Guy I'm seeing told his family about me. Is he serious about me?

I've been seeing this one guy for the past 4 months now and recently he told me that he has told his brother and sister about me. He also said that I should come along to an event with his friends. He also said that his friend, who he shares his apartment with knows about me.

Does this mean that he is serious about me since he's told his family about me?


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  • What's your description upon serious? Does he like you? Sounds like he does. You said you've been going out within 4 months. But again, describe what's serious about telling some of his family about you? To be honest, I think your thinking too much about it. Do you feel like your going to get married real soon, have kids. What's your fears behind it? Because just from what you've said. I don't think it's anything to worry about. He just likes you, and is telling others about you. Have you told any of your family about him? Any of your friends? It's the same thing, there really isn't any other signs. The only one I can gather from your information, is he likes you, he must enjoy your company, and wants to hang out more. Just enjoy yourself, and if things go well, then he'll tell you, or tell him how your feeling. It is a two way street in life. Also, why not talk about what your feeling about that? Communication is the key to a healthy way of living, within friendships, to relationships.

    • I'm not thinking about kids or marriage at all. I just want to sort of feel that we're both enjoying each other's company and are in a monogamous relationship. But thanks for your input tho :)

    • Well, then, it sounds like it's monogamous. It only changes when one person allows it to be more than that. It's also better, when both concent to the fact that it's monogamous too. Have you talked to him, and told him how your feeling, that you want it monogamous, and nothing more right now? At the same time, and again, don't think about it too much. He likes you, he's telling people about you. It should be flattering more than anything. Just enjoy each others company :)


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  • It means he's serious enough to tell his family about you.


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  • i think he's serious about you but i don't think you should think the relationship is serious if that makes sense. 4 months isn't long enough to call a relationship serious. but 4 months is long enough to know you care about someone and could possibly, someday, see the relationship going somewhere. so i would say that to tell his family and friends about you, he definitely cares about you and is serious about you, yes.