Bringing my boyfriend in my room for the first time?

I'm planning to bring my boyfriend home. he knows my parents, and al, but the problem is, that when we'll go to my room i won't know what to do. I know it's gonna be awkward, and i won't know what to do,... i' stressing about this for weeks -.- any tips how to break the awkwardness?


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  • Just relax it's no big deal really just think of it as hanging out with him anywhere else, it's just a room!

    • I know I'm exaggerating, but like.. what do we talk about or... i just don't now, i'm lost at the moment...

    • Just talk about anything you'd normally talk about! Just because your in a bedroom shouldn't change anything. And it's your bedroom you should feel even more relaxed in there than anywhere else


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  • Act normal girl dont change your body signs lpok the same and casual why are u taking it as a big deal keep calm

  • If you wants to have sexual interactions with him that's an awkward thing beacue you are under 18 otherwise, socially its a normal thing just talk about random things and don't let him seduce you. Remember your limitations and don't bring sexual manners into actions stay away of that and talk and play together whatsoever

  • Just do what you normally do with no expectations of anything, he probably feels the same way, if not then dont take him to your room

  • If your parents have any sense, they won't allow you and your boyfriend to go to your room. You're under 18 and have no reason to be in a bedroom with a boy.

    • why wouldn't they allow? it's just boyfriend and girlfriend hang out, because we always go somewhere, and I just want to relax for once. I didn't mean to do anything sexual

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