Yea it didn't end on good terms and probably so but then I found out my ex boyfriend told his friend to invite me to the bowling alley with them and my ex will be there. so its just weird.