Guy I'm dating stopped initiating contact?

We've been dating for 4 months he used to initiate contact everyday and now for the past few days he doesn't initiate. He responds when I initiate though. why has he stopped initiating? is he not interested anymore? It's been two days now...

Also we usually see each other only on the weekends cause he works all week/all day


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  • Hmm. Interesting. First off, I think just the 'past few days' isn't quite enough to cause you to worry. Not yet anyway. It may sound stupid, but true behavior changes should cause you to start being concerned after a solid week or so. I'm not saying you should let this go til then, it's good your here, but just don't freak out - not yet.

    As far as the actual behavior, the first thing I recommend you do is check if he has anything going on in his life (other than you) that might be causing him stress or distraction. If he's having money trouble, or an argument with his parents, this will surely result in his new behavior - He isn't calling you simple because his mind in on something else, so when YOU call him, it breaks his train of thought, and puts it back on you, (where he is happier).

    Also, while you shouldn't mention the reason for your concern (being the phone), you could try just getting his opinion on where he thinks your relationship is. And/or where its going. Be careful not to push him into talking about it if he's obviously uncomfortable talking about his feeling and such, (all guys hate it when their girlfriends pester them about their status, just cause they're self-conscious). He may surprise you and lay something out there. Maybe you're doing something he's having a hard time with.

    The point is, there could be any number of causes here, but until you make concerted effort to find actual reasons, you won't resolve anything - even if its only in your imagination). So, I think you're alright for now. And if THAT is the biggest relationship concern you have right now, then you're doing pretty good. I hope you glean something out of this.

    Good luck, Sweetheart, and God bless.


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  • Being the one always initiating gets very tiring. it gets old quick. If he isn't initiating but responds when you initiate, then i recommend initiating then. relationships are give and take... not give give give and the other takes takes takes. just because he isn't initiating anymore doesn't mean he isn't interested, he's probably busy, or tired of initiating. so i guess its your turn.

  • Don't know. Pin him down, we can't say. Don't waste time on a bozo. if he is not on you like ants on honey move one.

  • Maybe he feels like you want space. I did the same with my ex and she asked why i quit talking to her and i told her how i thought she felt.


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