Is it bad to ask a girl out over text?

I heard it is better to ask girls out in person. But is it that bad to do it over text?


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  • Nope all that matters is that you ask her out. I don't see why women would make fun of you for asking them out, PERIOD. They're probably the ones who are losers. You can do it over e-mail, phone, person, whatever. Nothing will happen unless you do it.
    I asked a girl out over before e-mail but she had a bf and still offered to go have drinks. Don't listen or sweat all these stupid stuck up bitches.
    Just don't seem needy or lame when you do it. Just ask her out and there will be nothing to make fun of. If she doesn't respond don't say anything afterwards. That is where they will try to get you.


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  • For you it is. She'll show all her friends and make fun of the loser who asked her out. And you're text will be proof

    • For me it is? So for others it is not? Lol.

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    • I understand you lizete, but it depends how I ask her out, in my opinion.

    • I'm not sure how many jokes someone can make about a text that says "Hey, would you like to go to the beach with me today?" or something. If they do they suck. What are they going to say? "Yeah right in your dreams!" Who cares, move on.

  • Yea it's fine


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  • They shouldn't give a fuck.
    I asked my crush to "hang out" over text, cause I rarely see her in person. I only see her at work, and then we're working so I can't really ask her out then. But I've known her for half a year, so I think it's okay to do it.

    I just never found a good opportunity to ask her out in person, cause there was no good window of time I had alone with her. You know?

    • Yeah.. That's why I am asking.

    • It's definitely better to ask out in person. But if you can't because of logistical reasons (do you know the word logistical?), or if you can't get the courage... then yeah, ask her over text, cause what else are you gonna do.

      WELL, actually, you COULD call her. That's how people always used to do it before texting.

  • Yes it is bad. It shows you don't have the balls to talk to her.

  • I would not say it is bad... but is it not recommended. It does take a lot of courage to ask a girl out, and I think you should always do it in person. It just looks better, rather than hiding behind a computer screen.