Breaking up with my live in boyfriend of 3 years. Am I doing the right thing?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. Living together for 2 1/2. I adore him. I was originally attracted to his amazing sense of humor. He could make me laugh like no other. I was not thinking how hot he was. I was thinking how funny he was. And that made me begin to fall for him. I... Show More

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  • UGHHHH I've been 1 year with my boyfriend and I can't take it...ive tried all I can and tried to be nice and suck it up.

    then I explode and tell him that I feel like he doesn't love me like he said he did cause I never once got a small gift..even if it was worth a dollar. excuse was he had no job...okay I understand but he had enough money to buy games that were over 50$. like getting gifts from someone is like saying I was thinking about you. we stay home all day and he just wants to sleep or lay in bed all day. he won't walk up till 2 and then makes a stupid excuse like BUT WE HAVE NO TIME TO GO OUT! well whose fault is that right?

    i left gifts and surprises in his room and I listen to what he likes and ill buy it for him. but he never listens to me, he doesn't know what color I like and what my size is...i have clothes in his closet.

    give up on him...its been 3 yrs! how did you manageee?!? took you for granted.but what if he did it cause you never complained and fought about it. maybe he thought it was okay :(

    in a way you can't expect him to treat you the same way he did when he first met you. they usually run out :(

    • I can't say leave him because I'm on the same boat. 4 years and still nothing, bipolar relationship.. never once talked about our future, never once included me in any plan he makes, never has money to buy me anything not even a f***ing rose... but has money to spend on his car, his drugs and himself ONLY. and it sucks I am really unhappy its eating me up inside but I can't seem to leave him because I don't want to be alone, always cancelled my plans to be with him... I hope one day we all figure i

    • @Madam Rivera. You need to get some self esteeem and independence. Do not stick by this douche bag. There are a million single men waiting to plan a life with you

    • why do we girls always have to pick guys that only cares about themselves BLAHH I deal with it the immature way of course! treat him the same way and if he leaves...oh well! I only stay with people like that cause I have this feeling that every deserves a second chance or maybe it'd get better. if I left now id never know if he wouldve been a good boyfriend or not cause I didn't give him the chance. if I went to someone else ...same thing couldve happened.